Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Isaac and Camilla SMITH family Portrait 1908

Identification confirmation is welcomed.

Based on other photos with sure identifications and the family group record my semi informed guess is:
Isaac and Camilla SMITH
family portrait likely taken spring of 1908
in Logan Utah.
back left: father-Isaac SMITH (1857-1914), Isaac Samuel SMITH ["Ike"] (1878-1936) his next to his seated wife Lula Annie YEATES (1884-1969), Wesley Ensign SMITH (1888-1943), Theron Ensign SMTIH (1893-1953), Leona SMITH HENDRICKS (1895-1940),
left front row seated: Sarah Ann SMITH LEWIS ["Dolly"] (1891-1944), mother-Harriet "Camilla" ENSIGN SMITH (1859-1930), grandson-Luther Yeates SMITH (1905-1957) the
son of Isaac Samuel and Lula Annie SMITH, Ruby SMITH NASH (1905-1960), Malcolm Wooding SMITH (1901-1950), George "Ensign" SMITH (1998-1967), William Richard SMITH ["Will"] (1884-1950),
very front center;
granddaughter-Virginia SMITH (1906-1998) daughter of Isaac Samuel and Lula Annie SMITH.

NOTE: This identification accounts for and includes every Isaac and Camilla SMITH family member living between spring of 1906 and fall of 1909. The youngest daughter Ruby SMITH b.Nov 1905 is younger than oldest grandson Luther Yeates SMITH b.Mar 1905. The smallest child if it is Virginia SMITH b.May 1906 looks about 2 years. old.

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NOTE: There were 12 children born between 1878 and 1905 to Isaac SMITH and Harriet Camilla Ensign. Their children who had died before this 1908 family portrait were Martin Luther SMITH (1881-1884), Mary Camilla SMITH (1886-1899), Theodore Roosevelt SMITH (1903-1904). Isaac SMITH also had a second family with 7 children born between 1895 and 1913 to he and Elizabeth FUHRIMAN.

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