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Founders of Hartford CT - Part II

I continue to find more grandfathers who are on the Hartford founding fathers list. Newest additions are 12- Richard Church and 15-William WESTWOOD.

Our Fathers the Founders of Hartford CT - Part II

Ancestors of Mary BRONSON (1806-1888), wife of Horace Datus ENSIGN of Part I.
Mary is the 2nd great grandmother of Camilla SMITH.

The Adventurer’s Boulder:

The plaque reads -
In Memory of the Courageous Adventurers Who Inspired and Directed by Thomas Hooker Journeyed Though the Wilderness from Newton (Cambridge) in the Massachusetts Bay to Suckiaug (Hartford) - October, 1635
Matthew Allyn, John Barnard, William Butler, Clement Chaplin, Nicolas Clarke, Robert Day, Edward Elmer, Nathaniel Ely, Richard Goodman, William Goodwin, Stephen Hart, William Kelsey, William Lewis, Mathew Marvin, James Olmsted, William Pantry, Thomas Scott, Timothy Stanley, Thomas Stanley, Edward Stebbins, John Steele, John Stone, John Talcott, Richard Webb, William Westwood.

The Founders of Hartford
11th great-grandfather
9-Thomas BLISS, Sr., was born (according to the Bliss Genealogy) in Okebampton, in the village of Belstone, Co. Devon, son of Thomas Bliss, of Belstone. He settled first at the "“Mount,” afterward Braintree, now Quincy ; rem.to Hartford, where he was one of the proprietors “by courtesie of the town” in 1639-40; his house-lot was on a highway west of the present Lafayette Street, and he possessed fifty-eight acres. He d. in 1650 ; inv. Feb. 14, 1650, £86. 12. 8. His widow, Margaret, removed to Springfield after a time with the larger part of her family ; d. there Aug. 28, 1684.

Thomas BLISS / Thomas BLISS Immigant-b. Abt 1590 / Mary BLISS Immigant-b.1620 / Jonathan PARSONS-b.1657 / Mary PARSONS-b.1688 / Jerusha GRAVES-b.1717 / Jerusha COOLEY-b.1738 / Sylvanus BRONSON-b.1769 / Mary BRONSON-b.1806 / Martin Luther ENSIGN-b.1831 / Harriett Camilla ENSIGN- b.1859 / George Ensign SMITH-b.1898 / Camilla SMITH-b.1926 / Lark / JR

Note: see in part III the history of our Uncle Thomas Bliss Jr. son of Thomas Bliss - listed here.
11th great grandfather / brother of Richard Bonson
10-John BRONSON (Brownson, Brunson), Hartford, 1639, a proprietor “by courtesie of the town”; his house-lot was on the road to the Neck, now Windsor St. He served in the Pequot War. He removed to Tunxis about 1641 ; deputy from Farmington, May, 1651 ; one of the original members of the Farmington church, Oct. 13, 1652 ; d. 1680; inv. Nov. 28, £312. 1. 6

JR / Lark / Camilla SMITH / George Ensign SMITH / Harriett Camilla ENSIGN / Martin Luther ENSIGN / Mary BRONSON and Horace Datus ENSIGN / Sylvanus BRONSON and Esther REMINGTON / Jerusha COOLEY and David BRONSON / Abner COOLEY and Jerusha GRAVES / Elizabeth GUNN and Simon COOLEY / Elizabeth WYATT and Samuel GUNN / Mary BRONSON and John WYATT / John BRONSON (BROWNSON) and Frances HILLS / Roger BROWNSON and Mary UNDERWOOD

The Founders of Hartford

10th great grandfather / brother of John Bronson
11-Richard BRONSON supposed to have been at Hartford, with his brother, John, removed to Farmington, 1653; joined the church there, 1654; d. 1687. Inv., Sept., 1687, £405. 8. His first wife was a sister of the wife of William Pantry, of Hartford, who mentions in her will, Sept 12, 1651, " two children of Richard Brunson, that lie had by my sister, John and Abigail ;" his wife when he died was Elizabeth, widow of George Orvis, of Farmington, and before him, of David Carpenter. She d. in 1694.

JR / Lark / Camilla SMITH / George Ensign SMITH / Harriett Camilla ENSIGN / Martin Luther ENSIGN / Mary BRONSON / Sylvanus BRONSON and Esther REMINGTON / David BRONSON and Jerusha COOLEY / Joseph BRONSON / Isaac BRONSON / John BRONSON / Richard BRONSON (BROWNSON) and Abigail WILBOUR / Roger BROWNSON and Mary UNDERWOOD
11th great grandfather
12-Richard Church, Hartford, 1637, was an original proprietor, and received, in 1639-40, a home-lot on the east side of the road to the Cow Pasture (North Main St.) ; freed from watching and warding, etc. March, 1655 ; chosen chimney-viewer, 1648; surveyor of highways, 1655. Removed to Hadley with "the withdrawers," in 1659; d. there, Dec. 16, 166 1. His widow, Anne, d. March 10, 1684, aged 83.-Ch: i. Edward, b. 1628, Hatfield. ii. John, Hartford; b. ab. 1636; freeman, 1658; m. Oct. 27, 1657, Sarah, dau. of Richard Beckley, of New Haven ; died 1691 ; inv. Nov. 9. He was the progenitor of those of the name in Hartford. iii. Samuel, Hadley.

JR / Lark / Camilla SMITH / George Ensign SMITH / Harriett Camilla ENSIGN / Martin Luther ENSIGN / Mary BRONSON / Sylvanus BRONSON / Jerusha COOLEY / Jerusha GRAVES / Isaac GRAVES / John GRAVES / Mary CHURCH / Richard CHURCH and Anne MARSH
The Founders of Hartford

11th great grandfather
13-Robert DAY came in the “Elizabeth,” from Ipswich, Co. Suffolk, to Boston, in April, 1634, aged 30, with wife, Mary, aged 28; freeman, Mass., May 6, 1635. An original proprietor at Hartford ; his home-lot in 1639 was on the road from Centinel Hill to the North Meadow, near the junction of the streets now Main and Village streets. He was chosen viewer of chimneys and ladders, 1643. His first wife is supposed to have died before his removal to Hartford, and he m. (2) Editha, sister of Deacon Edward Stebbins. He d. in 1648 ; will dated May 20; ins. Oct. 14, £142. 13. 6. His widow, Editha, m. (2) John Maynard, of Hartford; (3) 1658, Elizur Holyoke, of Springfield. Ch. : 1. Thomas, removed to Springfield, 1658; m. Oct. 27, 1659, Sarah, dau. of Lieut. Thomas Cooper; freeman, 1668; d. Dec. 27, 1711. ii. John, Hartford; received the property of his stepfather, John Maynard, by his will; M.1 Sarah, dau. of Thomas Butler, of Hartford ; in the distribution of Thomas Butler's estate, 1697, John Day's wife was one of the heirs; freeman, May, 1680; d. in Hartford ab. 1730. iii. Sarah; m. (1) Nov. 17, 1658, Nathaniel Gunn, of Hartford; (2) Nov. 24, 1664, Samuel Kellogg, of Hatfield, and was killed with her son, Joseph, by the Indians, Sept. 19, 1677. iv. Mary, b. ab, 1641 ; m. (1.) Oct. 28, 1659, Samuel Ely, of Springfield ; (2) April 12, 1694. Thomas Stebbins, of Springfield ; (3) Dec. 11, 1696, Deacon John Coleman, of Hatfield ; d. Oct. 17, 1725, aged 84. The Hon. Thomas Day, Secretary of State, and president of the Conn. Historical Society, was a descendant of Thomas, of Springfield, as also was the late Hon. Calvin Day.
1 Savage says he m. Sarah Maynard, but he is probably mistaken.- See Hinman, p. 456.

JR / Lark / Camilla SMITH / George Ensign SMITH / Harriett Camilla ENSIGN / Martin Luther ENSIGN / Mary BRONSON and Horace Datus ENSIGN / Sylvanus BRONSON and Esther REMINGTON / Jerusha COOLEY and David BRONSON / Abner COOLEY / Elizabeth GUNN / Samuel GUNN / Sarah DAY / Robert DAY and Editha STEBBINS (STEBBING) / Ricahrd DAY and Anna KIRBY

The Founders of Hartford

10th great grandfather
14-John MARSH was one of the original proprietors of Hartford ; his bome-lot in the distribution of 1639 was on what is now Front St., then the road from the Little River to the North Meadow. Chosen chimney-viewer, 1658; removed the next year to Hadley with the " withdrawers," under the lead of his father-in-law, Gov. Webster. He went from there to Northampton, and united with the church there, June 18, 1661. He m. in Hartford, ab. 1640, Anne, dau. of Gov. John Webster; she d. in Northampton, June 9, 1662 ; and he m. (2) Oct. 7, 1664, Hepzibah, widow of Richard Lyman, and dau. of Thomas Ford, of Windsor; She d. April 11, 1683, and he d. in 1688, in Hartford. He had a brother Joseph, who was a clothier, in Braintree, Cc Essex, England, where lie made his will, May 22, 1676, in which he mentions several of the children of John Marsh.-Ch.: i. John- b. ab. 1643: m. in Northampton, Nov. 28, 1666, Sarah, dau. of Richard and Hepzibah Lyman ; he returned to Hartford ; freeman, 1669 ; lived upon the old homestead ; d. 1727. His eldest Son, John, was much concerned in the settlement of the "western lands," and explored Litchfield, where lie was one of the first settlers. Descendants of this family are still living in Hartford, ii- Samuel, b. ab. 1645; Hatfield, where lie was made freeman, 1690; m. May 6, 1667, Mary Allison; d. Sept. 7, 1728, c. 83. iii. Joseph, bapt. Jan. 24, 1647-8; d. young. iv. Joseph, bapt. July 15, 1649; d. young. v. Jonathan, b. ab. 1650, Hadley; freeman, 1690; m. 1676, Dorcas, dau. of Azariah Dickinson ; d. July 3, 1730, a. 80 ; vi. Daniel, b. ab. 1653 Hadley; freeman, 1690; m. Nov. 5, 1676, Hannah, widow of Sammel Crow, of Hadley, and dau. of William Lewis, of Farmington; d. Feb. 24, 1725, c, 72. vii. Hannah, m. Jan. 28. 1675, Joseph Loomis, of Windsor. viii. Grace, m. Jan- 26, 1672-3, Timothy Baker, of Northampton ; d. May 31, 1676. ix. Lydia, b. Oct. 9, 1667 ; m. Dec. 8, 1692, David Loomis, of Windsor.

JR / Lark / Camilla SMITH / George Ensign SMITH / Harriett Camilla ENSIGN / Martin Luther ENSIGN / Mary BRONSON and Horace Datus ENSIGN / Esther REMINGTON and Sylvanus BRONSON / Esther SAWYER / Esther MARSH / Ebenezer MARSH / Samuel MARSH / John MARSH and Anne WEBSTER / John MARSH and Grace BALDWIN

11th great grandfather
15-William WESTWOOD William Westwood, b. about 1606 ; a power of attorney from his daughter, Mrs Cook, and her husband (1707), describes him as “formerly dwelling in the country of Essex, in the kingdom of England, Husbandman alias Yeoman:” He came to New England in the “Francis” from Ipswich embarked the last of April, 1634 (a. 28), with wife, Bridget (a. 32). Settled in Cambridge; freeman, Mass., March 4, 1634-.5; sworn “constable of the plantations at Conecticott,” Sept 3, 1635; one of the committee for onlering affair at Conn., March, 1635-6 ; at the first court, April 26, 1636, and in every one following, until March, 1637. He was an original proprietor of Hartford, and his home-lot in 1639 was on the west side of the "road from Little River to North Meadow," now Front St. He was chosen townsman, 1640, 1647, 1653 ; deputy, 1642-1649; again in 1651 and 1652, and Oct. 1656. He signed the agreement to remove to Hadley, where he held a prominent place among the first settlers, and was one of the first townsmen chosen; Ire d. in Hadley, April 9, 1669, a=,. about 63. His widow, Bridget, d. May 12, 1676, s'. Shout 74. (Society of the Descendants of the Founders of Hartford.)

Camilla SMITH b.1926/George Ensign SMITH b.1898/Harriett Camilla ENSIGN b.1859/Martin Luther ENSIGN b.1831/Mary BRONSON b.1806/Esther REMINGTON b.1772/Elijah REMINGTON b.1743/Abigail LANE b.1716/Abigail Rebecca HOVEY b.1678/Sarah COOK b.1662/Sarah WESTWOOD b.1644/William WESTWOOD b.1606

11th great-grandfather
16-Thomas SCOTT Sr., was an original proprietor; his home-lot in 1639 was on the road from the Meeting House to the Landing, now State St., and also extended some distance on Front St. Hinman says that in 1635-6 he kept a bridge over brick-hill brook, at five shillings per annum. He was one of those appointed by the General Court, Jan. 16, 1639, “to view those parts by' Vnxis Sepus' (Farmington), which may be suitable for a plantation.” He d. Nov. 6, 1643, by accident, “John Ewe by misadventure was the cause,” and he was sentenced to pay £l0 to the widow, and £3 to the county. Inv. f174. 12. 4. His widow, Ann, m. Nov. 7, 1644, Thomas Ford, of Windsor, and d. at Northampton, May 5, 1675.-Ch.: i. Elizabeth, b. about 1625; m. Feb. 6, 1648, Dea. John Loomis, of Windsor; d. May 7, 1696. ii. Thomas, d. 1657. iv. Mary, m. Nov. 7, 1644, Robert Porter, of Farmington. v. Sarab, m. Dec. 15, 1645, John Stanley (q. v.), of Farmington; d. June 26, 1661. VOL. 1.-17.

Henry SCOTT / Thomas SCOTT Sr.-b. abt 1594 / Edmund ,Sr. SCOTT-b.1618 / Hannah SCOTT-b.1651/ Issac BRONSON-b.1672 / Joseph BRONSON-b.1708 / David BRONSON-b.1733/ Sylvanus BRONSON-b.1769 / Mary BRONSON-b.1806 / Martin Luther ENSIGN-b.1831 / Harriett Camilla ENSIGN-b.1859/ George Ensign SMITH-b.1898 / Camilla SMITH-b.1926 / Lark / JR

Important information:
The “widow Ann” was not our grandmother and she was not mother of the children mentioned. Their mother was Thomas’ second wife and our grandmother Elizabeth STRUTT. Elizabeth was the mother of Edmund SCOTT Sr. Edmund is mentioned in part III -see Thomas Upson.

The Founders of Hartford

10th great grandfather
17-Thomas SELDEN, Hartford, 1639, an original proprietor; his home-lot was near the present junction of Washington and Lafayette Sts. ; freeman, April, 1640 ; constable, 1650 ; he d. in 1655 ; will dated Aug. 14 ; inv. Dec. 19, £292. 3. 4. He names in his will his wife, Heater, his “brother, Mr. John Wakeman,” and his “cousin Thomas Hoamer.” His wife, who was probably Hester Wakeman, m. (2) Andrew Warner, who went from Hartford to Hadley, where she d. in 1693. -Ch. : i. Thomas, bapt. in Hartford, Aug. 30, 1645; m. Felix, dau. of Capt. William Lewis, of Farmington; removed to Hadley; d. there, Nov. 24, 1734. ii. John, bapt. March 3, 1649-50; d. May, 1650. iii. Mary, bapt. March 26, 1648-9. iv. Esther, bapt. March 3, 1649-50 ; d. May, 165 1. v. Joseph, bapt. Nov. 2, 1651; he m. Feb. 11, 1677, Rebecca, dau. of Deacon Edward Church, of Hatfield; settled in Hadley about 1678; moved from there to Deerfield, in 1684, and prior to 1700 he removed to Lyme, Ct., where he d. July 14, 1724.

JR / Lark / Camilla SMITH / George Ensign SMITH / Harriett Camilla ENSIGN / Martin Luther ENSIGN / Mary BRONSON and Horace Datus ENSIGN / Sylvanus BRONSON and Esther REMINGTON / David BRONSON and Jerusha COOLEY / Mary TAYLOR and Joseph BRONSON / John TAYLOR and Hannah GILLETT / Mary SELDEN and John TAYLOR / Thomas SELDEN and Hester WAKEMAN / John SELDEN and Mary BALDOCK

The Founders of Hartford

1) 11th great grandfather through Mary BRONSON
2) 10th great grandfather through Horace Datus ENSIGN

18-Gov. John WEBSTER
Hartford, 1636; by family tradition he was from Co. Warwick; he was an original proprietor of Hartford, and his home-lot in 1639 was on the east side of the street now called Governor St. He was one of the Committee who for the first time sat with the Court of Magistrates, 1637 and 1638, and a magistrate from 1639 to 1655, when he was made deputy-governor, and the next year governor. He was one of the committee who formed the code of criminal laws for the Colony in 1642 ; a Commissioner for the United Colonies, 1654. He was an influential member of the church in Hartford, took a deep interest in the controversy which agitated that and other churches, was one of the leaders of the Hadley company, and removed thither in 1659 ; he was admitted freeman, Mass" and in May, 1660, made a magistrate. He d. in Hadley, April 5, 1661, leaving a widow, Agnes. Ch. : i. Matthew, freeman, Hartford, 1645 ; Farmington, 1669; d. July 16, 1675. ii. William Hadley, m. Feb. 17, 1670, Mary, den. of Thomas Reeve, of Springfield ; his wife was accused of witchcraft, and sent to Boston for trial, in 1684, but was acquitted, and died in peace, 1696. He d. about 1688 (s. p.). iii. Thomas, Northampton ; m. June 16, 1663, Abigail, dau. of George Alexander, of Northampton ; removed to Northfield in 1674 ; driven away in 1675 by the Indians, and removed to Hadley. He returned again to Northfield, and d. there in 1686. iv. Robert, Middletown; m. about 1652, Susannah, dau. of Hon. Richard Treat, of Wethersfield ; at the organization of the town of Middletown, Feb. 26, 1654, he was chosen recorder; he continued there until about 1660, when he returned to Hartford; chosen townsman, 1664 ; list and rate maker, 1668 ; he d. in Hartford in 1676. v. Anne ; m. John Marsh, of Hartford and Hadley; d. June 9, 1662. vi. Elizabeth, m. prob. William Markham, of Hadley, as 2d wife; d. in 1688. vii. Mary ; m. John (1) Hunt; their descendants lived in Northampton. John, eldest son of Lieut. Robert Webster, was the great-grandfather of Noah Webster, the renowned lexicographer.

JR / Lark / Camilla SMITH / George Ensign SMITH / Harriett Camilla ENSIGN / Martin Luther ENSIGN / Mary BRONSON and Horace Datus ENSIGN / Esther REMINGTON and Sylvanus BRONSON / Esther SAWYER and Elijah REMINGTON / Esther MARSH and Jeduthan SAWYER / Ebenezer MARSH and Elizabeth GILLETT / Samuel MARSH and Mary ALLISON / Anne WEBSTER and John Marsh / John WEBSTER and Agnes SMITH / Matthew WEBSTER and Elizabeth ASHTON

2) JR / Lark / Camilla SMITH / George Ensign SMITH / Harriett Camilla ENSIGN / Martin Luther ENSIGN / Horace Datus ENSIGN and Mary BRONSON / Isaac ENSIGN and Lydia NOBLE / Lucretia SEYMOUR and Datus (Datis) ENSIGN / John SEYMOUR and Lydia MASON / Elizabeth WEBSTER and John SEYMOUR / Robert WEBSTER Lt. and Susanna TREAT / John Webster and Agnes SMITH / Matthew WEBSTER and Elizabeth ASHTON

Other history notes:
John WEBSTER was the 5th Governor of the state of CT.


19-Thomas Hale, Roxbury, freeman, Mass., May 14 1634: a single man says the church record; an original prosprietor at Hartford; his home-lot was on the wset side of the road from Seth Gran't to Centinel Hill; had served in the Pequot War; granted fifty acres, Oct. 12 1671, for his services; signed the agreement for planting Norwalk, June, 1650, and was there in Feb., 1651; his name occurs in a list of inhabitants there, 1655, He m. in Feb., 1640 Jane Lord, of Roxbury, Savage suggest that lie perhaps he perhaps died in Charlestown. (From Society of the Descendants of Hartford.)

Thomas Hale was born in England and died in Connecticut.  He was settled in Roxbury, MA by 1634.  While in MA, he married Jane Lord in 1639.  Jane died before 1659 when Thomas married Mary Nash in Charlestown, MA.

Thomas was made Freeman of Mass Bay in 1634. In 1635 he was an original proprietor of Hartford, CT.  When the Pequot War began in 1637, both Thomas and his brother Samuel enlisted.  Thomas moved to Norwalk, CT around 1650.  After Thomas married Mary Nash, he moved to Charlestown, MA - her hometown.  He and his family lived in Charlestown until his mother-in-law died in 1674.  The family then moved to Norwalk, CT where Thomas died in 1678. (History from Ancestry.com)

REMOVES: Hartford 1636, Roxbury 1639, Hartford 1640, Norwalk, Charlestown by 1659, Norwalk by 1674
(Thomas Hale - the Great Migration Begins).

JR / Lark / Camilla SMITH / George Ensign SMITH / Harriett Camilla ENSIGN / Martin Luther ENSIGN / Mary BRONSON and Horace Datus ENSIGN / Esther REMINGTON and Sylvanus BRONSON / Elijah REMINGTON and Esther SAWYER / Samuel REMINGTON and Abigail LANE / Hannah HALE and John REMINGTON / Timothy HALE and Sarah BARBER / Thomas HALE Immigrant and Jane LORD maidservant. 

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