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Logan Utah 1891

Logan, Caches, Utah in 1891. Picture by Charles Roscoe Savage.
The Logan temple can be seen in the upper left corner of the picture.

Our Family living in Logan in 1891:
age 34 - Isaac SMITH (1857 Brigham City, UT - 1914 Logan, UT) married-sealed EHOUS Salt Lake City 1877.
age 32 -Harriett Camilla ENSIGN (1859 Brigham City, UT - 1930 Logan, UT)
Living SMITH children: Isaac Samuel SMITH b.1878 / William Richard SMITH b.1884 / Mary Camilla SMITH b.1886 / Wesley Ensign SMITH b.1888 / Sarah Ann SMITH b.1891.

age 22 - Herbert Henry HAWKES (1869 Logan, Cache, UT - 1948 Logan, Cache, UT)
not yet married
age 16 - Sarah Amy JONES (1875 Logan, Cache, UT - 1952 Salt Lake, SL, UT)

age 61 - Francis HAWKES (1830 Bethnal Green, London, Middlesex, England - 16 Aug 1899 Logan, Cache, UT) married Salt Lake City - 1862 sealed EHOUS 1870.
age 51 - Eliza COLE (1840 Poplar Branch, London, Middlesex, England - 1925 London, Cache, UT)
Living HAWKES children all but Clarence born in Logan: Clarence Christopher CRESSAL b.1861 England, and wife Mary Ann FARNES and 4 children, Eliza Annie HAWKES b.1863 and husband Hyrum David DAVIDSON with children, Sarah Ann HAWKES b. 1867 and husband Harry WORLEY married-sealed LOGAN 1901 see children of Henry WORLEY below, Herbert Henry HAWKES see above, Alvin James HAWKES b.1872, Martha Maria HAWKES b. 1874, Horatio Paul HAWKES b.1876, Nellie May HAWKES b.1878, Elizabeth HAWKES b.1881.

age 41 - Cyrus Joseph JONES (1850 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England - 1919 London, Cache, UT) married-sealed EHOUS Salt Lake City 1874.
age 40 - Sarah WORLEY (1851 Tipton, Warwick, England- 1925 London, Cache, UT)
Living JONES children all born in Logan: Sarah Amy JONES see above, Eva JONES b.1877, Kate JONES b. 1876, Cyrus Worley JONES b. 1881, Clara JONES b. 1883, Franck Worley JONES b.1887, Ethel JONES b.1890.

age 69 - Thomas JONES (1822 Hartlebury, Worcester, England - 1897 Logan, Cache, UT)
*First wife deceased Mary WILLIAMS (1825 Webbs Green, Halesowen, Worcester, England - 1877 Logan, Cache, UT) their living children all born in England, residence of Logan in 1891: Cyrus Joseph JONES b.1850 and wife Sarah WORLEY see above and below, Mary Emma JONES b.1882 husband John Stephen LIVERMORE and children, Albert Williams JONES b. 1857 and wife Louisa AFFLECK and children, Leonard James JONES and wife Annie Valborg EVERSON and children. Herbert Ernest JONES b.1865.
*Second wife Jane Ann OUTSON WILSON (b.1846 England - d.1916 Logan) their living children all born in Logan, residence of Logan in 1891: [information incomplete]

age 64- Henry WORLEY (1827 Great Barr, Staffordshire, England - 1914 Logan, Cache, UT) married 1846 England - sealed LOGAN 1898.
age 69 - Catherine WILLMORE (1822 St. Martins, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England - 1904 Logan, Cache, Ut) their living children all born in England, residence of Logan in 1891: George WORLEY b.1848 and wife Mary Eliza PEARSON and children, Sarah WORLEY b.1851 and husband Cyrus Joseph JONES see above and below, Catherine WORLEY b.1853-d.1891 her husband Joseph Enos COWLEY and 7 children, youngest born and died 1891, Jane Catherine WORLEY b.1856, Harry WORLEY b.1859 and wife Sarah Ann HAWKES married-sealed LOGAN 1901 see children of Francis HAWKES above, Thomas WORLEY b. 1861 and wife Mary Ann SMITH and children, (Bishop) William John WORLEY b.1864 and wife Alice Potts PEARSON and children.

One brother of Catherine WILLMORE WORLEY living in Logan 1891 - George Edward WILLMORE and wife Elizabeth JAMES and their ten children.

One niece of Catherine WILLMORE WORLEY living in Logan 1891 - step daugher of Catherine's brother Thomas WILLMORE was Eliza Catherine WEBB who married Alfred James WILLMORE nephew of Catherine son of her brother George WILLMORE.

See Chart: Camilla SMITH Pedigree.

See Posts: Logan City Cemetery SMITH-ENSIGN / Logan City Cemetery HAWKES-COLE / Logan City Cemetery JONES-WORLEY. For the parents of Isaac SMITH and Harriet Camilla ENSIGN see Brigham City Cemetery - SMITH - ENSIGN - DUNN.


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