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Founders of Hartford CT - Part I

To organize my labels I have moved and re posting in three parts the Founders of Hartford, CT. By doing this I can fit the full names of my founding fathers in the Label section for each post. Then the full name will be listed and I can attach other posts that involve each grandfather. This should make it easier for visitors to find all the information posted regarding that grandfather.

Part I Founders of Hartford, CT: Begins with the one grandfather who is an ancestor of Marcy Jane LUCAS (1814-1896) the 2nd great grandmother of Kirt DeMar WOOD (1923-1987). Then our many grandfathers how are the ancestors of Horace Datus ENSIGN (1797-1846). Horace is the 2nd great grandfather of Camilla SMITH (1926-1999).

Keep in mind our grandmothers and their children were founders, working and sacraficing with our founding Grandfathers. Too often their names are not listed on the monuments.

Part II Founders of Hartford, CT:
Lists our grandfathers how are the ancestors of Mary BRONSON (1806-1888). Mary is the wife of Horace Datus ENSIGN from Part I.

Note: John WEBSTER
is related to both Mary BRONSON and Horace Datus ENSIGN.

Part III Founders of Hartford, CT: Lists the step grandfathers, uncles or cousins who also were among the founding fathers of Hartford Ct.

Our Fathers the Founding Fathers of Hartford, CT - Part I

Ancestor of Marcy Jane LUCAS (1814-1896) - 2nd great grandmother of
Kirt DeMar WOOD

Ancestor of Shadrach ROUNDY (1789-1872) - 2nd great grandfather of
Kirt DeMar WOOD

And many ancestors of Horace Datus ENSIGN (1797-1846). - 2nd great grandfather of Camilla SMITH.

Founders Monument
“The original brownstone monument erected in 1837 was replaced by this one in 1986.It stands in the ancient Burying Ground, which is located to the rear of the First Congregational Church at the corner of Main and Gold Streets in Hartford. This cemetery is also known as Old Center Cemetery. It lists the original Founders of Hartford.”

See web page of “Society of the Descendant of the Founders of Hartford” Connecticut.

There are 163 men and women listed in the Book of Distribution of Land as being those who settled in Hartford before February 1640. Those listed who are our grandfathers, grandmothers and uncle follow.

Their names are on monuments in Hartford's Ancient Burying Ground.

The Founders of Hartford
The Founders of Hartford

11th great grandfather
1-William KELSEY born ab. 1600; Cambridge, 1632; freeman, Mass., March 4, 1635 ; removed to Hartford, where he was an original proprietor ; his homelot in the distribution of 1639 was on the road from Centinel Hill to the North Meadow (now Village St.); removed to Killingworth, ab. 1663; rep. in 1671 from K. ; he was living in June, 1674. - Ch. : i. John ; Killingworth. ii. Abigail, b. April 19, 1645. iii. Stephen, bapt. Nov. 7, 1647; m. Nov. 15, 1672, Hannah, dau. of John Ingersoll; his father gave him his dwelling-house, and he remained in Hartford; d. Nov. 30, 1710. iv. Daniel, b. July, 1650.

TR / Lark / Kirt DeMar WOOD / Laura Elizabeth PARKER / Elizabeth Ann DAVIS / Polly WILLIAMS / Marcy Jane LUCAS / Thomas LUCAS / Marcy KELSEY / Thomas KELSEY / Thomas KELSEY / Thomas KELSEY / Mark KELSEY / William KELSEY and Berthia HOPKINS / George KELSEY and Elizabeth HAMMOND.

In 1636, Thomas Hooker led 100 of his congregation west to found the new English settlement at Hartford, Connecticut.
10th great grandfather
2-Rev. Thomas Hooker, b. at Marfield, Co. Leicester, 1586 ; son of Thomas Hooker or Hoker, of Marfield, in the parish of Tilton, grandson of Kenelm Hooker, of Blaston, who was the only son of Thomas Hooker or Hoker of Blaston. Co. Leicester, whose will, dated Sept. 2, 1559, was proved Jan. 27, 1561-2 by Cecelia Hooker, his relict and executrix. It is supposed that this Thomas Hooker held some Stewardship, or like office, under the Digby family, who possessed estates in that part of Leicestershire. †Kenellime Digby,” Esq., is a witness, and named as “supervisor” of the will, and the son Kenelm, or Kenellyme, Hooker undoubtedly received his name from Kenelm Digby, who was the grandfather of Sir Everard Digby, executed in 1606 for his complicity in the “gunpowder-plot,” and great grandfather of the learned Sir Kenelm Digby. Thomas Hooker, father of the Rev. Thomas Hooker, occupied in 1586 land in Frisbye and Gaddes by, Co. Leicester. The parish register of Tilton records the burial o1 “Thomas Hooker, of Marfield, July 24, 1635,” and administration on his estate was granted to his eldest son, John Hooker, in the Archdeacon's Court at Leicester, Jan. 11, 1636-7, and he is there described as “Thomas Hooker of Marefield, in the parish of Tilton, gentleman.” Tile Tilton Register under date of April, 1631, gives the burial of Mrs. Hooker, wife to Mr. Hooker of Marfield; probably the wife of Thomas. Rev. Thomas Hooker married in England; and the only clew to his wife's family is obtained from a little book called “Trodden down Strength by the God of Strength ; or, Mrs. Drake revived.” Thus Mrs. Joan Drake, wife of Francis Drake, Esq., was a daughter of William Tothill, Esq., of Shardeloes, one of the six clerks in Chancery. She lived at Esher, in Surrey and Mr. Hooker received, about 1620, from her husband, the cure of Esher, “having his diet and lodging” in Mr. Drake's house. Here lie married Mrs. Drake's “waiting-gentlewoman,” Susan1, who, according to the custom of the times, was probably a relative of the family. Francis Drake, of Esher, bequeaths in his will, May 13, 1633-4, f30 to Johanna Hooker, “now in New England, to be paid to her on the day of her marriage.” Mr. Hooker was an original proprietor of Hartford, and his homelot was on the highway on the north bank of the little River, now Arch St. ; Samuel Stone, the teacher, and William Goodwin, the ruling elder, having lots between his and file Main St. Mr. Hooker's children were : i. Johanna; m. Rev. Thomas Shepard, of Cambridge; (died April 28, 1646. ii. Mary, m. Rev. Roger Newton, the first minister at Farmington, afterward of Milford ; died Feb. 4, 1676, at Milford. iii. Anne, “dau. of Thomas Hooker, clerk, and Susan his wife;” bapt.at Great Beddow, Essex, Jan. 5, 1626. iv. Sarah, bapt. at Chelmsford, Essex, April 9, 1628; buried there Aug. 26, 1629. v. John, under age at the time of his father's death, 1647 ; in his father's will he was “not forbidden from seeking and taking a wife in England,” but he “was forbidden from tarrying there.” He is mentioned in the will of his uncle, John Hooker, Esq., of Marfield, gentleman, in 1655, as a student at Oxford. In 1660 he became vicar of Marsworth, in Buckinghamshire, and in 1669 lie was presented by Sir Edward Pye, Bart., to be rector of Lechampsted, in the same county. He died is 1684; buried at Marsworth. vi. Samuel, grad. Harvard Coll., 1653 ; Ire preached at Plymouth, Mass., for a time, and m. there, Sept. 22, 1658, Mary, dau. of Capt. Thomas Willet, afterward first mayor of tire City of New York. He was ordained at Farmington, July, 1661 ; he was appointed one of a committee of four persons to go to New Haven and arrange for an amicable union of the two colonies, in 1662. he died at Farmington, Nov. 5 or 6, 1697 ; his widow m. (2) Aug. 10, 1703, Rev. Thomas Buckingham, of Saybrook. vii. Sarah, m. Rev. John Wilson, of Medfield, Mass. He had a numerous family, and is the ancestor of all of the Dame in Hartford County.

1.Rev. Thomas HOOKER (?1586-1647) (called “uncle” by Leonard Chester 1648) & Susan/Susanna Garbrand, m/2 William Goodwin, m/3 John Shepard; Amersham, Bucks, Eng., 3 Apr 1621; Hartford. See: Torrey, Clarence Almon, New England Marriages Prior to 1700, (Baltimore, MD, Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1990), p. 386.

TR / Lark / Kirt DeMar WOOD / Laura Elizabeth PARKER / Charles PARKER / Almeda Sophia ROUNDY / Shadrach ROUNDY / John ROUNDY / Elizabeth GREEN / Elizabeth TORREY / Sarah WILSON / Sarah HOOKER / Rev. Thomas HOOKER Immigrant.

twice related:
Rev. Thomas Hooker
11th great grandfather and 1st Cousin 13 times removed.
The relationship here follows another line. From Camilla SMITH to her Great Grandmother Mary DUNN the wife of Martin Luther ENSIGN.

Common ancestor is John HOOKER = Rev. Thomas HOOKER / Thomas HOOKER / John HOOKER

JR / Lark / Camilla SMITH / George Ensigh SMITH / Harriett Camilla ENSIGN / Mary DUNN wife of Martin Luther ENSIGN / Adaline RAWSON / Amariah RAWSON / Abner RAWSON / Nathaniel RAWSON / Nathaniel RAWSON / William Rawson / Rachel PERNE / Rachel GREENE / Mary HOOKER / John HOOKER
The Founders of Hartford

9th great grandfather
3-James Ensign (Ensigg), Cambridge, 1634; freeman, Mass., March 4, 1635; an original proprietor at Hartford, 1639 ; his home-lot was on the south aide of the highway now Elm St.; chosen constable, 1649, 1662; chimney-viewer, 1655 ; townsman, 1656. He and his wife, Sarah, were original members of the South Church, Feb. 12, 1670. He d. 1670; will dated Nov. 23; inv. Dec. 23, £729. 2. 9. His widow, Sarah, d. in 1676 ; inv. taken May 29, 1676.-Ch.: i. Sarah, m. May 6, 1651, John Rockwell, of Windsor; d. June 23, 1659. ii. David1, b. ab. 1644, Hartford; m. Oct. 22, 1663, Mehitabel, dau. of Thomas Gunn, of Windsor ; she obtained a divorce from him, October, 1682; chimney-viewer, 1666; surveyor of highways, 1669. iii. Mary, m. ab. 1662, Samuel Smith, of Northampton, afterward of Hadley. iv. Hannah, m. Joseph Easton (q. v.). v. Lydia, halt. Aug. 19, 1649.
1 David Ensign m. (2) Sarah, dan. of John and Sarah (Wadsworth Wilcox ; settled in the West Division about 1886 ; an original member of the Weet Hartford Church, 1713; died Dec. 13, 1727.

JR / Lark / Camilla SMITH / George Ensign SMITH / Harriett Camilla ENSIGN / Martin Luther ENSIGN / Horace Datus ENSIGN and Mary BRONSON / Isaac ENSIGN and Lydia NOBLE / Datus (Datis) ENSIGN and Lucretia SEYMOUR / David ENSIGN and Sarah MOODY / David ENSIGN and Sarah WILCOX / James ENSIGN and Sarah ELSON / Thomas ENSING and Constance PILCHER

The Founders of Hartford

10th great grandfather
4-John MOODY, second son of George Moody, of Moulton, Co. Suffolk, who #147;#was famous for his good housekeeping and plain dealing,” by his wife, Lydia,1 came in 1633 to Roxbury, says the Church record; freeman, Mass., Nov. 5, 1633; was au original proprietor, Hartford, 1639, and his home-lot was on Main St., opposite to George Wyllys's lot; townsman 1639, 1640; Lieut. in 1640; he d. prob. in 1655 ; will dated July 23, 1655; inv. Dec. 6, 1655; £300. 14: mentions wife Sarah, son Samuel, and leaves £25 to Elizabeth Pepper. Mrs. Sarah Moody d. in Hadley in 1671. - Ch.: i. Samuel; he removed to Hadley in 1659; m. (1) Hannah-; (2) Sarah, dau. of John Deming, of Wethelsfield. He d. in Hadley, Sept. 22, 1689. His widow d. Sept. 29, 1717.2 His eldest son, John, returned to Hartford, m. Sarah Evetts, Apr. 3, 1700, and had descendants in West Hartford and New Hartford.

1 See pedigree in Gen. Reg. xxxix. 69
2 Savage says, 1714

JR / Lark / Camilla SMITH / George Ensign SMITH / Harriett Camilla ENSIGN / Martin Luther ENSIGN / Horace Datus ENSIGN / Isaac ENSIGN / Datus (Datis) ENSIGN and Lucretia SEYMOUR / Sarah MOODY and David ENSIGN / John MOODY / Samuel MOODY / John Moody and Sarah COX / George MOODY Margaret NEWCE

The Founders of Hartford

11th great grandfather
5-Richard SEYMOUR, Hartford, 1639; one of those settlers who received land “by the courtesie of the town;” his home-lot was on the east side of the road to the Cow Pasture (North Main St.), and was bounded on the north by the Cow Pasture itself; chosen chimney-viewer, 1647; he was one of the signere of the agreement for planting Norwalk, June 19, 1650, and was there soon after, with the first planters; townsman at Norwalk, 1655; d. in 1655 ; will dated July 29, proved Oct. 25, 1655 ; inv., Oct. 10, 1655, £225. 9. He mentions his wife, Mercy, eldest son, Thomas, “three other sons,” John, Zachary, and Richard, the latter three being under age, and left to their mother's guardianship. She m. (2) Nov. 25, 1655, John Steele, of Farmington.-Ch.: i. Thomas, one of the early settlers of Thomas Seymour's Norwalk ; m. (1) Jan., 1653-4, Hannah, dau. of Matthew Heal. Marvin, of Norwalk; freeman, 1668; deputy from Norwalk, 1690 ; one of the patentees of 1686; and in 1687 had an estate of £184. He m. (2) Elizabeth, named in his will. He d. in 1712 ; will dated Sept. 22 ; proved Nov. 7, 1712, sealed with the above coat of arms.1 ii. John, was in Hartford as early as 1664, and m., probably rot long after, Mary, dau. of John Watson, of Hartford ; freeman, 1667. He was a member, though not in full communion, of the South Church, when it was formed, Feb. 12, 1670. He d. 1713; will dated Dec. 10, 1712; proved, Aug. 3, 1713; inv. £1158. 14. 01. iii. Zechariah, b. 1642 ; freeman, Farmington, 1669 ; from the record of law-suits in the County Court proceedings it is evident that he was engaged in trade with Barbadoes; he removed to Wethersfield and m. there, Feb. 9, 1688, Mary, dau. of widow Mary Gritt; d. in Wethersfield, Aug. 1702, a. 60; inv. £200. 4. 3. iv. Richard, freeman, Farmington, 1669 ; one of the 84 proprieton; of 1672; the leader of the Great Swamp settlement in 1686 (Kensington), and captain of the fort. He m. Hannah, den. of Matthew Woodruff of Farmington.2 He was killed by the fall of a trea in 1710; inv. presented Nov. 29, 1710, £416. 15. 3.-Ex-Gov. Horatio Seymour, of New York, the Hon. Origen S. Seymour, of Litchfield, and Gov. Thomas H. Seymour, of Hartford, were descendants of John Seymour, of H., who is the ancestor of nearly all of the name in this vicinity.
1 A “Bishop's Bible,” printed in 1584, now in the possession of one of Richard Seymour's descendants, has on one of the fly-leaves a drawing of the arms of the Seymours of Berry Pomeroy, the Same as those given above with the quarterings granted by Henry VIII., and his name written below, “Richard Seymor, Bery Pomery, heytor bond., in ye corn. Devon. his Book. Hartford ye collony of Conecticot in New England. Annoque Domini, 1640.”

2 Savage says (iv. 58) that he m. Hannah, dau. of Anthony Hawkins, but I have found no other authority for his statement as yet.

JR / Lark / Camilla SMITH / George Ensign SMITH / Harriett Camilla ENSIGN / Martin Luther ENSIGN / Horace Datus ENSIGN / Isaac ENSIGN / Lucretia SEYMOUR and Datus (Datis) ENSIGN / John SEYMOUR / John SEYMOUR / John SEYMOUR / John SEYMOUR / Richard SEYMOUR and Mercy RUSCOE / Robert SEYOUR and Elizabeth WALLER

Side Note: there is a William Rusco on the list of Hartford Founders. I have not got the information I would need to connect him to our grandmother Mercy Ruscoe.
6-John Arnold, freeman, Cambridge, May 6, 1635 ; an original proprietor of Hartford, received sixteen acres in the division of 1639-40, when a lot was given him on the south side of the road leading from George Steele's to the south meadow. He died Dec., 1664; inv. Dec. 26, 1664, £105. 10. His widow, Susannah, was one of the original members of the South Church. -Ch.: i. Josiah, Hartford, freeman, 1657. ii. Joseph, freeman, 1658; one of the first settlers of Haddam ; m. Elizabeth, dau. of Samuel Wakeman, of Hartford ; d. Oct. 22, 1691. iii. John iv. Daniel, freeman, 1665 ; d. May 10, 1691, leaving wife and ch. v. Dam. m. - Buck vi. Dan.

JR / Lark / Camilla SMITH / George Ensign SMITH / Harriett Camilla ENSIGN / Martin Luther ENSIGN / Horace Datus ENSIGN / Isaac ENSIGN / Lucretia SEYMOUR and Datus (Datis) ENSIGN / Lydia MASON / Hannah ARNOLD / Daniel ARNOLD / John ARNOLD and Susannah.

The Founders of Hartford

11th great grandfather
7-William WADSWORTH,1 Cambridge, 1632, came in the “Lion” from London, Sept. 16, 1632; prob. bringing with him four children, Sarah, William, Mary, and John; freeman, Mass., Nov. 6, 1632; in June, 1636, removed to Hartford, where he was an original proprietor; his home-lot in 1639 was on the west side of the mad from Seth Grant's to Centinel Hill, prob. extending along what is now the south side of Asylum St., from Trumbull St. to Ford St. He was chosen townsman, 1642, 1655, 1661, 1673; constable, 1651 ; list and rate maker, 1668. He m. (1) name unknown; (2) in Hartford, July 2, 1644, Elizabeth Stone, said to have been a sister of the Rev. Samuel Stone.2 He was deputy nearly every session between Oct., 1656, and May, 1675. He d. in 1675, will dated June 16 ; inv. Oct. 18, £1677. 13. 9. His widow, Elizabeth, died in 1682.-Ch: i. Sarah, m. Sept. 17, 1646, John Wilcock, Jr., of Hartford, afterward of Middletown (q. v.). She d. 1648 or '49. ii. William, d. young. iii. John, settled in Farmington; m. Sarah, dau. of Thomas Stanley, in 1662; he was deputy, 1672-1677; Assistant, 16791689; one of the Standing Council during King Philip's War; d. in 1689, leaving seven sons, one of whom, John, was the father of the Rev. Daniel Wadsworth, pastor of the First Church, Hartford, who m. 1734, Abigail, den. of Gov. Joseph Talcott, and was the father of Cal. Jeremiah Wadsworth, iv. Mary, b. about 1632 (a. 53, 1684-5) ; m. ab. 1656, Thomas Stoughton, of Windsor. v. Elizabeth, b. May 17, 1645 ; m. Nov. 27, 1662, John Terry, of Simsbury ; d. March 12, 1715. vi. Samuel, bapt. Oct. 20, 1646 ; freeman, 1676 ;d. 1682 (s. p.) ; his will, dated Aug. 16, gave his estate of above £1100, to a brother and a sister, a nephew and two nieces. vii. Joseph, b. ab. 1647 ; this was Capt. Joseph, the hero of the Charter, a man of prominence, and some turbulence of character; freeman, 1676; Lieut. in Philip's War, and afterward Capt. of the Hartford trainband. He m. Elizabeth, dau. of Bartholomew Barnard, of Hartford ; she d. Oct. 26, 1710, having been the mother of his children ; he m. (2) Elizabeth, dau. of Lt. Col. John Talcott, and (3) Mary, dau. of John Blackleach, of Wethersfield, who had beer widow of Thomas Welles and John Olcott. viii. Sarah, bapt. March 17, 1649-50; m. Jonathan Ashley, Nov. 10, 1069. ix. Thomas, b. ab. 1651 (a. about 36, Sept., 1687) ; m. Elizabeth -; freeman, 1676; d. in Hartford, 1725. His father gave him, in his will, his lands located east of the Connecticut River, and he settled in East Hartford. x. Rebecca, unmarried in 1682.
1 “William Wadsworth, the younger brother of James, was b. in Long-Buckley, Co. Northampton; rem. thence to Braintree, Co. Essex; emigrated to N. E.”-Day's Hist. Discourse 1843. Lt.-Col. John Talcott, in the memorandum book mentioned above, speaks of William Wadsworth as “my Oncle Wadsworth.” 2 He had a sister Elizabeth, bapt. in Hertford, Oct. 21, 1621. - Hist. First Ch. p. 47.

JR / Lark / Camilla SMITH / George Ensign SMITH / Harriett Camilla ENSIGN / Martin Luther ENSIGN / Horace Datus ENSIGN and Mary BRONSON / Isaac ENSIGN and Lydia NOBLE / Datus (Datis) ENSIGN and Lucretia SEYMOUR / David ENSIGN and Sarah MOODY / Sarah WILCOX and David ENSIGN / Sarah WADSWORTH and John WILCOX Jr. / WilliamWadsworth and Sarah Talcott / William WADSWORTH and Elizabeth
Other history notes:
LYON, William Peirce, Master, sailed from London June 22 [1632] and arrived September 16 [1632] at Boston. 'He brought one hundred and twenty three passengers, whereof fifty children, all in health. They had been twelve weeks aboard and eight weeks from Land's End.'//Emigrants on "The Lyon" which sailed in 1632 with the Rev. Thomas Hooker's 'Braintree Company' on board. It is said that the ship carried 350 passengers. However, many names are missing from the list in The Lyon partly due to the fact that several were members when only the head of the house was mentioned, while others omitted went as servants. In 1635 two "servants" worked their passage for a John Brown.

Mrs. . . . . . . Wadsworth
Sarah Wadsworth
William Wadsworth
Mary Wadsworth
John Wadsworth
of Braintree, county Essex/[settled at] Cambridge/WILLIAM WADSWORTH (from Braintree, Essex; went to Newtowne [Cambridge], then to Hartford, Conn.)

The Founders of Hartford

8-John WILCOCK (Wilcox), an original proprietor, Hartford, 1639; his home-lot was on what is now the West Park. He was chosen surveyor of highways, 1643, 1644; townsman, 1650; d. in 1651 ; will dated July 24; inv. Oct. 1, £391. 13. He names his wife, Mary, who d. ab. 1668. Ch.: i. John, m. (1) Sept. 17, 1646, Sarah, dau. of William Wadsworth; who d. in 1648 or 1649; (2) Jan. 18, 1649-50, Retorn (Katherine) Stoughton; (3) Mary; (4) in 1671, Esther, dau. of William Cornwell, of Middletown. He removed to Middletown about 1654 ; removed to Dorchester ab. 1664, but returned to Middletown ; d. May 24, 1676. ii. Sarah, m. John Bidwell (q. v.), of Hartford. iii. Ann, b. ab. 1616; m. John Hall (q. v.), of Hartford, afterward of Middletown.

JR / Lark / Camilla SMITH / George Ensign SMITH / Harriett Camilla ENSIGN / Martin Luther ENSIGN / Horace Datus ENSIGN and Mary BRONSON / Isaac ENSIGN and Lydia NOBLE / Datus (Datis) ENSIGN and Lucretia SEYMOUR / David ENSIGN and Sarah MOODY / Sarah WILCOX and David ENSIGN / John WILCOX Jr. and Sarah WADSWORTH / JohnWILCOX (WILCOCKS) and Mary BIDDLE / Christopher WILCOX

The Founders of Hartford

10th great-grandfather
9-Thomas WOODFORD, came to Boston in the “William and Francis;” embarked March 7, arrived June 5, 1632 ; settled at Roxbury; freeman, March 4, 1635; m. in Roxbury, Mary, dau. of Robert Blott ; he came to Agawam with Mr. Pynchon's company, where he signed the agreement of May 16, 1636, and bad an allotment of land. Named in the distribution of 1639 at Hartford, when he was one who received land “by the courtesie of the town;” his home-lot was on the west side of the highway now Front St. He was chosen with Arthur Smith, Feb. 10, 1639-40, to attend the townsmen, and to do any special services required by them, as to give notice of tows-meetings, impound stray cattle, etc. Appointed to act as sexton, March 3, 1640, to “attend the making of graves for any corpses deceased;” to “receive for giving notice by ringing the bell, making the grave, and keeping of it in seemly repair, en that it may be known in future time; when such graves have been made for the lesser sort, 2s. 6d., for the middle sort, 3s.., and for the higher sort, 3e. 6d. ;” also appointed town crier, and to be paid 2d. for crying anything lost. His wife probably d. in Hartford; he removed about 1656 to Northampton; there d. March 6, 1667.

JR / Lark / Camilla SMITH / George Ensign SMITH / Harriett Camilla ENSIGN / Martin Luther ENSIGN / Horace Datus ENSIGN and Mary BRONSON / Lydia NOBLE and Isaac ENSIGN / Samuel NOBLE and Catherine FOWLER / Ruth WRIGHT and Sgt. Luke NOBLE / Ruth SHELDON and Joseph WRIGHT /Mary WOODFORD and Isaac SHELDON / ThomasWOODFORD and Mary BLOTT / Joseph WOODFORD

Other History:
9-Thomas WOODFORD died on 6 Mar 1666/67 in Northampton, Ma. He was born WFT Est. 1587-1617 in Lincolnshire, England. Thomas Woodford, b in England, d. at Northampton came from London in "WIlliam and Frances" 1632; Freeman ;1635; at Roxbury 1632, and belonged to the church of Rev. John Elliot. They later moved to Hartford then to Springfield, where he is mentioned in compact of settlers 1636; to Northampton 1656. He was steward and crier; also made "graves for anie Corpse Desesed, to receive 2 shillings for smallest and 3s 6d for biggest sort"; Thomas Woodford belonged to the Church of Rev. John Elliot.

He was married to Mary Blott on 4 Mar 1633/34 in Roxbury, MA.

Children were:
Hannah Woodford, Sarah Woodford, Mary Woodford.

See: WEBSTER John Gov, in Part II

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