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Isaac, Camilla and Elizabeth Smith Family Reunions

The combined families of Harriet Camilla ENSIGN SMITH and Elizabeth FUHRIMAN SMITH about 1925.Camilla and Elizabeth are standing in front of center window.

When I was a girl my grandma Ella's siblings were very close. Every summer I attended the 'Herbert' Henry and Sarah 'Amy' JONES HAWKES family reunion. My grandmother was the oldest of their nine children. I once asked my grandfather Ensign why I had never met his brothers and sisters. He answered, "they are all gone.” He was the ninth of twelve children born to Isaac SMITH and Harriet 'Camilla' ENSIGN between Oct 1878 and Nov 1905. Ensign's parents had married 28 Dec 1877 when Isaac was almost 20 and Camilla was 18. Camilla had grown up in Brigham City she had been present at the driving of the Golden Spike. Her father Martin Luther ENSIGN had gone on a mission leaving her mother Mary DUNN ENSIGN with three small daughters to care for. After the first few months of marriage Isaac was called to Great Britain to serve an LDS mission. Camilla sold nearly all of her household furnishings to support the mission. She moved in with her parents where her first child was born. Camilla was very sick for the last 17 months of Isaac's mission. He had also been very ill but continued to serve until the mission was complete.

"Communication was extremely slow. As [Isaac] wrote of the time it took to reach England from Salt Lake City we conclude that it took approximately two months to get a letter to him or to her and receive an answer back. Perhaps one can feel in a small measure the loneliness and the desire [Camilla] felt to express her feelings of love and support to him and to help him to share in the "growing up" of their little son Isaac Samuel who was receiving letters and writing letters to his beloved wife of so short a time."
(Descendants of Isaac Smith-Harriet Camilla Ensign, compiled by D.A. Nash Jr., p.8)

Isaac SMITH,
Harriet Camilla ENSIGN

#1-Isaac Samuel SMITH was born 4 Oct 1878 while Isaac was in the Channel Islands. Ike became a dentist he and Lula Annie YEATES had six children. Lula was widowed in 1936 when Ike died in Logan at the age of 57.

#2-Marin Luther SMITH come 20 Aug 1881 and died of poisoning he was two years old, 4 Jul 1884.

#3-William Richard SMTIH "Willie" was born 21 Mar 1884. Will was married to Zina Vivian CROUCH 28 Jul 1910 they were the parents of two daughters. Will was the first veterinarian in Los Vegas, Nevada he died there 10 Jun 1950.

Isaac married Anna Elizabeth CARLISE as second wife 13 Nov 1885. Anna Elizabeth died 17 Sep 1886 she was 26, they had no children. Isaac’s father Samuel SMITH had been the father of fifty two children by his five polygamist wives
"In 1889 following passing of the law outlawing polygamy she helped several women who were trying to avoid the federal marshals. She wrote of helping a very dear woman who was on the underground who came to live with her. The woman had three children and at the same time Camilla had five. that made a total of eight children with the oldest some twelve years of age. They lived with her for four years. The woman buried one of her children and one was born to her. Camilla also had one baby during this time. She recorded that she would take care of the two oldest children while the woman would go to do washing and ironing to help her get cloths for them. This continued on until the woman's husbands first wife died... [Camilla] wrote 'I often wondered how we did it but the blessings of the Lord was with us and we got along fine. We have sat up all night long and cleaned or dressed chickens to help. I have kept a good many people in those days who were hiding around to keep out of the hands of the deputies till times were different her in Utah'." (Descendants of Isaac Smith-Harriet Camilla Ensign, complied by D.A. Nash Jr., p.9)

#4-Mary Camilla SMTIH was born 10 Jun 1886. Mary Camilla SMITH died of Peritonitis when she was 13 years old 20 Sep 1899.

#5 Wesley Ensign SMITH "Wes" was born 9 Dec 1888. Wes became a Dentist, married 20 may 1930 Alta POND after they had two daughters Alta died of the flu. Wes then married Veir CHRISTENSEN on 20 Oct 1921 they had two more children. While Dr. Smith was attending a patient in Logan he fainted, fell and suffered a fractured skull he died two days later 22 Mar 1943 at the age of 54.

Some of Isaac SMITH grandchildren.

#6 Sarah Ann SMITH "Dolly" was born 1 Nov 1891 the only blue eyed child in a family of brown eyes. Dolly married Dow LEWIS 28 Jun 1910 they farmed in Lewiston, Utah and Dolly died 7 Aug 1951 of cerebral hemorrhage she was 52.

#7 Theron Ensign SMITH was born 13 Dec 1893 he married Letitia Mae GRAY 23 Jun 1915 they were Idaho ranchers and parents of six children. Theron died 4 Dec 1952 he was 54.

Isaac and Camilla had six living children when Isaac married a third wife Elizabeth FURRIMAN 2 Jun 1894 in Cardston, Alberta Canada, Isaac and Lizzie would have seven children.
[Elizabeth Fuhriman was twenty-four, single, and being courted by a young single man who would call on her at work in Logan's ZCMI. This perturbed the manager, Isaac Smith, who also had an eye for Elizabeth. He eventually forbade the youth to continue his store visits. Smith was fourteen years her senior and married, but he proposed and she accepted even though the year was 1894 and plural marriage was officially discouraged. When later asked by her daughter, Elva, why she had chosen the one over the other, Elizabeth said he was a good talker, good looking, a good dancer, and that he convinced her "how many more blessings she would receive in the life hereafter if she married into polygamy" (Shumway 1980).]

Aunt Lizzie's first child Jacob Isaac SMITH b. 18 Sep 1895 - d. 14 Jul 1965.

*Camilla's #8-Leona SMTIH was born 25 Dec 1895 she married Brigham Victor HENDRICKS 18 Oct 1017, they farmed in Lewiston, Utah near Dolly and Dow LEWIS. Leona and Victor were the parents of three. Leona was only 44 when she died 30 Jul 1940.

Aunt Lizzie's second child Joseph Fuhriman SMITH b. 18 Jul 1897 - d. 20 Nov 1958.

Camilla's #9- was my grandfather George "Ensign" SMITH born 24 Mar 1889, he was a 17 year old teenager at the time of his fathers death. Ensign earned a Purple Heart during World War I. When he returned home he was married to Amy Ella HAWKES 27 Aug 1919 in the Logan Temple. They lived in Logan Utah, Gult California, and Salt Lake City Utah. Between his work as an accountant, business owner and Salt Lake County Hospital personnel director he helped build the Alaskan Highway. Ella and Ensign were the parents of one son who died at age 11 and four daughters. Ensign had a series of heart attacks and stokes which lead to his death 28 Nov 1967 he was 69. His parents and fifteen brothers and sisters had proceeded him in death. He was survived by his wife, four daughters and three ½ siblings.

married 28 Dec 1877 - Isaac and 'Camilla' SMITH were the parents of 12 Children - photo taken 1898.
back left: father Isaac SMITH, 3.William Richard SMITH (1884-1950), mother Harriet Camilla ENSIGN SMITH,
front left: 7. Theron Ensign SMITH (1893-1952), 8.Leona SMITH HENDRICKS (1895-1940), 'Ensign' SMITH (1898-1967), 6.(Dolly) Sarah Ann SMITH LEWIS (1891-1944), 5.Wesley Ensign SMITH (1888-1943), 4.(Mamie) Mary Camilla SMITH (1886-1899)

not pictured: 1.Isaac Samuel SMITH (1878-1936), 2.Martin Luther SMITH (1881-1884),
10.Malcolm Woodruff SMITH (1901-1950), 11.Theodore Roosevelt SMITH (1903-1904),
12. Ruby SMITH NASH (1905-1960).

Aunt Lizzie's third child Welland Fuhriman SMTIH b. 20 Feb 1899 - d. 29 Dec 1949.

It was between the birth of Welland and Ingram that Camilla lost her 13 year old daughter Mary, Camilla’s baby Ensign, who was my grandpa was only 17 months old when Mary died.

Aunt Lizzie's fourth child Ingram Fuhriman b. 22 Mar 1901 - d. 20 Jun 1982.

Camilla's #10 Malcolm Woodruff SMITH born 20 Feb 1901, he married Verna DAHLE 10 Jan 1923 they moved to California where Ensign had arranged a job for Malcolm. Malcolm and Verna were the parents of a daughter. Malcolm suffered a heart attack then kidney failure he died 11 Feb 1950 at the age of 48.

Camilla's #11 Theodore Roosevelt SMTIH was born 20 Apr 1903 and drowned at 15 months old 19 Jul 1904. My grandpa Ensign was six years old at the time.

Aunt Lizzie's fifth child the only girl Elva Fuhriman SMITH b. 22 oct 1904 - d. 18 Nov 1984.

Aunt Lizzie's sixth child Oliver Fuhriman was b. 6 Oct 1908 - d. 21 Aug 1960

Camilla's #12 Ruby SMTIH was born 5 Nov 1905, she was 8 years old when her father died. Ruby married David Ariel NASH on his birthday 14 Feb 1924. They raised four sons as they worked on their farm near Weston, Idaho. Ruby had a massive heart attack at home in Weston, Idaho 10 Jan 1960 she was 54.
"During the [21 consecutive years Isaac served in Stake Presidencies, Camilla] had many Church General Authorities in her home. She gave birth to two children on stake conference days and provided for the visitors just the same. She had most of the leaders of the church in her home from Brigham Young down to the time her husband was released as stake president [1911]. In her own words, 'I wonder how I did it, could not but for the blessings of my Heavenly Father'." (Descendants of Isaac Smith-Harriet Camilla Ensign, complied by D.A. Nash Jr., p.10)

Aunt Lizzie's seventh child Clyde Fuhriman SMTIH b. 10 Aug 1913 - d. 12 Feb 2000 at the age of 86.

Full names and Corrections to names on photo in Smith Book, taken abt 1910:
from right to left: William Richard and Sarah Ann SMITH (LEWIS) known as 'Dolly', Isaac and Harriet 'Camilla' ENSIGN SMITH, Leona SMITH (HENDRICKS), Lula Annie YEATES SMITH with third child Ruth SMITH (b.Sep 1909), Theron 'Ensign' SMITH, Isaac Samuel SMITH known as 'Ike'.
Children standing from left: Luther Yeates Smith (b.Mar 1905) 'Ike' and Lula's child, Ruby SMITH (NASH) (b.Nov 1905) youngest child of Isaac and 'Camilla' SMITH, Virginia SMITH (b.Mar 1906) Ike and Lula's child.
After it was too late to ask grandpa Ensign I wished I had asked him what it was for him as the son of a polygamist family. Some of the memories of Ensign’s sister in-law and nieces, recorded below, helped me to understand what the answer to my question may have been.

Camilla lived in the Smith home in Logan, Utah and Lizzie lived on the farm in Riverdale, Idaho. All the children spent the summers learning to work on the farm and then they came to live at the home in town for school during the winter. The children were very musical they were singers, members of choirs, they played instruments and performed on many occasions. The accounts recorded below indicate this was a perfectly blended family.
Born 31 Dec 1857, Isaac SMITH passed away at the age of 56, 30 Mar 1914 in Logan, Utah. Lizzie's youngest son Clyde was only 7 months old. Isaac had served faithfully in the church among his calling he served as Bishop, counselor to Stake Presidents for almost seventeen years, and Stake President for five years, he was ill when he was ordained as a Patriarch 3 may 1913 he passed away before he had the opportunity to exercise the calling. His father Samuel was also a Patriarch.

Isaac SMITH and sons of from both families and Charles Oscar DUNN who is 1/2 brother of Harriet Camilla ENSIGN's mother Mary DUNN. Charles is also husband of Isaac SMITH's 1/2 sister Letitia SMITH

Born 24 apr 1859, Camilla ENSIGN SMITH died in Logan at the age 70, 15 Mar 1930. She had spent her her last few month with #8 Leona on the Hendricks farm in Lewiston, Utah. Camilla died of “parial paralysis of the intestine” at the Logan hospital after an illness of a few days. “Her entire family was present at the time of her passing both those who were living and those who had preceded her in death.” (Descendants of Isaac Smith-Harriet Camilla Ensign, p.11.) Ensign’s wife Ella was expecting their fourth child when Camilla died. Ensign had named his second child for his sister Leona and his third child for his mother Camilla.

'Jay' is Jacob Isaac SMITH oldest son of Elizabeth Fuhriman

Correct the spelling of Amy 'Ella' HAWKES' name

Born 9 Jun 1871, Elizabeth FUHRIMAN died at age 73, 21 Jun 1944 in Preston, Idaho.

Three of Lizzie's children lived longer than my grandfather Ensign.

Isaac SMITH,
Harriet Camilla ENSIGN

Family reunions were held each year and they went on for several years after the death of the Isaac and Camilla SMTIH.
Harriet 'Camilla' ENSIGN SMITH standing second from left.
written on back of photo: [cut off month] 8, 1929
1 [cut off]
2 Verna [Verna DAHLE wife of Malcom Woodruff SMITH]
3 Ruby [Ruby SMITH wife of David Ariel NASH]
4 Lettie [Letitia Mae GRAY wife of Theron Ensign SMTIH]
5 Ada [DAHLE] Roberts
6 Zina [Zina Vivian CROUCH wife of William Ricahrd SMTIH]
7 Leona [Leona SMTIH wife of Brigham Victor HENDRI]
8 Lou [?Lula Annie YEATES wife of Isaac Samuel SMTIH?]
9 Vear [Veir CHRISTENSEN second wife of Wesley Ensighn SMTIH]
10 Virginia [SMITH]
11 Milley
12 Sister Dolley [Sarah Ann SMTIH - nicknamed Dollywife of K. Dow LEWIS]
other source: L to R Standing: Sarah Ann "Dolly" Smith Lewis, Ruby Ensign Smith Letitia "Letty" May Gray Smith, Ada Dahle Roberts, Mina Smith, Leona Ensign Smith, Lulu Yeates Smith, Vier Christensen Smith, Virgina Smith, Harriet Camilla Ensign Smith, Ada cemantha Davidson Dahle
Seated Adult Lady: Joyce Lewis
Children: _______, Joyce, Vivian, End of Row: Martha, Harreity.
Front: Wesley, ______, Helen Jean, Mary Jean, Frank, Arylett.

Family Relationships and the Smith family home-

"Across the street Isaac’s home was a skating pond where the children woud skate, and ice would be cut and stored in sawdust. Isaac stored and sold ice from the barn behind his house."

"Every year on New Year’s Day, there would be a big celebration in the home in Logan, commemorating Isaac’s birthday (31 Dec 1857.) All the families would gather on this day for a big feast it was usually a big turkey dinner…the adults ate first and the children were fed after the adults finished…."
(Descendants of Isaac Smith-Harriet Camilla Ensign, p. 6)

[Zina Vivian CROUCH SMITH - history of William Richard SMITH] “One of the Smith boys was called Willie, and we became very good friends. He took me for rides on his handlebars on his bike and brought me Valentines. He would bring the Valentine, knock on the door, and then run real fast.”

"She shares…enjoyable memories of Will at Christmas time, they were six years old [Christmas 1890]. Will’s family was large and they had a nice big home.…Zina liked that because at the time she lived with only her mother (Her mother was a second wife and they were “living on the underground.”) The Smith family had invited them over to spend a memorable Christmas Eve in their home. She writes, “”The tree nearly touched their ten-foot ceiling and was beautiful. We children were shut in the bedroom so Santa wouldn’t see us when he came, and the pressure of excitement almost exploded the walls when we heard Santa ask if all the children were in bed. The boys, of course, peeked through the transom to see if they could see him. After Santa left we were allowed to go into the sitting room where the tree was. We had to take hold of hands and circle around the tree three times before getting our presents.”
(Descendants of Isaac Smith-Harriet Camilla Ensign, p.91)

"[Zina Vivian CROUCH SMITH - history of William Richard SMITH] ”We spent our honeymoon and the rest of the summer on a farm at Riverdale, Idaho, where Will and his oldest brother Isaac (Ike) had purchased an apple orchard which Will was to care for. We stayed in the home of Aunt Lizzie the second wife of Will’s father. The relationship of the families of father Smith by his two wives was always congenial, which made her home the natural place for us to stay.”
(Descendants of Isaac Smith-Harriet Camilla Ensign, compiled by D.A. Nash Jr., p.94)

"[Sarah Ann “Dolly” SMITH LEWIS history] Dolly’s family was the model for successful plural marriage families. She referred to her father’s other wives as “aunts” and enjoyed a true brother-sister relationship with all of her half brothers and sisters..."
(Descendants of Isaac Smith-Harriet Camilla Ensign, compiled by D.A. Nash Jr., p.150)

The combined families of Harriet Camilla ENSIGN SMITH and Elizabeth FUHRIMAN SMITH about 1929.

Grandmother’s love and the Smith family home -

A few memories of Grandma [Harriet Camilla ENSIGN] Smith by Mary Jean Smith Badger and Virginia Smith Tolbert:
"Mary Jean - I remember Grandma with much tenderness. She always hugged me and when I would hand her my doll she would rock it and make a fuss over it. That always means so much to a child. I do not remember why I was left to spend the nigh with her but I do remember her taking me by the hand and opening the door that led up a narrow little cold stairway to the upstairs. She put me in her big feather bed and we snuggled down together. I didn’t even miss my mother that night and being a real mamma’s girl that says something about the love and security I felt. She always let me play with some empty pill bottles that fit in a leather case and I can remember sitting by her chair on the floor playing by the hour."

"I was seven years old when she died and I remember clearly the whole family there - my cousin Helen Jean and I played in a room up some steps and just off the kitchen and there was a whole table full of cakes and food brought in by the friends and neighbors. Grandma was in her casket in the living room in a front parlor."

"After the funeral and everyone had gone home Daddy and Mother and I were in the quiet old house and I asked Daddy if I could have something of Grandma’s. He opened her china closet in the front room and handed me a blue glass toothpick holder shaped like an Uncle Sam’s hat. I treasured it and still have it in my china closet after all these years. I am now 73. I hope to pass it on to one of my children with the hope they to will take good care of it."

"Virginia - recalls Grandma having her daughters do the dishes and cleaning up the kitchen. When they finished she would inspect the efforts and if it wasn’t done right she would make them do the dishes all over again - plus - all the rest of the dishes in the cupboard. Needless to say they didn’t let that happen very often."
[Mary Jean SMITH sixth child of Isaac Samuel SMITH and Lula Annie YEATES.] [Virginia SMITH second child of Isaac Samuel SMITH and Lula Annie YEATES.]
(Descendants of Isaac Smith-Harriet Camilla Ensign, compiled by D.A. Nash Jr., p.31)

Camilla SMITH

Memories of Grandma [Harriet Camilla ENSIGN] Smith and her home by Iris Hagen Smith:

"My Memory of Grandma Smith is of knowing her during the time of my engagement to her Grandson, Luther and for only one month of my marriage on February 19, 1930."

"As I remember her it is one of a typical sweet grandmother with the aprons all - women wore to protect and keep clean their dresses, everyday including Sundays."

"At the time of the depression, about 1933, Luther and I and our daughter, Eleanor had the privilege of living in the home of Grandpa Isaac and Grandma Harriet Camilla Ensign Smith that was over the hill from the Blvd. What was called “The Island”. We had had a grocery store on Main street in Logan, just down from the tabernacle. When the depression took hold of all, we lost everything."

"As I said we had the privilege of moving into the home on “the Island”. It was truly a blessing. At that time we lived in the addition on the main house. It was because of the love and thoughtfulness of my Mom Dad Smith. We enjoyed living there.
(Descendants of Isaac Smith Harriet Camilla Ensign, p.32)
Being able to see the activities that were held on the park area across from the home - especially in the winter months - when they would flood the park - the water became frozen & all had the fun of ice skating there…."

"As to the house itself, especially the main part of the home. As I remembered - there was a beautiful large pine tree in the front on a beautiful lawn. We would sit on the porch & enjoy the evenings & when the moon would shine through the branches of the tree it would almost take our breath away. We love god’s creations. Luther planed flowers in the garden, along with the vegetables. He loved especially, gladioli."

"Within the home I remember the moldings around the doors & ceilings were polished & shone & brought out the intricate carving. It must have taken many hours to make these designs & then to keep them clean."

"The kitchen area was separated from the main part of the house where I remember seeing Grandma Smith preparing dinner or goodies - wearing as I have said, her apron."

"The upstairs bedrooms were interesting to get to. While living in the smaller addition to the house, we were able to rent the main house to a Bro & Sister Collier & their little son… Then at one time the upstairs bedrooms were rented to John Hawkins & a Gene Halliday from Tremonton, while they attend college. They were an added blessing. They paid their rent from the farm - meat - vegetables etc. They would come to our part of the home for their meals. We were one happy family. There was a spirit there of love & understanding."

"We lived there until 1935 when Luther got work in Calif. With Rolon & Virginia."
[Iris Hagen Smith wife of Luther Yeates SMTIH first child of Isaac Samuel SMITH and Lula Annie YEATES.]
(Descendants of Isaac Smith-Harriet Camilla Ensign, complied by D.A. Nash Jr.,p.32)

"Memories of my Grandmother [Harriet Camilla ENSIGN] Smith by Lula Smith Robinette:
I loved my Grandma Smith. She was fun to be with. She was a jolly lady and quite talkative. She was always good to me and seemed interested in what I was doing. She was very opinionated and quite outspoken, which caused a little distress among the adults at times."

"When children and young adults started wearing ankle sox this disturbed her a lot. She though them to be very immodest and I remember her saying, on more than one occasion. 'I’d paint their legs so black they’d be glad to cover them up!'"
"I remember going to see Grandma with mother and daddy when I was small. In the room where the adults visited there was a potbellied stove and behind it on the wall were a bookcase, a clock on a clock shelf, and other items. On one of the shelves Grandma had a box of picture post-cards she had saved over the years and while they were visiting she let me look at the post-cards. Some were pretty, but a lot of them had funny cartoons on them and I liked those best."

"I now own the clock that hung on that wall behind the stove."

"The family used to have reunions at Grandma’s house. They would have big tables out in the front yard with room for everyone to eat. Sometimes they would have a program and some of the family members would entertain us. I remember once my sister Ruth did a ballet dance."

"Aunt Lizzie (Elizabeth Fuhriman [SMITH]), was Grandpa’s other living wife and she and her family were always included in the family reunions so we got to know her and all of Daddy’s half brothers and sisters."

'The summer before I was in the sixth grade, Uncle Wes and Aunt Vier were going to California and they look Grandma and me with them. It had been arranged for me to spend the next school year with my sister Virginia who lived in Stockton, California at that time."

"Grandma and I rode in the back seat. It was a long ride through the desert on a gravel rode. Grandma and I talked and played games to pass the time. She told me stories about the pioneers coming across the plains. She talked about pulling a hand-cart and I though for years that she herself had pulled a hand-cart across the plains, bur she was born in Brigham City so I’m sure I was mistaken. Possibly it was her parents or people she knew well. But she made it very real to me. [Both parents of Harriet Camilla ENSIGN SMITH were teen aged pioneers, after his marriage and three children her father had gone on a mission pulling a handcart from Salt Lake City east.]"

"She also told me about the Indians in those early days. They would come to the houses begging for food and other things, but one of the things some of them would want was pins. Just common straight pins. They would put them through their ears right there while she was watching, until they had a row of them around the rim of their ears."

"Grandma died when I was 13 years old. I am grateful I had the opportunity to know her. She was a wonderful lady and a good Grandmother and I loved her very much."
[Lula SMITH the fifth child of Isaac Samuel SMITH and Lula Annie YEATES.]
(Descendants of Isaac Smith Harriet Camilla Ensign, complied by D.A. Nash Jr., p.33)

Camilla's children

abt 1934
Elizabeth FUHRIMAN SMITH with some of the Isaac SMITH children from both families abt 1943.

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