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Mormon Trail - English Saints - Francis HAWKES

Mormon Pioneer ancestor of Camilla SMITH WOOD
CR - Sixth Generation Francis Hawkes (1830-1899) and Eliza Cole m. 1862

When Francis and his mother Mary Ann MILES HAWKES and his sisters family left England for America his brothers all sailed for Australia. They survived when the Australian bound ship went down.

English Saints

England to UT
Francis Hawkes age 23/ b. 1830 Bethnal Green, London, ENG - m. 18 - ENG. - d. 1899 Logan, UT - buried Logan, UT / Spouse 2-Eliza Cole m. 1862, 9 children, plus 1 son of Eliza's / other spouse 1-Georgina Maria Maddsen, m. 1860, 1 child died as infant.

Ship ‘Germanicus’ 1854
Germanics Information:
U.S. / 1167 ton
Master: A. Fales
Depart Liverpool: April 4, 1854 Arrive New Orleans: June 12 1854
69 Days
Leader: R. Cook
220 LDS passengers
(Our Pioneer Heritage, Vol. 12, p.461)
Saturday, July 15, 1854. Ship Germanicus. Elder Richard Cook writes: At the above date the vessel was at anchor at the Island of Tortugas, four hundred miles from the mouth of the Mississippi river. The vessel had made a rather lengthy voyage, in consequence of which, she had to put in at St. Georges, Grand Cayman, where she staid two days, and took in eight days' water, and again at Tortugas for a further supply. Sister Mary Warren gave birth to a fine son, May 14. Both did well until the 21st, when, about six o'clock p.m., the mother was taken sick, and she died at eight. She was buried in the churchyard at George Town. With this exception the Saints have Enjoyed good health. Elder Cook says—"The Saints generally express their satisfaction with the quality of the provisions you furnished. Captain Fales is a very agreeable gentleman to travel with, and seeks to make the passengers comfortable."

BY LAND: 1855 Moses Thurston Company
Departure: 4 July 1855 Arrival in Salt Lake Valley: 19-28 September 1855
Hawkes, Francis (23) With Francis was his mother Hawks, Mary Ann (49) Hawkes, Samuel (5) [?Samuel-Unknown child?]
Pioneer Information: Francis traveled to Utah with his mother a year after he arrived in America.
At same point is sister Martha and her husband and child emigrated to UT later going to Australia where Francis’s brothers had emigrated.

Company Information:
148 individuals and 33 wagons were in the company when it began its journey from the outfitting post at Mormon Grove, Kansas (near Atchison).
Narrative: Moses Thurston and many of the emigrants who would be part of his overland emigrant train left Liverpool, England, April 22, 1855, aboard the ship S. Curling (often called the Samuel Curling in Church records). Thurston was returning to Utah after serving a mission in England; the emigrants were Mormon converts. After an exceptionally rough voyage of 30 days, the ship docked at New York. Next, the travelers went by rail to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and from there by steamboat down the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers to St. Louis. Elder Thurston and about 100 passengers arrived in St. Louis on June 9 aboard the steamboat Gibson. From St. Louis they steamed up the Missouri River to Atchison, Kansas Territory--the Mormon outfitting point for plains travel that year. One of the emigrants described the country surrounding Atchison as wild and timbered.

Organized at Mormon Grove (just outside Atchison), Thurston's was an independent company, but it included many Perpetual Emigration Fund passengers. At least one of the English families, however, was wealthy enough to pay for the outfit of another family. A few of the emigrants who accompanied Thurston were from Ohio. The train started for Utah on July 4; it consisted of 148 individuals, 33 ox-drawn wagons, 234 oxen, 28 cows, and 12 horses. Because of Indian hostilities along the trail, this train traveled part of the way to Utah with the Richard Ballantyne company.

Along the trail, one female traveler reportedly put some of her milk and cream "in a tightly covered wooden churn and fastened [it] firmly inside the wagon; the butter was already churned when [the company] reached the evening camp." This same woman lovingly nurtured her yeast culture so that her family could have leavened bread, which she baked in "rock ovens built by previous pioneers." On August 24 the Thurston train was at the Upper Ford of the Platte, some 15 miles ahead of Ballantyne's company. All was well with the emigrants. They had lost no cattle or horses, and no one had died. Two young men from the company escorted Elder Erastus Snow and a companion (who were traveling to Utah unescorted) to Warm Springs; then they returned to the train. The company arrived in Salt Lake City on September 28 with the emigrants generally in good health and excellent spirits.

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Camilla SMITH - Amy Ella HAWKES pedigree

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