Friday, October 3, 2008

HAWKES - COLE Scrapbook

Aunt Sarah Ann Hawkes Worley wife of Harry Worley. She is pictured in the (lower left corner) Sarah made this scrapbook page. Sarah Ann Hawkes was an older sister of Herbert Henry Hawkes she married the brother of Sarah Worley Jones. Sarah Worley Jones was the mother in-law of Herbert Henry Hawkes.

Pictured are our grandparents - (top left) Francis HAWKES and (top right) Eliza COLE HAWKES parents of Herbert Henry Hawkes. (center left) Mary Ann MILES HAWKES mother of Francis HAWKES. (center right) William George COLE and (lower left) Sarah LARNDER COLE parents of Eliza COLE HAWKES.

Sarah Ann Hawkes Worley is pictured with Martha Maria Hawkes Brough in the lower center photo, they are both sisters of Herbert Henry Hawkes.

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