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Abner RAWSON and Lucretia JEFFORDS

great-grandparents of Mary DUNN ENSIGN (1833 MI-1920 UT).

SOOP Cemetery - Soop Cemetery, which is also know as Pleasantview Cemetery, is located on Old Denton Rd. off the south I-94 service drive at Bellville, MI.

Abner Rawson (11 Nov 1764 MA - 26 Jul 1846 MI) son of Nathaniel Rawson and Rachel Daniels; husband of Lucretia Jeffords.
Family Relationships:
Abner RAWSON Rev.WarVet. is the 6th great-grandfather of J.R.
Abner RAWSON Rev.WarVet. and J.R. are 11th cousins 8 times removed. Their common ancestors are Thomas L. GROSVENOR and Joan VENABLES.

also of interest:
Thomas L. GROSVENOR (1377-1429 England) and Joan VENABLES (abt 1384- England) are the 18th great-grandparents of J.R.

Lucretia Jeffords (9 May 1766 MA- 01 Dec 1843 MI) daughter of John Jeffords and Mary Sanger; wife of Abner Rawson.
Family Relationships:
Lucretia JEFFORDS is the 6th great-grandmother of J.R.
Lucretia JEFFORDS and J.R. are 4th cousins 6 times removed. Their common ancestors are Major John MASON Immigrant and Anne PECKE Immigrant.

also of interest:
Major John MASON (1600 England-1672 Connecticut) and Anne PECKE (1619 England-1672)- Immigrants are the 9th great-grandparents of J.R.
Major John MASON (1600 England-1672 Connecticut) and Anne PECKE (1619 England-1672)- Immigrants are the 11th great-grandparents of J.R.

ABNER7 RAWSON (NATHANIEL6, NATHANIEL5, WILLIAM4, EDWARD3, DAVID2, EDWARD1) son of NATHANIEL RAWSON AND RACHEL DANIELS was born 11 Nov 1764 in Milford, Worcester, Massachusetts, and died 29 Jul 1846 in VanBuren Twp, Wayne Co., MI. He married LUCRETIA JEFFORDS Abt. 1784 in Grafton, Worcester Co., MA, daughter of JOHN JEFFORDS and MARY SANGER. She was born 09 May 1766 in Dudley, Worcester, Massachusetts, and died 01 Dec 1843 in Rawsonville, Wayne, Michigan.


NEHGS - Massachusetts Vital Records to 1850 - Milford, MA
1764 RAWSON Abner, s. of Nath[anie]l and Rachel, bp. Nov. 18, 1764. C.R.

Soop Cemetery, which is also know as Pleasantview Cemetery, Bellville, MI

Military Pension: New York Pensioners, 1835 [database on-line]
Revolutionary War Pension:
Name: Abner Rawson
Rank: Private
County: Ontario Co.
Annual Allowance: 96 00
Sums received: 1525 83
Description of service: Massachusetts line
When placed on the pension roll: March 24, 1819
Commencement of pension: April 13, 1818

Accelerated Indexing Systems, comp.. Michigan Census, 1827-70 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA:
The Generations Network, Inc., 1999; compiled by Ron V. Jackson.
Name: Abner Rawson
State: MI
County: Wayne County
Township: Age 76 Van Buren
Year: 1840
Page: 193
Database: MI 1840 Pensioners List

1790 - Census Place: West Stockbridge, Berkshire, Massachusetts; Roll: M637_4; Image: 0752.
Others on this 1790 census include: Nathaniel Rawson and Jonathan Rawson
1810 - Census Place: Ontario, Ontario, New York; Roll: 33; Page: 781; Image: 212.00.
Others on this 1810 census include: Amariah Rawson, Elihu Lawson, William Black, Jonathan Miller
1820 - Census Place: Ontario, Ontario, New York; Roll: M33_62; Page: 142; Image: 76.
Others on this 1810 census include: Amariah Rawson, Norrine L Rawson, Polly Black
1830 - Census Place: Walworth, Wayne, New York; Roll: 117; Page: 29.
Others on this 1830 census include: Abner Rawson, Jr., Elihu Rawson, Horace Miller, David Dalrymple


i. OLIVE RAWSON, b. Mar 1785, Windsor, Berkshire, MA, d. Abt. 1822 in Attica, NY; m. THOMAS YATES

ii. AMARIAH RAWSON, b. 02 Feb 1787, Sanago, New York, New York; d. 10 Jul 1854, Rawsonville, Wayne, MI;.
m. ELIZABETH CARPENTER 28 Feb 1809, New York; b. 22 Aug 1788, Bristol Co., MA; d. 24 May 1862, Bellville

iii. ABNER RAWSON, b. 15 Jan 1789, West Stockbridge, Berkshire Co., MA; d. 05 May 1857, Batavia, Kane Co., IL;
m. SARAH SABRINA BLACK, bef 1816; b. abt 1796, NY; d. 20 Sep 1870, Kane Co., IL; may be the daughter of

iv. NORMAN L RAWSON, b. 1793, Windsor, Berkshire, Massachusetts; d. 22 Dec 1872, Centerville, St. Joseph, MI;
m. ELIZABETH PATT, b. abt. 1795, New York; d. at St. Joseph Co., MI

v. ELI RAWSON, b. 1795, Windsor, Berkshire, Massachusetts1; d. 20 May 1815, West Stockbridge, MA

vi. PARMELIA RAWSON, b. 1796, Windsor, Berkshire, Massachusetts; d. Westfield, Medina, OH; m. ALVIN COOK,
b. abt. 1792, Windsor, Berkshire, MA; d. Westfield, Medina, OH

vii. CLARISSA RAWSON, b. 12 Feb 1803, Windsor, Berkshire, Massachusetts; d. 28 Sep 1889, Wayne Co., MI;
m. HORACE MILLER, b. 08 Mar 1800, Windsor, Berkshire, MA; d. 16 Mar 1891, VanBuren Twp., Wayne Co., MI

viii.JULIA ANN RAWSON, b. May 1804, Windsor, Berkshire, MA; d. 30 Jul 1853, VanBuren Twp., Wayne Co., MI
m. ARRIS WATERMAN, b. 1801, Windsor, Berkshire, MA; d. VanBuren Twp., Wayne Co., MI

ix. FANNY RAWSON, b. 1807, Massachusetts; m. ADOLPHUS DALRYMPLE, b. Abt. 1803, Massachusetts

Ancestral Chain: 1 JR/2 Lark/3 Camilla SMITH/4 George Ensign SMITH/5 Harriet Camilla ENSIGN/6 Mary DUNN/ 7 Adaline RAWSON/8 Amariah RAWSON/9 Abner RAWSON and Lucretia JEFFORDS

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