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History - Thomas JONES and Mary Williams

Genealogy of Thomas Jones and Family and His Ancestors
by Thomas JONES

Thomas JONES (1822-1897)
JONES (1825-1877)

I, Thomas Jones, son of William and Mary Trow Jones, was born the 16th of Sept 1822 in the Parish of Hastleburg, county of Worcester, England and was baptized or christened in the Protestant church of Hastlebury by the rev. Samuel Pickard, in the month of October of the same year. My father William Jones was the son of Frances and Sarah Jones.

My mother, Mary Trow Jones, was the daughter of Thomas and Susanah Trow, who was born in the Parish stone, Worcestershire, England.

My grandfather Francis Jones was born in Wales. I don’t know when he was born but he died and was buried 19 June, 1825 in the Parish of Stone, Worcestershire. He was baptized the 15th of Oct 1750 in the Parish Church of England.

My Grandmother Susanah Trow was born in 1755 in the Parish of Stone, buried Feb. 26, 1829.

I was baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on the 11th day of May 1845 by elder Charles Knight in the Perceil Green Branch of the Worcester Conference, and confirmed the 16th day of May of the same year by elder Joseph Westwood in the same branch, and was ordained to the office of Deacon the same year by Bishop Elija Shuts at a conference held in Worcester. I was ordained to the office of a Priest on the 8th of June, 1849 by Elder Thomas Perks in Birmingham, England. And I was ordained to the office of an elder on the 12th of Sept. 1852 by Elder Abraham Merchant, Pres. of the Birmingham conference and appointed and set apart to act as secretary of the Ashter Branch of said conference by Elder Merchant and on the 19th day of same month I was appointed to preside overt eh Ashed District of said Branch.

I left England with my family for America on the 30th of June 1868, arriving in Salt Lake City on the 30th day of August 1868. Tues. June 30, 1868 The steamship Minnesota with 534 Saints under the direction of John Parry, sailed from Liverpool, Eng. Arrived New York July 12 and the immigrants reached Lamanie City July 22.

Moved to Logan, Cache county with my family on the 17th of Sept. of same year. Myself and wife Mary received our endowments in the Endowment House in Salt Lake City on the 10th of Oct. 1868 and I was received into the School of the Prophets the 17th of same month.

I was ordained a High Priest on the 10th of Feb. 1869 by Thomas McNeal. My wife, Mary William Jones, to whom I was Married in Jan. 1848 was born April 3, 1825 at Webs Green in the Parish of Halesowen in the country of Worcester, Eng. She was baptized on the 7th day of Feb. 1847 in Birmingham by Elder Henry Brown and confirmed the same day by Elder Thomas Perks and she died in Logan on the 22nd of Feb. 1877 after a long illness and in the full faith of the gospel. She was the daughter of John and Sarah Wood Williams. Her father John Williams was born on the 27th of June, 1800 in the Parish of hales Owen, County of Worcester, Eng. Her mother Sarah Wood Williams was born on the 14th of Feb. 1801 in the same Parish and she died in 1831, April 3, in Halesowen. Her grandfather, George Wood was born in 1777 and her grandmother, Betty Wood was born in 1778. Her grand father, John Williams was born in Wales. Her grandmother Sarah Rose Williams was born in Wales and died in England on the 20th of Dec. 1846.

[15 children all born in Birmingham, England.]

[1] My daughter Sarah Jane was born on Feb. 21, 1849, in Birmingham and was blessed in April 1849 by elder Thomas Perks and was baptized on the 23 of April 1857 by myself and confirmed on the 26thof same month by Elder Joseph Howard. [Married Charles Kingsford BOWRING 1869.]

[2] My son Cyrus Joseph was born on the 23 of Sept 1850 and blessed by Elder George Baugh and ordained a teacher by myself and ordained a priest on 9th of April 1867 by myself and ordained an Elder on 15thof Feb. by myself in Logan. Baptized 18th July1860 by George Taylor and confirmed same day by Elder John Lines. [Married Sarah WORLEY 12 Jan 1874 Salt Lake City, UT. Died 28 Mar 1919 Logan, UT.]

[3] My son Willard Thomas was born 20 June 1852 and was blessed on 19 July 1852 by elder Thomas Tame in Birmingham, Eng. Baptized 18 July 1860 by T. Howard same day. [Married Mary Alice HANSEN 9 Oct 1882. Died 2 Mar 1915.]

[4] My daughter Merintha Althera was born on 4 Nov 1853 and died on 5th same month.

[5] My son Thomas was born on the 21st of Dec 1854 and died same day.

[6 Mary Emma was born 21 Dec 1854, married John Stephen LIVERMORE abt 1875.]

[7] My son Albert William was born on the 6th of Jan 1857 blessed on 30th of same month by Elder Charles F. Jones and was ordained an Elder on the 15th of Feb 1869 by elder Geo. L. Farrell. [Married Louisa AFFLECK 2 Oct 1879 Salt Lake City, UT. Died 6 Feb 1909 Pocatello, Idaho.]

[8] My son Marlon John was born 3rd of Apr 1858, blessed 16th of same month by Elder Samuel Goddard, and was ordained an Elder on 15th of Feb 1869 by myself.

[9] My daughter Amy Ella was born on the 10th of Feb 1859 and blessed on the 23rd of same month by Elder D Bonelli and died on the 17th of May 1862. [Married Sarah Hovey TWICHELL 13 Jan1882. Died 19 Oct 1894.]

[10] My son Leonard James was born on 24th of July 1860 blessed 19th of Aug 1860 by myself. Baptized 27th Sept 1868 by Elder Rulen Gates, confirmed same day by Bishop Peter Maughan in Logan, Utah. [Married Annie V. EVERSON Nov 1882. Died 9 Feb 1901 Cache county, UT.]

[11] My daughter Linda Ellen was born on 21 of May 1862 and blessed on 22nd of June 1862 by myself. She died on 6th of Oct. of the same year.

[12] My daughter Bertha Annie was born was born on 13th of May 1863 and died on the 29th of same month.

[13] My daughter Edith Agnes was born on 9th May 1864 and blessed May 20 1864 by myself and died on 27th of Feb 1865.

[14] My son Herbert Ernest was born on 21st of Apr 1865 and blessed May 7, 1865 by myself. Baptized 4th July 1875 by Elder Paul Cardon and confirmed same day by Elder Thomas E. Richs. [Died 26 Jun 1894.]

[15] My son Lorenzo Charles was born on 23rd of August 1866 and blessed 6th January 1867
by myself. [Died 23 Apr 1867.]

Thomas JONES (1822-1897)


Jane Ann OUTSON WILSON JONES (1846-1916)

[After the death of Mary WILLIAMS JONES, Thomas married on 11 Apr 1878 in Salt Lake City, UT Jane Ann OUTSON the widow of William WILSON (two children Leah and David WILSON.) Seven children were born to Thomas JONES and Jane Ann OUTSON. They were Arthur Edger 1879 Logan UT, Ethel Maud 1880 Logan UT, Alice Louise 1881 Logan UT, Livinna Jane 1883 Logan UT, Lester William 1885 St. David AZ, Lila Myrtel 1888 Logan UT, Eliza Outson (Lila) 1888 Logan UT.]

(…In 1884 my father [Thomas JONES] was called to St. David, Arizona, to homestead a piece of land there. However, he and his family returned to Logan on September 4, 1886, because of his poor health. He had taken sick on the third of October, 1885, with malaria fever. They arrived in Logan after traveling four days and nights over two thousand sixty miles, On October 19, 1887 he met with an accident while hauling lumber from Crowther‘s Saw Mill in Logan Canyon. He was never in very good health after this, so he worked at selling church books and was a deacon at the old tabernacle. He helped to plant many of the old trees that still stand. He died after three weeks illness in Logan, Utah, on June 21st in 1897. He was a faithful member of the L.D.S. Church, and was respected by all who knew him. Written by his daughter, Alice Louise JONES DORSEY, October 1, 1951)

Poetry by Thomas Jones / Journal to be added.


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Thank you for this page and information. I'm anxious to read Thomas's poetry. I may have a poem or two, and feel I have a connection to him because I dabble in it myself. I don't think I've seen the photos previously.

I'm related to Thomas and Mary through Albert and Louisa. During lunch I visited Thomas's headstone, made a quick search of the web, and found this page.

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