Monday, September 15, 2008

Pioneer Women of Faith and Fortitude - Mary BRYANT ENSIGN

I find many of my grandaunts in:
Pioneer Women of Faith and Fortitude
Volume I
A to E
International Society Daughters of Utah Pioneers
page 907

Isaac ENSIGN Sr. was Mary's father in-law.

Mary's husband Isaac ENSIGN Jr. was the half brother of our grandfather Horace Datus ENSIGN. Isaac Jr. was the son of Isaac ENSIGN Sr. and his first wife Sarah Pitts. Horace and Samuel were the sons of Isaac ENSIGN Sr. and Lydia NOBLE his second wife.

Several ENSIGN family members died at Winter Quarter. Horace died at Winter Quarters. Isaac Jr. and Isaac's wife Mary BRYANT ENSIGN and their grand daughter, Catherine Emiline STOCKING who was the daughter of Catherine Emiline ENSIGN.

Samuel his wife Mary Evertt GORDAN ENSIGN and family moved on to Utah. Mary BRONSON ENSIGN the wife of Horace and there children made their way to Utah. The Stocking family also moved on to Utah. Catherine Emiline ENSIGN STOCKING's daughter Sarah Delight STOCKING who was a grand daughter of Isaac and Mary BRYANT ENSIGN, married Wilford Woodruff in 1857. (The cousin relationship of my children to the fifth wife of Wilford Woodruff is 2nd cousin 4 times removed.)

Back of Wilford Woodruff grave stone listing the names of his wives.

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