Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Recent Family News

Jordan and Scott's wedding events were attended by both their missionary siblings as six foot cardboard cutout. 
Sister R serving in Alabama and Elder A serving in Mexico

This Photo to be added to our growing family as '35 Years'.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Chinese New Year

Family Traditions change and grow with time and marriage.  Marriage and family is basic to God's plan of Happiness.  So with marriage comes the adding and combining of many loved family and cultural traditions.  Thus our posterity celebrate Chinese New Year in Canada with Lucky Money and Grandpa Lee's homemade ice cream on the 4th of July.

Lucky Money
Homemade Ice Cream

Saturday, January 11, 2014


The Children of Isaac SMITH and Harriet Camilla ENSIGN

2- Martin Luther SMITH 1881-1884

 5- Wesley Ensign SMITH 'Wes' 1888-1943
again Wesley Ensign SMITH 'Wes' 1888-1943

7- Theron Ensign SMITH 1893-1952

11- Theodore Roosevelt SMITH 1903-1904

Thank you Dirk Smith for sharing family history. 

This unknown photo found with the "Isaac and Camilla Smith" collection

Monday, January 6, 2014

One of your Early American Pedigrees

Chart #1
Chart #2
Generation Five: Harriet Camilla ENSIGN (1859 Brigham City, UT-1930 Logan, UT) 
# 29 on Chart # 1
Chart #3
Generation Nine: Datus ENSIGN (1729 Connecticut-1787 Connecticut
#16 on Chart #2
 Chart #4
Generation Nine: Lucretia SEYMOUR (1730 Connecticut-1814 Massachusetts) 
#17 on Chart #2
Chart #5
Generation Nine: Samuel NOBLE (1722 Massachusetts-1773 Massachusetts
#18 on Chart #2
Chart #6
Generation Nine: Catherine FOWLER (1723 Massachusetts-1806 Massachusetts
#19 on Chart #2
 Chart #7
Generation Nine: David BRONSON (1733 Connecticut-1803 Connecticut
#20 on Chart #2
  Chart #8
Generation Nine: Jerusha COOLEY  (1738 Massachusetts-1803 Connecticut
#21 on Chart #2
 Chart #9
Generation NineElijah REMINGTON  (1743  Connecticut-1804 Connecticut
#22 on Chart #2
  Chart #10
Generation Nine: Esther SAWYER  (1739 Massachusetts-1802 Connecticut
#23 on Chart #2
  Chart #11
Generation Nine: Simeon DUNN  (abt 1756 Scotland-NJ or NY
#23 on Chart #2
 Chart #12
Generation Nine: Ann GUSTIN  (1760 Connecticut-
#24 on Chart #2

Chart #13
James BATH  (abt 1748 England-NY) - unknown ancestry  
Chart #14
Mary KNOW (1749 NJ-)- unknown ancestry

Chart #15
Generation NineAbner RAWSON (1764 Massachusetts-1846 Michigan
#28 on Chart #2
 Chart #16
Generation Nine: Lucretia JEFFORDS (1766 Massachusetts-1843 Michigan
#29 on Chart #2 
 Chart #17
Generation Nine: Elihu CARPENTER (1752 Massachusetts-1827 Massachusetts)
#30 on Chart #2 
  Chart #19
Generation Nine: Martha HUTCHINS (1758 Massachusetts-1816 Massachusetts
#32 on Chart #2

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Monday, December 23, 2013

Grandma's Toy Cupboard

When I was a child there was one door in my grandma kitchen the grandchildren could open.  It was the toy cupboard.  In it there were tin cans of many sizes, they fit inside each other.  When we dumped them out and turned them upside down we could build tin can towers.  There was also a box empty wooden thread spools and string for making 'jewelry'.  When I empty a spool of thread I always think of my grandma's cupboard.  Now the spools are all plastic, I miss the wooden ones.  We knew to never touch the glass figurines and the Japaneses doll on the shelves in the living room.

My mother bought some toys for her grandchildren to play with but they were long broken before the youngest grandchildren came along.

My grandchildren play with the same toys their mothers played with as children.  They can find them in their grandma's toy closet.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Cousins Meet at Church

After growing up in Minnesota it is a small world when we find second and third cousin at church.

In New York City we find the the wife of the Stake President and 'B' have common grandparents. Grandmother Eva and great grandmother Ella are sisters. (Common grandparents - Herbert Henry HAWKES and Sarah Amy JONES).  

In Atlanta 'T' has two good friends who are first cousins.  Then we learn from facebook 'T' is their second cousin. Their grandmothers Amy and Camilla are sisters. (Common great grandparents - George Ensign SMITH and Amy Ella HAWKES.)

Twice in Salt Lake City we find cousins in the ward.  

'B' makes a baby gift for a friend, when her mother and grandmother attend the babies blessing 'B' meets them. They have a sister/daughter living in NYC.  'B' is a third cousin to her friend.  Their grandmothers Margene and Camilla are first cousins. (Common great great grandparents - Herbert Henry HAWKES and Sarah Amy JONES.)  

A girl moves into the ward with a familiar name so 'J' asks "do you know Myrle"?  Their grandmother's Camilla and Myrle are sisters. (Common great grandparents - George Ensign SMITH and Amy Ella HAWKES)