Friday, September 13, 2019

Monuments and Markers "Bloody Brook"

 South Deerfield, Massachusetts

"Erected in 1838 to commemorate the September 18, 1675 "Bloody Brook" attack, this marble obelisk remembers the soldiers and Deerfield, Massachusetts, townsmen who were killed near what is now South Deerfield during King Philip's War (1675-1676). The town had been burned on September 12 by Metacom's (King Philip's) forces. On September 18, the men had returned to remove their grain to safety. The ambush occurred as they crossed over Muddy (Bloody) Brook with their wagons en route to the mill in Hadley." (Memorial Hall Mass edu)

"On 18 Sep 1675, Captain Thomas Lathrop's company of soldiers were bringing loaded carts toward Northampton when they were ambushed at a spot known as Bloody Brook, about 5 or 6 miles due south of Deerfield. The men were take totally by surprise and 64 men were killed." (Hawkes Family Genealogy Page.)

Our Grandfathers Killed at Bloody Brook:

9th gr grandfather Samuel WRIGHT Jr. born 3 Oct 1632 at Northhampton, MA, married Elizabeth BURT 24 Nov 1653 at Springfield, Hampden, Massachusetts, died 13 Sep 1675 at Bloody BrookNorthfield , MA.

10th gr grandfather Joseph GILLETT Sr. baptized 25 July 1641 in Windsor. CT, married ELIZABETH HAWKES 24 Nov. 1663 in Hadley, Massachusetts, Killed in an Indian massacre 18 Sept. 1675 at Bloody Brook, Deerfield, MA.

Ancestry Chain: 
9th great grandfather (JR; Lark; Camilla SMITH; George Ensign SMITH; Harriett Camilla ENSIGN; Martin Luther ENSIGN; Horace Datus ENSIGN; Lydia NOBLE; Samuel NOBLE; Ruth WRIGHT; Joseph WRIGHT; Samuel WRIGHT Jr.)

10th great grandfather (JR; Lark; Camilla SMITH; George Ensign SMITH; Harriett Camilla ENSIGN; Martin Luther ENSIGN; Mary BRONSON; Ester REMINGTON; Esther SAWYER; Esther MARSH; Elizabeth GILLETT; Joseph Gillett; Joseph Sr. Gillett)

NOTE: I will explore ancestors who were attacked  during the 1704 Raid on Deerfield (also known as the Deerfield Massacre. 

Thursday, September 5, 2019

The Day My Mother Got a PhD 1972

University of Utah
PhD in Molecular and Genetic Biology 

Dr. Camilla S. Wood (1926-1999)

 Wesley, Lark, Gaye, Camilla, Corinne, Denise with Jeremy, Jonathan, Nolan

Corinne, Gaye Denise, Myrle S Dalton, Lark Jonathan, Amy S Isaksen, 
Camilla S Wood, Wesley, Henry L Isaksen. - Dad took the picture.

Lark, Gaye K D WOOD, Camilla, Jonathan

Monday, September 2, 2019

1980 Slide Show

Christmas Eve 1980

(Papa) Kirt DeMar WOOD (1923-1987)
Dana Barry HILL (1973-1997)
(Cami) Camilla SMITH Wood (1926-1999)

Christmas Morning 1980

50th Anniversary

Engaged the day Man Walked on the Moon
50 years of Marriage

Reception at Cottonwood 10 Ward after marriage in SLAKE

Camilla S Wood (1926-1999) and Kirt DeMar Wood (1923-1987),
Fay W King (1915-1999) and Arthur KING (1912-1977),
Wesley, Brad, 
friend, Lark, Corinne, Denise, Margaret Haney, Jeanine Swan,
and grandmothers 
Clara Lucille Stoker King (1884-1974), Amy Ella Hawkes Smith (1897-1971)

Ray and Gaye

Groom's Parents and brother - Bride's Parents 
Fay W King (1915-1999) and Arthur KING (1912-1977),
Brad King
Ray and Gaye
Camilla S Wood (1926-1999) and Kirt DeMar Wood (1923-1987),

 Kirt D. and Camilla WOOD, Ray and Gaye

Arthur KING and Fay W King and Ray and Gaye

Ray, Gaye, friend Leslie Larson, Bride's Three Sisters, friend, friend, 
Bride's Grandmother Ella SMITH

Bride's two brothers and three sisters

 friend, Corinne, Lark, Gaye, Denise, Leslie Larson, friend

Jeanine Swan, Leslie Larson, Denise, Lark, Corinne, Margaret Haney,

Wesley ,Ray, friend Brad, friend

Grandmothers of Groom and Bride
Clara Lucille Stoker King (1884-1974), 
Amy Ella Hawkes Smith (1897-1971) 
Sandy Baird, Joan Larsen, Barbara Bjorn, friend, friend, Kathy Baker, Wendy Bird, Carrie Millner

Brigham Young University Folk Dancers

 bride speaks to a groom's men

 Wedding Cake

Guests - left Wendy Bird, Kathy Baker, Corinne 

 Ray and Gaye

Setting Up or Cleaning Up