Thursday, August 2, 2018

New Primary Song: Family History Is the Story of Me

Family History Is The Story Of Me

My family is connected like the branches of a tree.
The ones who came before us are a part of me.
I want to know my ancestors through stories that I find
And link the generations in my line.
I’ll learn to use technology to trace my family line,
Prepare them to receive their temple work divine.
And as I work with others to explore my family tree,
I feel connected to my history.
I like to keep a journal where my story can be told
And talk with living relatives as they grow old.
I’m adding to the history about my family,
So future generations will know me.
My family history is the story of me
And all the people who make my family tree.
The blessings of the temple join us for eternity,
So all my family is connected to me.
© 2018 by Intellectual Reserve, Inc. All rights reserved. This song may be copied for incidental, noncommercial church or home use. This notice must be included on each copy made.
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Monday, July 30, 2018

WOOD/Smith Pedigree Pie

Children of 

WOOD / Smith

WOOD / Parker

SMITH / Hawkes

1-7 Pedigree Chart Numbering.


REASOR/Roberson Pedigree Pie

Children of




1-7 Pedigree Chart Numbering.


Generational Fathers Day

Generation 1 and 2
Edgar Webster REASOR
Generation 2 and 3
Garland Lee REASOR
 Generation 3 and 4
Generation 4 and 5
Generation 4 and 5
Generation 4 and 5

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Your Welsh Singing Legacy

In 1849 the Buena Vista left Liverpool with your grandparents William Reese DAVIES and his wife Rachel MORRIS

BOOK: The Call of Zion The Story of the First Welsh Mormon Emigrants, by Ronald D. Denis, pages 1 and 14.

Correction:  "On 19 February 1843 he baptized his first converts, the [William Reese DAVIESfamily."

Read about Welsh singing as the ship Buena Vista as it left Liverpool with your grandparents William Reese DAVIES and his wife Rachel MORRIS.  Read the indented section "On Monday, the 26th of February,"

William Reese DAVIES "voice is reported as sounding like a flute."He was called on three different occasions to sing for the Queen of England. "Rachel loved to sing the songs of Zion.". "The family participated in singing at the Welsh National Eisteddfods and, from one of these, son James George DAVIES/DAVIS came home winner of the highest award as a tenor solist."

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Our 32 Mormon Pioneer Ancestors - Celebrate Them on 24 July 2018

Our Mormon Pioneer Ancestors  
Cross the Ocean and Travel Across the Plains 
Grandparents are in bold and linked

1847 Brigham Young Vanguard Company (16 April 1847 – 21 July 1847)
ENSIGN, Horace Datus Jr. age 20.

1846 July Mississippi Company (Pueblo Colorado) (1846 – 24 July 24 1847)
Spent the winter of 1846-47 in Pueblo Colorado with the sick detachment of the Mormon Batallion.
GIBSON, Mary Ann SPARKS age 43.
GIBSON, Mary Densia married in Pueblo and stayed there.
GIBSON, Robert Malek age 21.
GIBSON, Lydia Ardelicia married Gilbert HUNT Mormon Battalion sick detachment in Pueblo they were sent to help settle San Bernadino, California.
GIBSON, Robert Pulaski age 18.
GIBSON, Francis Abigail age 13.
GIBSON, William Gilbert age 11.
GIBSON, Laura Arrilla age 8.
GIBSON, Moses Washington age 5.
GIBSON, Manonas Levina age 3.
GIBSON, Joseph Smith age 1.

1847 Daniel Spencer/Ira Eldredge Company (17 June 1847 - 19-22 September 1847)
ENSIGN, Luman Ashley age 19.
ENSIGN, John Calvin age 18. [wrong birthdate wrong age in company]
ENSIGN, Rufus Bronson age 14.
ENSIGN, Lydia Esther age 6.
ENSIGN, Samuel age 42 Brother in-law of Mary BRONSON ENSIGN.
ENSIGN, Mary Everett GORDON age 36 wife of Samuel.
ENSIGN, Julia Searles age 13.

ENSIGN, Samuel Lozone age 11

1847 Abraham O. Smoot - Samuel Russell Company (17 June 1847 – 25 September 1847)
ROUNDY, Lauren Hotchkiss age 29.
ROUNDY, William Heber age 1 - mother less grandson.
ROUNDY, Byron Donavin age 3 - mother less grandson.
ROUNDY, Lorenzo Wesley age 27.
ROUNDY, Myron Shadrach age 3 - step mothered grandson.
ROUNDY, Susannah WALLACE age 26 - daughter in-law.
ROUNDY, Jared Curtis age 20.
ROUNDY, Nancy Jane age 13.

1848 Brigham Young Company (5 June 1848 – 20-24 September 1848)
DUNN, Harriet Atwood Silver age 29 fourth wife and step mother.
DUNN, Betsy age 10.
DUNN, Susannah age 5.

1848 Brigham Young Company (5 June 1848 – 20-24 September 1848)
SMITH,Sarah WOODING age 50 widowed in Nauvoo. Traveled with daughter andher family. Sarah Sailed on Swanton Liverpool to New Orleans 16 January 1843 – 16 Mar 1843.
New Orleans to St. Louis on Amaranth 1843 on to Nauvoo This 1843 sea travel with Sarah her husband Daniel their daughter Jane Louisa and one son Samuel and his wife Mary Ann and small child May Ann.
TURPIN, Jesse age 32. Traveled with 2 wives, 3 children and 1 mother in-law
TURPIN, Eliza Ann BOGGESS age 23.
TURPIN, James Moroni age 3.
TURPIN, Eliza Jane age 2.
TURPIN, Jane Louisa SMITH age 20 daughter of Sarah WOODING SMITH..
TURPIN, Jesse Richard Smith infant.

Heber C. Kimball Company (7 June 1848 – 24 September 1848)
ROUNDY, Shadrach age 59.
He was elected to be a Major in the 1847 Brigham Young company. Shadrach also served as Captain of 50 and Captain of 10.
In 1848, he left Salt Lake City with George Washington Bean and a group of men and met Kimball's company about 20 July east of Fort Laramie. He then traveled back to Salt Lake with the Kimball company as a captain of ten.
In 1850, he was Captain of his own company.

Sailed on Swanton Liverpool to New orleans 16 Jan 1843 - 16 March 1843. 
New Orleans to St. Louis on amaranth 1843 on to Nauvoo. This sea travel was with Samuel his wife Mary Ann and small daughter Mary Ann also Samuel's parents Daniel, Sarah and his sister Jane Louisa SMITH.
1850 Aaron Johnson Company (about 8 June 1850 – 12 September 1850)
SMITH, Mary Ann LINE age 39.
SMITH, Samuel Lorenzo age 6.
SMITH, Hyrum James age 2.

Ingraham parents William and Susannah GRIFFITHS INGRAHAM and children had sailed on the Yorkshire Liverpool to New Orleans 8 March 1843 – 10 May 1843. The parents died shortly after arrival the three orphaned children where taken to Nauvoo by their mother’s brother Richard GRIFFITHS and his wife Mary.

1850 Shadrach Roundy Company (22 June 1850 – 10 September 1850)
GRIFFITHS, Richard age 39
GRIFFITHS, Mary age 39 died along the way.
INGRAHAM, Richard age 15. [not listed]
INGRAHAM, Fannces Ann (Fannie) age 10.

1850 Warren Foote Company (17 June 1850 - 17-18, 26 September 1850)
BARNEY, Henry age 35 (second husband not related).
WILLIAMS, Sarah Angeline age 13.
WILLIAMS, Elizabeth age 10.
WILLIAMS, William George age 7.
BARNEY, Alma age 2ompanies (1847-1868

 to New Orleans John Davis PARKER and the ROUNDY sisters had followed from New Your, to Kirtland, Missouri, and Nauvoo. Then this family had stayed at Winter Quarters to build wagons. 
1852 Isaac M. Stewart Company (19 June 1852 - 28 August 1852)
PARKER, John Davis age 52.
PARKER, Almeda Sophia ROUNDY age 23.
PARKER, John davis Jr. age 3.
PARKER, Malinda age 1.
PARKER, Samantha ROUNDY age 28

Sailed from Wales to England and from England to New Orleans sometime after 1849.
Unknown Company
DAVIES, John Rees age about 23.
DAVIES, Mary Ann GRIFFITHS widowed sister in-law age about 23
DAVIES, James George age about 18. 

sailed on Troubador from Wales to Liverpool.
Sailed on Buena Vista 249 Welsh Saints Liverpool to New Orleans 26 February 1849 - 19 April 1849.
1852 William Norgan Company (22 June 1852 – 25 September 1852)
WILLIAMS, Elizabeth DAVIES age 22. Daughter of William and Rachel.
WILLIAMS, Rees Jones age 32 – son in-law.
WILLIAMS, Rees Jones infant – grandson.
William Reese DAVIES and wife first to be Baptized in South Wales. William part time Missionary while still in Wales being first to preach in the Welch Language. President of the Rhymney Branch. Councilor, to Dan Jones-head of the emigrating company on the "Buena Vista" sailed in 1849. Called as Welsh Branch Leader, at Council Bluffs. First Presiding Elder of the Fort at New Harmony, Utah Territory.

Sailed on Ship Elvira Owen Liverpool to New Orleans 15 Feburary 1853 – 31 Mar 1853.
1853 Claudius V. Spencer Company (3 June 1853 – 17 September 1853)
NEWMAN, Samuel age
NEWMAN, John Oscar age 15
NEWMAN,Ann Elizabeth age 13. 
NEWMAN, William Hughes age 10
NEWMAN, Joseph Partridge age 8.
NEWMAN, James age 6.
NEWMAN, Thomas Samuel age 1.

Sailed on Ship Elvira Owen Liverpool to New Orleans 15 Feburary 1853 – 31 Mar 1853.
1853 Cyrus H. Wheelock Company (1 June 1853 – 6 Octobert 1853)
WOOD, Sarah Ann age 2.

1855 Moses Thurston Company (3 July 1855 – 19 September 1855)
Ship Germanicus Liverpool to New Orleans 4 April 1854 – 13 June 1854.
Sailed on ship Chimborazo from Liverpool to [New York or Philadelphia] 1855.

1858 John W. Berry Company (10 May 1858 – 21 June 1858)
ENSIGN, Martin Luther home from English Mission age 27. (Second trip see 1847)
He drove three yoke of oxen for John Eldredge in 1847 when he initially emigrated to the Valley. He crossed the plains again in 1858 when returning from a mission to England. He served as chief cook in the Berry Company.

Sailed on ‘John J. Boyd’ Liverpool to New York 23 April – 1 June 1862
1862 Honer Duncan Company (22 July 1862 – 21 September 1862)
COLE, Elizabeth Sarah age 24.
CRESSALL, Clarence Christopher infant.

Sailed on Steamship 'Amazon' London to New York 4 June 1864 – 18 July 1864. Charles Dickens had inspected this ship and it’s passengers.
1863 Unknown Wagon Train Company (1863)
COLE, William George Jr. age 21.
COLE, George age 17.
COLE, Walter Charles age 14.
COLE, Erastus Moroni age 11.

Sailed on Arkwright Liverpool to New York 30 May 1866 – 6 June 1866
1866 Daniel Thompson Company (24 July 1866 – 28 September 1866)
WORLEY, John age 19. [Teenage brothers of Sarah and Catherine WORLEY.]
WORLEY, George age 17.

Sailed on "MINNESOTA" Departed Liverpool 30 June 1868 - Arrived New York 12 July 1868.
1868 Joseph S. Rawlins Company (25 July 1868 – 20 Aug 1868)
WORLEY, Catherine age 14.

Sailed on "MINNESOTA" Departed Liverpool 30 June 1868 - Arrived New York 12 July 1868.
1868 Joseph S. Rawlins Company (25 July 1868 – 20 Aug 1868)
JONES, Sarah Jane age 19.
JONES, Willard Thomas age 16.
JONES, Mary Emma age 13.
JONES, Albert William age 11
JONES, Marion John age 10.
JONES, Leonard James age 8.
JONES, Herbert Ernest age 3.

Sailed on "MINNESOTA" Liver pool to New York 25 August 1869 - 6 September 1869.
1869 New York to Utah Territory by Train
[Parents of John, George, Sarah and Catherine WORLEY.]
WORLEY, Jane Catherine age 13.
WORLEY, Harry age 10.
WORLEY, Thomas age 7.
WORLEY, William John age 2.

Some on-line Pioneer Sources: