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Family American Revolutionary War Veterans

Ancestors of Kirt D. WOOD who served in the American Revolutionary War are…

UNCLE 8th generation: Brother of grandpa Ebenezer Davis, both are sons of 9th generation grandparents John DAVIS Sr.
Captain John DAVIS, NY
1st Lieut., 3d NY regt., 28 Jun 1775; Captain, Livingston's 4th
NY regt., 21 Nov 1776; wounded at Stillwater, 19 Sep 1777; Major,
11 Apr 1780; retired 1 Jan 1781. Ref HE01, NY04, SN01
There are several accounts written about the First Battle of Saratoga
that took place 19 Sept. 1777 where he was wounded.

There are several accounts written about the First Battle of Saratoga that took place 19 Sept. 1777 where he was wounded.

Grandfather 8th generation: Uriah ROUNDY - Uriah Roundy (1756-1813) served as a private in Capt. Jonathan Holton's company. He was born and died in Rockingham, Vt. (DAR ID Number: 50069 [p.32]) (The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume 51 page 32.)

When the Revolutionary War started in 1775, Uriah was 181/2 years old. in working with old records and Lucretia's pension application, we have concluded he signed up as a Continental soldier in Windham County in a Connecticut Unit on 1 May 1775. His major was John Durkee of Norwich. Uriah's first big battle was Bunker Hill on 17 June 1775, where he served under General Putnam. (Shadrach and Betsey Roundy Their Roots and Their Legacy by Renee Rich Mounteer, p.16)

Grandfather 8th generation: Moses QUIMBY - fought in the famous battle of Bunker Hill, and was wounded there, and later received a pension because of service. Pension was to have started in 1832 and lasted for the last 8 years of his life.

Grandfather 9th generation: Abraham LUCAS - was a Revolutionary War soldier and applied for a pension but not successfully. He had no education, could not read or write and that for this reason was unable to recollect names and dates and was unable to substantiate his service sufficiently to obtain a pension.

Pension application on file in the National Archives:
On the seventh day of March eighteen hundred and thirty six, personally appeared in open court before the county commissioners court in and for the County and State aforesaid, now sitting Abram Lucas of Salt Creek in the County of Sangamon and state aforesaid, aged eighty years, being first duly sworn according to law, doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the Act of Congress passed under the following named officers and served as now stated, that during the War of the Revolution (the year he cannot state) he volunteered in the company commanded by Capt. Brinton, which company was attached to the army commanded by General McIntosh., and as he now recollects to the regiment commanded by a son of General McIntosh. In the Red Stone country on the waters of the Monongahela River in the western part of the State of Pennsylvania -- That he was then living on the waters of the Monongahela and he supposed the country was not laid off into counties -- This was in the latter part of the fall or beginning of winter -- After he volunteered they marched and helped build Fort McIntosh on the Little Beaver Creek on the west side of the service aforesaid the orderly sergeant Jonathan Harnett (or Hamett) was removed by Capt. Brinton and his dependent (?) appointed in his stead?

Grandfather 9th generation: Johannes Michael HOBLIT (Habluzel) - served in the Revolutionary War according to several well informed and competent searchers. The fifth series of the Pennsylvania archives gives him as a "Soldier of the Revolution in the Continental Line."

Ancestors of Camilla SMITH who served in the American Revolutionary War are…

Grandfather 8th generation: Isaac ENSIGN - Revolutionary War: ENSIGN, Isaac of Westfield. On a list of others who served as soldiers during some part of the war. SOURCE: [40] A History of Hampden County, Massachusetts, 1902; pages 408-410.

UNCLES 8th generation: both brothers of our Grandma Lydia Noble. And sons of our 9th generation grandparents, Samuel NOBLE and CATHERINE FOWLER.
Samuel NOBLE - during the American revolution, he served in 1776, for five months, under Capt. Gray.
Jared NOBLE - Jared was killed during the Revolutionary War, in a battle at Stone Arabia, NY. He was only age 17.

Grandfather 9th generation: Elijah REMINGTON - Private Revolutionary War / Pvt. Elijah Remington, Connecticut (Esther Gunn.)
Source: Columbine Chapter, National Society, Daughters of the American Revolution

Marker, Soop Cemetery Bellville, MI

Grandfather 9th generation: Abner RAWSON - Veteran of the Revolutionary War - listed as a drummer boy in the Massachusetts Militia at the age of 16.

Grandfather 9th generation: Elihu CARPENTER - Military: Note: He enlisted and served as corporal in the Lexington scare, in Nathaniel Carpenter's (No. 607) Company; served eight days; he enlisted again as Corporal in Nathaniel Carpenter's Company, Col. Cary's Regiment, at New York and White Plains, five months; dismissed Dec 1, 1776; he enlisted again and served as Quartermaster-sergeant in Col. Hathaway's Regiment; April 21, 1777, and served 24 days in Rhode Island; he enlisted again as Sergeant in Capt. Nathaniel Carpenter's Company, in Col. Whitney's Regiment in the Rhode Island Alarm; May 13, 1777, served one month and twenty-five days and marched from Rehoboth to Point Judith.

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