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Mormon Trail - Cyrus Joseph JONES - Teen Pioneer - English Saints

Cyrus Joseph JONES 1850-1919
Cyrus traveled with his parents and siblings

Sixth Generation
English Saints
Cyrus Joseph Jones
age 17/ b. 1850 Birmingham, Warwickshire, ENG - m. 1874 Salt Lake City, UT - d. 1919 Logan, UT - buried Logan, UT .
BAPTIZED: Cyrus Joseph Jones had been born into the church and was baptized in 1860. His father bap. 1845 and his mother bap. 1847.
England to UT

BY SEA: 1868 steamship ‘Minnesota’ (Cyrus and Sarah Worley were both aboard the steamship "Minnesota" from England)
Minnesota Information:
British / 2869 tons
Master: J. Price
Depart Liverpool: Jun 30, 1868
Arrive New York: July 12, 1868
12 days
Leader J. Parry
LDS passengers 534

BY LAND: 1868 unknown wagon train
Thomas Jones (45) father
Mary Williams Jones (43) mother
Sarah Jane (19) sister
Cyrus Joseph (17)
Willard Thomas (16) brother
Mary Emma (13) sister
Albert Williams (11) brother
Marlin John (10) brother
Leonard James (8) brother
Herbert Ernest (3) brother
Pioneer Information:
Cyrus Joseph Jones traveled with his parents, seven brothers and sisters.

From Thomas Jones diary: I left England with my family (wife Mary and 8 living children-ages 3-19yr) for America Tues.30 June 1868,arriving in Salt Lake City on 30 Aug 1868. My family and I sailed on the steamship "Minnesota" with 534 Saints under the direction of John Parry, sailed from Liverpool, England. Arrived in New York, Jul 12 and the immigrants reached Laramie City, 22 Jul 1868.

* Jones, Cyrus, 1868, NA, NA, Perpetual Emigration Fund (Book)-Microfilm 25686
* Jones, Cyrus, 1868, NA, Minnesota, Ship roster on microfilm(s) 176654 25692

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