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Mormon Trail - Shadrach ROUNDY - Original Pioneer

Seventh Generation - Shadrach and Betsey ROUNDY traveled separately

Places lived: Vermont / NY / Ohio to MO / Nauvoo / Winter Quarters / Salt Lake City, UT
Shadrach ROUNDY age 58 / b. 1789 Rockingham, VT - m. 1814 Rockingham, VT - - d. 1872 Salt Lake City, UT - buried Salt Lake City Cemetery
BAPTIZED: Jan 1831, NY
Member of the Presiding Bishopric Nauvoo (D&C 124:141).
Body Guard to Joseph Smith Jr.
Bishop Winter Quarters 5th Ward-Assistant, John D. Parker.
Planted the first crop in the Valley.
Member of the first High Council organized in the Salt Lake Valley.
Bishop Great Salt Lake City 16th Ward.
A senator in the first legislature of the provisional Stake of Deseret.

Shadrach ROUNDY crossed the plains 5 times

1st trip west to the Rocky Mountains: The Original Pioneer trip with Brigham Young arriving July 24 1849.
(Shadrach was with the advance party arriving 22 July 1947 before BRigham Young.)
BY LAND: 1847 Brigham Young Pioneer Company
Departure: 14 April 1847
Arrival in Salt Lake Valley: 21-24 July 1847
Roundy, Shadrach (58)

Pioneer Information: Shadrach’s son in-law John Davis Parker provided Shadrach with a wagon for this Pioneer journey.
Shadrach was elected to be a Major in the company. Shadrach also served as Captain of 50 and Captain of 10.

Company Information:
The original pioneer company consisted of 142 men, 3 women, and 2 children, and 72 wagons when they left the outfitting post of Winter Quarters, Nebraska. They covered the 1031 miles of the trail in 111 days.

13th Ten
127 Shadrack Roundy - Leader
128 Hans C. Hanson
129 Levi Jackman
130 Lyman Curtis
131 John Brown
132 Mat[t]hew Ivory
133 David Powell
134 Hark Lay
135 Oscar Crosby

Additional Family Note: Other family member with the Original Pioneers - our 3rd great grand uncle 20 year old Horace ENSIGN son of widowed pioneer Mary BRONSON ENSIGN.

Read Trail Excerpt: Accordingly in April, 1847, the Presidency with a company of <75> wagons and 146 <148> men and provisions to last a few months started for the mountains, not knowing where, and without any guide excepting Israel’s God, who was with us by night and by day and by the voice of His Spirit pointed out the way wherein we should go. We traveled many hundred miles where a team had never gone before. We had many streams to cross, some of which were dangerous. We were frequently annoyed by the Indians who would steal our horses or anything that they could get hold of. But to let the fatigues and dangers of the journey pass, suffice it to say that on the 22nd and 24th of July we found ourselves in this valley, which is about 80 30 miles wide and perhaps 100 long, bounded on the northwest by the Salt Lake. (Jackman, Levi, Letter, Salt Lake City [Utah] 1850.)

Roundy, Shadrach, 1847, NA, NA, Heart Throbs of the West, Vol. 3, Page 338
Roundy, Shadrach, 1847, NA, NA, Roster found in Heart Throbs of the West, Volume 8, Pages 401-448

2nd trip west to the Rocky Mountains:

Heber C. Kimball Company (1848)
Departure: 7 June 1848
Arrival in Salt Lake Valley: 24 September 1848
Roundy, Shadrach (59)

Pioneer Information:
Shadrach left Salt Lake with George Washington Bean and a group of men and met Kimball's company about 20 July east of Fort Laramie. He then traveled back to Salt Lake with the Kimball company as a captain of ten.

Company Information:
662 individuals were in the company when it began its journey from the outfitting post at Winter Quarters, Nebraska.
Roundy, Shadrach, 1848, NA, Heber C. Kimball-2nd Division, J.H. Supp. after 31 Dec.1848 p. 11-16 microfilm 1259737

3rd trip west to the Rocky Mountains:

Shadrach Roundy Company (1850)
Departure: 22 June 1850
Arrival in Salt Lake Valley: 10, 19 September 1850
Roundy, Shadrach (61)

Pioneer Information: Captain of company Shadrach ROUNDY

Read Trail Excerpt: Pioneer Jounrnal of Shadrach ROUNDY
[June] 27 Passed 7 Graves[.] Roads Good[.] plenty of feed but no wood or water fit to drink[.] plenty of Slough Water for Cattle

28 Heavy Rain[.] Roads Bad[.] Met 2 Teams from Valley[.] passed one Grave. No Wood or Water[.] another Death[.] a Daughter of W[illia]ms Camp

29 Roads bad. More Rain[.] Met Kearney Mail. Lost 6 head of Horses belonging to Motts Camped at a Slue[.] Water bad and no Wood

30 Drove to Fairview in Sight of the Platte and Laid up[.] The Valley Mail came in Camp at noon and Stopt untill next day[.] here we found good water[.] Plenty of Wood and fine feed for our Cattle[.] after leaving Weeping Water Untill we Struck this Creek we found no Water fit for drinking but abundance of Slough Water in almost every ravine and plenty of good feed. but no Wood

July 1st 1850

Roads Bad[.] Several Wet Swamps to cross[.] passed one Grave[.] Bad Water[.] No Wood. 2 carrells [corrals.] this night the [Rust] Mott crowd in by themselves

2nd Passed a Number of Bad Sloughs[.] Broke axletree of Becks Waggon[.] passed 6 Graves[.] drove on to Cotton Wood point on Platte and Camped[.] found plenty of Fuel[,] Water[,] and feed and saw 3 Graves here

3 Roads good[.] camped at River[.] no Wood[.] Passed 5 Graves

4 Crossed Bluffs. Fight between [Ca.fs] and his driver[.] drove about 23 Miles[.] The Weather being very warm some of the ox Teams failed in getting to camp. Stopt some 5 Miles in the rear[.] 4 Graves this day[.] Camped near River. no Wood

Roundy, Shadrach, 1850, NA, Shadrach Roundy, J.H. Supp. after 31 Dec 1850 p.21-26 microfilm 1259738

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