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Teenage Mormon Pioneers age 16 Sarah WOLREY and age 14 Kate WOLRLEY


Leaving their home in Birmingham, England for Logan, Utah on June 30 the 1868 on the Steamship Minnesota, with a large company of Latter-Day-Saints. Saw several large ice bergs, which looked like floating mountains, but happened to pass by without danger by each ship keeping the fog horn blowing. We saw sharks, whales and large fish jumping up out of the water, Many were seasick and many died and were buried by sliding them down a large plank into the water. Many meetings were held on the vessel including concerts and amusements.

It was very strange to see nothing but the sky above and water below. Days passed, we were watching hoping to see land. We were all glad to see New York. We were also glad when the pilot came on deck and we passed the Doctor, arriving at Castle Gardens, New York in 12 days from leaving England. Next day started for Laramie where we saw ox and 8 mule teams to take us to Utah.

Not enough wagons for all to ride so the old rode and the young walked all the way. There were many streams to wade, the Platt River. The men and boys waded across first, on young man lost his balance and went down. There was much diving and swimming and wading on order to find the body but failed to get him. One morning the Captain woke us early. He said the Indians came and stole all of our cattle, teams and provisions.

He told us to watch and pray, that the men would return who were sent out to find them. One night the men came back with -- the stolen property and some of the Indians horses. The Captain called us together and told us if the trouble became known there would be a fire on the mountains to call the Indians together. That there was trouble with the whites. After the meeting the fire was there. The Captain told us that we were not to sing or make any noise or build fires so the Indians would not find us. He told us we would travel night and day until we got to the Sweet Water, then we were to rest a day and cook some food and do our washing.

Every night when we stopped, corals were made of wagons and everything put inside the corals. One or two men behind each wagon would keep watch all night. We started traveling at day break every morning. We reached Salt Lake City, Aug. 20, 1868 making the journey from England to Salt Lake City in 52 days. On my eighteenth birthday [17th] we arrived in Cache Valley (Logan) the 22nd. of August 1868.

Copied by Harry Worley / Typed by Narvin L. Sjoberg
[Sarah Worley Jones' daughter Mabel married a Sjoberg]

Comments from Lark Reasor:
This history was found last summer in a box of my mother Camilla's at my brothers home in ID.

I have Sarah WORLEY's birthday as 20 Aug 1851 - she would have been 17 years old the day she arrived in Salt Lake City. Catherine Worley "Kate" was age 14 at the time of her trip from England to Utah.

Sarah married Cyrus Joseph Jones. Cyrus Jones was on the same steamship as Sarah and Catherine Worley. His parents Thomas and Mary Williams Jones and eight children also traveled on the Steamship Minnesota . The Jones family left Liverpool, England on 30 June 1868 with 534 Saints under the direction of Johmn Parry. They arrived in New York 12 Jul they reached Laramie City, 22 Jul 1868 and moved to Logan UT 17 Sept. 1868.

Catherine Worley Cowley's history is found in Pioneer Women of Faith and Fortitude, vol. 1, p. 688.

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