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Isaac and Camilla Smith

Isaac SMITH  1857-1914 and Harriet Camilla ENSIGN 1859-1930 
Pictures and articles borrowed from familysearch

Pictures: clockwise Sarah Elizabeth SMITH EVENS 1860-1923, Isaac SMITH 1857-1914, John Wooding SMITH 1862-1884, Susannah SMITH EVANS 1864-1953.

"Isaac Smith was born in Brigham City... He was the son of Samuel Smith and Sarah Jane  natives of England....he grew to be an industrious hardworking citizen.  He held many positions of responsiblility in his youthful days."

"When a youth he learned the trade of Cabinetmaker but quit to become a member of a surveying party that was surveying the route of the Utah and Northern through Bear River Canyon."

 "In 1876 he decided to obtain an education and therefore attended the University of Utah.  He worked hard to get along studying part of the time and teaching the rest of the time.  "

"When the Box Elder Stake was organized in 1877 he became second counselor"  [Age 19.]

 Camilla SMITH with 1st of  her 12 children - Isaac Samuel SMITH 1878-1936

"In the [December] 1877 he married Harriet Camilla Ensign, daughter of M. L. Ensign and Mary Dunn.  At April Conference he was called on a mission to Great Britain he left on the fifth of May, the same year.... He returned home in April, 1880." [Age 20.]

"Parkinson had been a missionary companion of Isaac Smith and he dwelt at length upon the fidelity and faithful work of the departed while laboring as a missionary."

"Dr. W. B. Parkinson said it was hard for him to say anything on this sad occasion as he had been a life [long] companion of Pres. Isaac Smith.  They had labored together as companions in the British mission in 1879.  When it comes to honorable living, no man ever breathed that lived the life of a Latter-day Saint more than this man, said the speaker." 

"In the spring of 1881 he moved to [Logan, Utah] to clerk in the Whole sale department of Z.C.M.I.  In ... 1884 when the Logan First ward was divided into three wards, Isaac Smith was appointed Bishop of the seventh ward..." [Age 26, the second of three children died a month later.] 

"...He had lived here since 1881, when he come to Logan from Brigham City, and since that time had been prominently connected with the affairs of  Logan...Last year he was ordained a patriarch."

"[In] 1890 he was sustained as second counselor to President Orson Smith of Cache Stake [Age 32, father of eight living children.] [Then Apostle Merrill was named as President Isaac Smith was second counselor....When Joseph Morrell was named successor [Isaac Smith] was named his first counselor...In 1906 [Isaac] Smith became President [Age 48.]....He remained in that position until 1911." 

“During his labors with the Z.C.M.I. Mr. Smith was invoice…hardware and crockery departments and later the clothing department.  He was on the road as general sales man for about five years, after which he ran a branch store for the institution on Main street.”

Isaac SMITH standing in Center of Store

Isaac SMITH standing by himself at right

Isaac SMITH behind counter on left

" He leaves two wives and sixteen children, nine by his first wife and seven by the [third]."

" Two families survive Mr. Smith including two widows and [sixteen
] children.  His first wife was Miss Camilla Ensign of Brigham City, who survives him here.  His [third] wife, who was Elizabeth Fuhriman, resides in Riverdale, Ida."

"Isaac Smith is survived by two families, on live in Logan and the other in Riverdale, Idaho.  Beside his wife, Mrs. Camilla Smith, they are the following children: Dr. Isaac Smith [age 35], W.R. Smith [age 29], Wesley E. Smith [age 25]. Sarah Ann Lewis [age 22], Theron E. Smith age 20], Leona E. Smith [age 18], George E. Smith [age 16], Malcolm W. Smith [age 13], and Ruby E. Smith [age 8]."

"The family which survives Mr. Smith at Riverdale are Mrs. Elizabeth Fuhriman Smith, his wife and the following children; Jacob I. Smith [age 18], Joseph F. Smith [age 16], Welland Smith [age 15], Ingraham Smith [age 13], Elva Smith [age 9], Oliver Smith [age 5], Clyde Smith [age 7 months]."

Camilla Smith with her surviving daughters Leona, Sarah Ann called Dolly, and Ruby.

(The name of Ensign given in the new paper as George E. Smith) 

first wife of Isaac Smith
Other wives of Isaac Smith - Annie Elizabeth Carlisle - second and Elizabeth Fuhriman - third 

" Bishop C. W. Nibley [Presiding Bishop of the LDS church] and Elder Charles H. Hart [First Council of the Seventy] were present to represent the general Church authorities."

"The Speakers were President John A. Widtsoe [then of the Seventy, later a member of the Quorum of the Twelve],  Elder Joseph E. Cardon [President] of the Central states Missionl...who was formally a counselor of Isaac Smith in the Stake Presidency; Dr. W. B. Parkinson, Elder C. H. Hart, Bishop C. W. Nibley and Bishop B. G. Thatcher...Dr. Parkinson had been a missionary companion of Isaac Smith...Bishop C. W. Nibley said he know of no man in the church who was more humble and obedient right; nor who had done more to deserve praise and a reputation for sterling qualities." 

The Ice House located on Smith property in Logan, Utah - Isaac pictured just right of door

"Upon retiring from [the off of Stake President] he devoted himself strictly to his business affairs which he had neglected somewhat, and he worked to make things go, applied himself so diligent in fact that his health was undermined and his finally became seriously il someweeks ago.  He was a man who had devoted much of his time to service of the public and he did it unselfishly and without reward for he died a comparatively poor man."

"At the present time he was engaged in a produce, cold storage and Ice business." 

Ice House - Isaac Smith pictured left of door

"President John A. Widtsoe spoke first.  He said that in the death of Isaac Smith, he had lost a lifelong friend and personal counselor and advisor.  He said he has always found a joy in the life labors of this good man.  He spoke of the deceased as one who possessed many virtues that go to make up a complete life.  Pres. Smith has been a man who has done much in this valley to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Pres. Widtsoe said that it was Isaac Smith who first taught him tht man cannot serve tow masters.  He involved the blessings of God upon the family of the departed."

Camilla Smith at age 67 with grandson Sidney Hendricks
Harriet Camilla Ensign Smith 1859-1930

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