Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Calendar of Ancestor Moments in April

April Calendar
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Joseph Newman born 13th of 13.

Eliza Cole born 2nd of 9.
 Their 9 Children

Thomas Jones Poem to His Mother

Married: 9 May 1816
Hartlebury, Worcestershire, England.rriag

1816 • Worcester, Worcestershire, En


by Thomas Jones Dearest Mother thou that dwellest In a Cottage near the line Would to God I lived more near thee I could blend my Prayers with thine. O’er my days of youth and childhood Thou didst watch with tender care ‘Twas thy lips that first did teach me For to breathe my earliest prayer. Would to God I loved more near thee I could teach the words sublime Which are contained within the Gospel Revealed to man for the last time. Twenty years have gone and past us Since the Gospel I first heard But through all my cares and trouble, I ne’er forgot the precious word. Which I obeyed when it was taught me By a humble man of God Called and ordained to preach the Gospel Altho a tiller of the sod. ‘Tis the Gospel that was promised Should again be brought to man By an Angel from the heavens According as John’s vision ran. Then dearest Mother let me pray you To this message lend an ear And obey what has been taught you By your son who loves you dear. Never mind the scoffs or scandal Raised by people or the Priest Buckle on the Gospel Armor Come and join fair freedom’s feast. Thomas wrote this poem to his Mother who remained in England when he immigrated to America. Since she was baptized in the Endowment House by proxy after her death, she must not have joined the church during her lifetime. This poem was Thomas’ testimony to her. She died eight months after he arrived in Utah and may not have received this poem before her death.

Thursday, March 19, 2020

WORLEY ThruLines (TM) on Ancestry

83 ThruLines DNA Matched Cousins. 
Common Ancestors George WORLEY(1787-1864) and Sarah HARRISON (1797-1867). 
George and Sarah are seven Generations back these.
DNA cousins are my 1C2R / 2C2xR / 3C / 4C  /4C1xR / 5C / 5C 1xR.  
C - cousin / x  - times / R -removed.

Thursday, February 27, 2020

2013 Posterity

2013 Five Grandchildren

2010 Posterity

2010 Four Grandchildren

Tuesday, February 25, 2020


Children of George Ensign and Amy Ella HAWKES SMITH 

 George Ensign SMITH and baby Amy 
Amy Ella HAWKES SMITH and Camilla
Leona and Camilla
 Leona Amy Camilla
Leona, Amy, Camilla
Ensign and baby Ensign Jr.
Camilla, Leona, Amy.
abt 1932

Camilla, Amy, Leona
abt 1933

Back L: Camilla Amy, Leona Front: Myrle, Ensign Jr.
Back L: Ensign ( 1898-1967), Ella (1897-1971), Amy (1920-1974),  Myrle. Front L: Leona (1923-2002), Ensign Jr. (1930-1941), Camilla (1926-1999).
Isaac Smith Family Reunion, Logan Utah, 1934
George Ensign SMITH Jr.
 (Steiner Cousins on R.)
Back L: Leona, Amy Camilla, Glendon. 
Front L: Myrle, Ensign Jr, Marilyn, Margene.
abt 1935
Left: Leona, Camilla, Ensign Jr., Myrle
 abt 1940
Back L: Amy, Leona Camilla Front: Myrle
Camilla and Myrle with mother Ella

Camilla, Lynn Winsor (1944-2016), Leona
Front: Gaye and Lark Back: BYU 2 roommates, sister Camilla, Myrle, Robert O. Dalton, and brother David J.
Back L: Myrle, Dad - Ensign, Amy, Front L: Leona, Mom - Ella, Camilla

The Whole 1956 Smith Family

Corinne, Camilla Amy, Leona, Ensign in front
abt 1959

Leona, Camilla
 Amy, Leona, Camilla, Myrle

Myrle - end middle row, Leona - seated second front row, and a bit of the Smith Posterity at Funeral of Camilla