Thursday, October 7, 2010

"Herb and Amy Parents of the Whole Shebang"

5th child - Frank Jones HAWKES
spouse 1- Grace STAR d.9 Jan 1958
spouse 2- Minnie Ann NIELSON COX m.17 Jun 1959

[Herb and Amy Parents of the Whole Shebang]
(Written and sung for a family reunion - to the tune of “Davy Crockett- by Frank and his wife Grace.)

Sarah Amy Jones was a very pretty girl,
Herbert Henry Hawkes thought that she was a pearl,
They fell in love in Logan Town,
And now their sons & daughters are the jewels of their Crown.
Herbert:- Herb and Amy, parents of the whole shebang.

First came Ella with her hair of gold,
And to hear her tell it she still ain’t very old.
Then came Kate, a cute brunette,
The scholar of the family and the teachers pet.
Ella: Kate and Ella first of the whole shebang.

Born in Pocatello was Herbert lad,
The first boy in the family so they named him for his Dad.
Then came Eva with her [smile] so sweet,
And exactly two years later the family I (Frank) did greet.
Herbert: Frank and Eva Three of the whole shebang.

Then came a lad that we laid to rest,
Joseph Jones, and He’d probably been the best.
Think of him often and let your children know.
That the sixth of the family was a boy named Joe.
Joseph: Jospeh Jones, sixth of the whole shebang.

Then came Ethel and she brought much joy.
Then came Lorin a tow-headed boy.
When these two were safely on shore
Everyone said there won’t be any more.
Ethel: Ethel and Lorin, winding up the whole shebang.

But the best of calculations can sometimes be
Wrong as the dickens in this land of the free
For seven years later when the kids were nearly raised
Along came Blayne and the the Saints be praised!
Blayne: Blayne J. Hawkes- Baby of the whole shebang.

Now this is quite a heritage for them first two
They had nine children before they were through,
Brought em all up Proper- to fear the Lord.
So lets all pull a little tighter on the family cord-- For
Herbert: Herb and Amy, Parents of the whole shebang.

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