Friday, October 30, 2020

Dee and Camilla to Kirt and Camilla

 Eternally Kirt DeMar Wood and Camilla Smith

1946 Wedding Day
1947 First Anniversary
mid 1960's
early 1970's
About 1972
About 1973

More photos to be added. 

Friday, September 4, 2020

Monuments and Markers - Simeon Adams Dunn and Adiline Rawson home in Nauvoo, Illinios

Home built about 1841 and dedicated by Gordon B. Hinckley of the First Presidency Aug 14 1982

2002 Fouth great granddaughters of Simeon Adams Dunn and Adaline Rawson and their daughter Mary Dunn Ensign, her daugher Harriet Camilla Ensign Smith.....

The Simeon Adams Dunn and Adeline Rawson Dunn home is located on the southwest corner of the intersection of Parley and Hyde streets. The property baught from Joseph and Emma Smith. It was the first 2 story home built in Nauvoo. Simeon was a farmer and a Nauvoo policeman. He also worked on the Nauvoo Temple. Twenty children were born to Simeon. Adeline Rawson was the mother of the first seven children all born in Michigan. Four died as infants in Michigan. Three young daughers Adaline, Mary and Bestsy moved to Nauvoo with their parents about 1839. Adaline died in Nauvoo 1841, Simeon's second wife Margaret Snyder was the mother of two children born in Nauvoo. One infant died, Margaret died in Nauvoo a few months later 1946. Simeon Adams Dunn and four daughters left Nauvoo in 1846. Adline and Margaret where both seal to their husband in the Nauvoo Temple Jan 22 1946.

The Dunn family Simeon and his fourth wife Harriet Atwood Silver and three of the four girls migrated to Utah together, arriving in 1848 with President Brigham Young's family.

Monday, August 31, 2020

Generations of Grandchildren- Smith to Smith to Wood to Reasor

Isaac and Camilla and Elizabeth have 58 grandchildren
(19 children)

back left: both grandmothers Elizabeth FURHIMAN SMITH (9 Jun 1871-21 Jun 1944) and Harriet Camilla SMITH (24 Apr 1859- 15 Mar 1930)

Isaac, Camilla and Elizabeth SMITH grandchildren about 1926 or 1927

FRONT: Twila Smith b.1923, unknown boy, Ted LEWIS b.1916, unknown boy, D. A. NASH b.1924, unknown girl, unknown girl, Madele Smith b.1923, man Welland Fuhiman Smith son b.1899.

MIDDLE: Helen Jean SMITH b.1924, labeled as but can't be Julia T LEWIS b.1927, Mary Jean SMITH b.1923, Harriet SMITH b.1914, Wesley Elvin SMITH b.1923, unknown boy, man Wesley Ensign SMITH son b.1888.

BACK: Lois HENDRICKS b.1918, behind Vivian SMITH b.1912, Joyce LEWIS b.1911, behind Clyde Furiman Smith son b.1913, Lula SMITH b.1916, behind tall girl unnumbered and unknown, Martha SMITH b.1916, Dick LEWIS b.1918 (Richard SMITH LEWIS), boy behind with elbow up unknown.

Isaac SMITH grandchildren

About 1930
 left: Sarah Ann S Lewis (daughter), Verna Dahle S (wife of Malcolm), Ruby S Nash (daughter), Letitia Mae Gray S (wife of Theron), Ada Dahl (sister of Verna dahle), Zina Vivian Crouch S (wife of Will), Leona S Hendricks (daughter), Lula Annie Yeates S (wife of Ike), Veir Christiensen S (wife of Wes), Virginia Smith (grandchild), Harriet Camilla Ensign Smith (mother), Ada Cemantha Davidson (mother of Verna Dahl)

Grandchildren: back: Aryett Christensen Smith b.1929, Joyce Lewis (daughter of Sarah Ann), Vivian Smith (daughter of Will and Zina), Martha Smith b.1916, Harriet Smith (daughter of Wes and Alta). .

front: Wesley Elvin Smith b.1923, unknown, Helen Jean Smith b1924. girl in hat Mary Jean Smith b.1923, hat in front of Harriet unknown, end Frank Claron Smith b.1925.  

1934 Isaac and Camilla SMITH Reuinon
Included on right is the whole Ensign SMITH family: George Ensign SMITH, Amy Ella HAWKES, and their 5 children Myrle, Amy, Ensign Jr in shadow, Leona, Camilla.

Next Generation
Ensign and Ella have 22 grandchildren
(5 children)

1950 Wood and Isaksen grandchildren
1956 Christmas Eve
grandchildren of George Ensign SMITH son of Isaac and Camilla

Missing Julie '57, Nate '57, Wes '59, Richard '62, Jonathan '66

Next Generation
Camilla and Dee have 30 Grandchildren
(6 children)

Grandchildren of Camilla 1986
missing Karlee '88, Coco '88, JB '90, Isaac '91, KD '92, Cassie '93 ,Joseph '96.  
missing JB '90, Isaac '91, KD '92, Cassie '93 ,Joseph '96.  
Missing Joseph '96

Next Generation
(4 children)

Ancestry Chain: Isaac SMITH 1857-1914, George Ensign SMITH 1898-1967, Camilla Smith 1926-1999, Lark.

Saturday, August 8, 2020

Calendar of Ancestor Moments in August


born 28 May 1838 - died Aug 1914 age 76
wife of James George DAVIES / DAVIS
mother of 11 children
                                               Ella and Ensign SMITH 
                                 married 27 Aug 1919 Logan Utah Temple
                                                  Parents of 5 children