Monday, December 15, 2008

Journal of Shadrach ROUNDY

1850 Journal of Shadrach Roundy
(Shadrach ROUNDY had been an 1-Original 1847 Mormon Pioneer he crossed the plains with as a 2-leader of 10 in 1848 and as the 3-wagon master in 1850.)

Born 1 Jan 1788 in Rockingham-Vermont, Son, Brother, Husband of one, Father of ten, Baptized 1831 in New York, Lived in Kirtland Ohio and Far West Missouri, Elder, Seventy, High Priest, Named in Doctrine and Covenants, Body Guard of Joseph Smith Jr., Captain Nauvoo Policeforce, Member of Nauvoo Legion, Nauvoo High Council, Wagon train Master, Bishop in Winter Quarts and Great Salt Lake City, State Legislator, died in Salt Lake City-Utah on the 4th of July 1872.

Click on linked Lables below to find more on Sharach ROUNDY, his wife Betsey QUIMBY, and daughters Almeda Sophia and Samantha ROUNDY PARKER. See also son in-law John Davis PARKER links. Kirt DeMar WOOD - Laura Elizabeth PARKER pedigree.

1850 Journal written by Wagon Master Shadrach Roundy


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