Thursday, October 2, 2008

Winter Quarters 5 Ward

From Winter Quarter Project:
Winter Quarters 5th Ward
Bishop: Shadrach Roundy
Assistant: John D. Parker
Assistant: Elias Gardner Clerk: James Sloan
Number of members: 108 as of 31 Dec 1846

from ward members list:
#Parker, John Davis (Parker, John D.)
Parker, Almeda Sophia
Parker, Jared Curtis
Parker, John Davis
Parker, Malinda

#Roundy, Shadrach
Roundy, Betsey Quimby
Roundy, Almeda Sophia [listed above]
Roundy, Samantha
Roundy, Lauren Hotchkiss
Roundy, Julia Rebecca
Roundy, Lorenzo Wesley
Roundy, Luaretta
Roundy, Jared Curtis
Roundy, William Felshaw
Roundy, Nancy Jane
Roundy, Malinda
#Roundy, Lauren Hotchkiss
Roundy, Johanna Carter
Roundy, Byron Donalvin
Roundy, William Heber
#Roundy, Lorenzo Wesley
Roundy, Adeline Whiting (1)
Roundy, Myron Shadrach
Roundy, George Whiting
Roundy, Susannah

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