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History of Elizabeth FUHRIMAN SMITH

Elizabeth FUHRIMAN SMITH (Aunt Lizzie).

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Complied by LaVor Lindhardt SMITH
Elizabeth FUHRIMAN SMITH (sitting) with sisters Anna Barbara FUHRIMAN ELIASON and Emeline FUHRIMAN ZOLLILNGER daughters of Jacob FUHRIMAN and Anna Barbara LOOSLI.
Children of Isaac SMITH and Elizabeth FUHRIMAN:
1. Jacob Isaac SMITH (1895-1965)
2. Joseph Fuhriman SMITH (1897-1958)
3. Welland Fuhriman SMITH (1899-1949)
4. Ingram Fuhriman SMITH (1901-1982)
5. Elva Fuhriman SMITH (1904-1984)
6. Oliver Fuhriman SMITH (1908-1960)
7. Clyde Fuhriman SMITH (1913-2000)

At the time Isaac and Elizabeth were married in Cardston, Canada the Cardston ward was part of the Logan Stake.

"Aunt Lizzie's" children called Harriet Camilla ENSIGN SMITH "Aunt Millie."

Smith family reunions kept this family close after the death of Patriarch Isaac SMITH.

Reunion photo taken in front of Harriet Camilla ENSIGN SMITH's home in Logan, Utah. Sister wives Camilla and Elizabeth are standing together right of the porch in front of the window, with
three grandchildren in front of them.

Elizabeth's family.  

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Very Interesting. I met and visited with Elva several times when I lived in Mesa, Az. She and her husband, Norris lived there.

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