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Mormon Trail - Sarah and Catherine WORLEY - Teenage Pioneers - English Saints

Teenage pioneer sisters -
Sarah WORLEY (Jones)
1851-1925 and Catherine WORLEY (Cowley) 1853-1891

Sixth Generation
English Saint
Sarah Worley (Jones)
age 16 / b. 1851 Tipton, Warwickshire, ENG - d. 1925 Logan, UT - buried Logan, UT.
BAPTIZED: Sarah’s parents were baptized in England in 1848. Sarah had been born into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, she was baptized in 1865.
England to UT

BY SEA: 1868 steamship ‘Minnesota’
(Cyrus Joseph JONES and Sarah Worley were both aboard the steamship "Minnesota" from England)
Minnesota Information:
British / 2869 tons
Master: J. Price
Depart Liverpool: Jun 30, 1868
Arrive New York: July 12, 1868

12 days
Leader J. Parry
LDS passengers 534

BY LAND: 1868 Chester Loveland Company

Departure: 25 July 1868
Arrival in Salt Lake Valley: 20 August 1868

Worley, Sarah (16) and her sister Worley, Catherine (14)
Pioneer Information:
Teen aged Sarah and Catherine Worley traveled together. Walking from Laramie to Utah.
Company Information:
About 400 individuals and 40 wagons were in the company when it began its journey from the outfitting post at Laramie, Wyoming.

“It was the desire of Catherine’s father [Henry Worley] to have his family join the Saints in Salt Lake.”

“He sent his sons, George and John, to America first. Then on June 30, 1868, Catherine and her sister Sarah, took passage on the steamship, “Minnesota,” with a company of Saints. After twelve days of rough sea and sea sickness, they docked at Castle Garden, New Youk.”

“They left the next day by train for Laramie, Wyoming. The two girls walked all the way to Salt Lake as there were not enough wagons for them to ride.”

“Joseph Enos Cowley, at age eighteen, had been called to go to Laramie, Wyoming, to meet the Saints in the Loveland Company. This is where Catherine and he became acquainted. They reached Salt Lake on August 20, 1868.”

(Catherine Worley Cowley, Pioneer Women of Faith and Fortitude Vol. I, A to E, International Society Daughters of Utah Pioneers, p. 688)

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