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John Seymour (1666-1748) and Elizabeth WEBSTER (1673-1754)

When I found the gravestone for John SEYMORE (1666-1748) in the Ancient Burying Ground of Hartford, Connecticut I enjoyed a review of the family relationships.

Ancestry Chain:
JR, Lark, Camilla SMITH, George Ensign SMITH, Harriet Camilla ENSIGN, Martin Luther ENSIGN, Horace Datus ENSIGN, Isaac ENSIGN Rev. WarVet, 8th great grandparents John SEYMOUR (1666-1748) and Elizabeth WEBSTER (1673-1754).

John SEYMOUR (1666-1748):

Father was John SEYMOUR (1570-abt 1610) was a leather sealer in 1673. He was chimney viewer in 1693
  • John's (1666-1748) Emigrant grandfather Richard Seymour (1859-) came to this country in or slightly before 1639, bringing with him his wife, Mercy Ruscoe (1610-1655), to who he was married at Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire, and their son Thomas.
Mother was Mary WATSON(abt 1620-1683)
  • Parents of Mary WATSON (abt1620-1683) John WATSON (abt 1616-1650) and Margaret SMITH (abt 1620-1683) were Emigrated from England to America
Elizabeth WEBSTER (1673-1754):

Father was Lieutenant Robert Webster

Lieutenant Robert Webster (1619-1676) - Emigration probably with parents and siblings: Governor John WEBSTER (1590-1661) and Agnes SMITH (1588-1655)
To Cambridge, MA in 1634; to Middletown before Nov 1652; back to Hartford 1660 or 1664

1662-63 Robert WEBSTER was on the Jury of witch trial of Nathaniel and Rebecca Greensmith

  • Governor John WEBSTER (1590-1661) was the 5th Governor of the state of CT
  • The name John Webster (1590-1661) is on the list of the founders of Hartford, CT
Mother was Susanna TREAT (1629-1705)
Susanna TREAT (1629-1705) - Emigrated 1637 traveled as a child with her
siblings and parents Richard TREAT (1584-1669) and Alice GAYLORD (1594-1614).
  • Richard Treat (or Trott) (1584 - 1669) was an early New England settler who emigrated [with his wife Alice (1594-1614) and their children] from England to the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1637.
  • Their son, Robert Treat (1625-1710), served as governor of Connecticut from 1683 to 1698. Treat was an extensive landowner in Wethersfield (over 900 acres) and served as town deputy from 1644 to 1648, the year Mary Johnson was convicted of witchcraft and executed. Treat was an original patentee of the Charter of the Colony of Connecticut by King Charles II in 1662.
  • Richard (1584-1669) and Alice (1594-1614) were the parents of Governor Robert TREAT and the great great grandparents Robert Treat Paine through son Gov. Robert Treat one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence.
John SEYMOUR (1666-1748) and Elizabeth WEBSTER (1673-1754) married 19 Dec 1693 Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut they were the parents of 11 children.

Their oldest child John SEYMOUR (1694-1758) married Lydia MASON (1696-1733)
they had 9 children.

Child number 8-Lucretia SEYMOUR (1730-1814) married Datus ENSIGN (1729-1787) they had 5 children.

Child number 3. Isaac ENSIGN (1756-1843) married first Sarah PITTS (abt 1760-1790) 5 children were born to Sarah (abt 1760-1790). Isaac ENSIGN (1756-1843) married second Lydia NOBLE (1768-1851) 10 children were born to Lydia (1768-1851).
  • Revolutionary War: ENSIGN, Isaac of Westfield. On a list of others who served as soldiers during some part of the war. SOURCE: A History of Hampden County, Massachusetts, 1902; pages 408-410.
  • Five of Isaac's (1756-1843) children joined LDS Church and Pioneered. Isaac ENSIGN Jr. (1781-1847), Horace Datus ENSIGN (1797-1846), Lydia ENSIGN MOSES (1788-1871), Samuel ENSIGN (1805-1885), Elias ENSIGN (1787-1846). (See History Notes)
Mormon Pioneer History Notes:
Isaac ENSIGN Jr. (1781-1847)
converted along with his son-in-law John J. Stocking. John had married Isaac's 2nd daughter, Catherine, who died in Massachusetts. John then married Isaac's 4th daughter, Harriet. The destinies of these two families were closely linked. Two of the Stocking's children died in Nauvoo. Isaac's wife, Mary BRYANT (1779-1846), died at Mt. Pisgah, and Isaac died at Winter Quarters. The Stocking made it to Utah. Sarah Delight Stocking, one of John Stocking's daughters was a plural wife of Wilford Woodruff.

Elias ENSIGN (1787-1846) set sail with the company that went around Cape Horn to settle in San Francisco. Elias Ensign died en-route.

Horace Datus ENSIGN (1797-1846)
died in Winter Quarters. Widow Mary BRONSON ENSIGN and 6 living children went on the Salt Lake City.

Lydia ENSIGN MOSES (1788-1871). Lydia Ensign Married Ambose Moses in 1829. They joinjed the LDS church and they and 4 children traveled on the Brooklyn. Ann France, a daughter married into the Valencia family. Ann had 2 children then died at 25. Mother, Lydia, then cared for the children. Moses and Lydia died in California in 1871 and 1873 respectively. One daughter, Clarissa eventually made it ot Utah in 1872, finding initial support from their Uncle Samuel. Clarissa brought a daughter and son with her.

Samuel ENSIGN (1805-1885) Samuel made the trip to Utah, with his wife Mary Everett GORDON and 5 childten in the large 1847 wagon train under leadership of Daniel Spencer. He was a skilled carpenter and a respected pioneer. Although a younger brother. He died when he fell from a wall being constructed on Salt Lake Temple.

Gravestone Note:
Burying Ground, Hartford. Hartford, CT - Connecticut Quarterly, 1898-1899; list of burials at the Center Church Burying Ground (also known as the Ancient Burying Ground) in Hartford, Connecticut from 1749 through 1806.

Inscription: for Elizabeth WEBSTER SEYMOUR - wife of John Seymour and dau. of Lieut. Robert Webster, m. Dec. 19, 1693. Picture not found.

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