Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Places They Lived

The Places We have Lived
Lee and Wanda Reasor

Wanda Myrl ROBERSON and Garland Lee REASOR 

1- Apr 1942, lived in a furnished apartment in Louisville, Kentucky for about 5 weeks after marriage

2- June 1942, another furnished apartment in Louisville for two weeks during an extended furlough
3- July 1942, in San Antonio, Texas, Wanda had a garage apartment and I visited on week-ends
4- Chickasha, Oklahoma lived in a hotel room
5- Houston, Texas, a furnished apartment
6- Winter of 1942, Hondo, Texas we shared a motel with another couple
7- June 1943, Coral Gables, Florida, a furnished apartment.
8- Wayne, Michigan an upstairs apartment with the entry through the family’s living room, very dirty
9- 1943-44, Wayne, Michigan, an unfurnished house. We bought furniture and sold it when we left. Bought our sterling silverware here.
10- 1944-1945, Caribou, Maine, we lived in two connecting rooms in an old hotel
11- 1945, Manchester, New Hampshire, lived in a hotel
Garland Lee REASOR and twin brother Gordan Lloyd REASOR

12- December 1945, lived in a rented place in Buechel, Kentucky
13- Rented a different place in Buechel, Kentucky, bought the sewing machine
14- 1946, St Matthews, Kentucky, purchased our first home. Gathered used furniture and bought the dining room suite
15- 1947, had Rube (Reuben Roberson) build us a house on 1.3 acres in Fern Creek, Kentucky. The house was 24 x 30, one floor with basement and a cistern for water supply.
16- March 1951, returned to USAF and moved to Houston, Texas
17- 1951, San Antonio, Texas in a rented apartment
18- 1952, Topeka, Kansas, lived in a large two story rented house
19- 1952, Bellflower, California , Wanda shared a rented house with the family of a crew member, while I was in Japan
20- 1952, Bossier City, Louisiana rented a duplex
21- 1953, Bossier City, Louisiana, rented a house on Olive Street
22- 1954, Bossier City, Louisiana, bought a new house on Christy Street
    23- 1955, Sacramento, California, rented an old two story house for month of December
      24- 1956, Carmichael, California bought a beautiful new home on Stanton Circle
        25- 1956-1957, Biloxi, Mississippi, rented both sides of a duplex in base housing
          26- 1957, Merced, California lived for 2 months in a used trailer that we bought in Biloxi
            27- 1957, Spokane, Washington purchase a new home because it was the only one we could find with a main floor family room
              28- June 1959, Provo, Utah purchased a new home in Edgemont
                29- Sept 1960, Orem, Utah had a new home built because the people in Provo would not accept our family
                  30- August 1962, San Antonio, Texas we rented a home in Red Horse Ridge outside the base
                    31- 1962-63, moved to base housing on Randolph AFB. Our only experience with on base housing.
                      32- Aug 1963, Aurora, Colorado, we bought a used expensive house
                        33- Jan 1966, back to Spokane, Washington in a rented house until our old house could be vacated
                          34- March 1966, Spokane, Washington moved into the house we bought in 1957
                            35- June 1976, Dunn Rovin, Greenbluff, Washington, moved into our new house we built from scratch

                            eight additional grandchildren yet to be added
                            In the past 35 years we have lived in 35 different homes. My mother has lived in two homes in the past 55 years.
                            LDS Mission Kiribiti

                            36- 1982, Kiribiti, moved into a modernized native house on Moroni Community School campus
                            37- 1983 returned to our home on Greenbluff, Spokane, Washington
                            38- 1983 returned to our home on Greenbluff, Spokane, Washington
                            This completed Lee’s list but we need to include a couple more moves.
                            LDS Mission Nauvoo

                            39- 1989, Nauvoo, Illinois lived in a small restored pioneer home while serving mission
                            40- 1990, moved back to their beloved Greenbluff home


                            Mick said...

                            Seems like they lived in two different houses in Nauvoo.

                            Lark said...

                            They did live in two places while in Nauvoo.