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Cyrus Joseph JONES and Sarah WORLEY

Pictured are Cyrus Joseph JONES and Sarah WORLEY. They most likely meet on the Ship Minnesota as it sailed from Liverpool to New York City in 1868.

Cyrus had settled with his parnets and siblings in Logan, Utah in 1868 Sarah had joined her older brothers in Logan where her parents joined them in 1869. They married at the Endowment House in Salt Lake City 12 Jan 1874. They had 6 daughter and 2 sons. Their children were 1-Sarah Amy JONES born 1875 she married Herbert Henry HAWKES they became my great grandparents. (Sarah WORLEY JONES' brother Harry WORLEY married Herbert Henry HAWKES' sister Sarah Ann HAWKES.) 2-Eva JONES born 1877 she married William Michell LILLYWHITE (note to my children:These are Uncle Hal's grandparents, his mother Eva LILLYWHITE and my grandmother Amy Ella HAWKES were 1st cousins.) 3-Kate Jones 1876 she died unmarried two weeks before her 23rd birthday. 4-Cyrus Worley JONES born 1881 married Ellen May MURDOCK. 5-Clara JONES born 1883 married John Pearson SMTIH. 6-Frank Worley JONES born 1887 married Charlotte Edith NEUBERGER. 7-Ethel JONES born 1890 she died in 1010 at age 28 unmarried. Mabel JONES born 1892 she married Lawrence Edward SJOBERG.

Link to photo of the JONES home at 280 West Center Stree, Logan, Utah, picturing Eva,Ethel, Amy, Mable and Clara JONES.

[Cyrus Joseph JONES] was a salesperson for ZCMI and later a bookkeeper for Newman and Stewart Co.   [Sarah WORLEY JONES] besides taking good care of her family did temple work. The family was well known and well thought of. (See: A history of Cyrus Worley JONES found at

Sarah WORLEY1851-1925

Cyrus Joseph JONES


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