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Founders of Hartford CT - Part IV

Our Fathers the Founding Fathers of Hartford, CT - Part IV 

Ancestors of Mary DUNN (1833-1920) wife of Martin Luther ENSIGN (1831-1911) son of Horace Datus ENSIGN of Part I and Mary BRONSON of Part II. - Mary DUNN is the great grandmother of Camilla SMITH.

20-Reverend Samuel STONE 1602-1663
Samuel Stone was born on 18th July 1602 in Herford England the third son of John Stone and Sarah Rogers, graduated from Emmanuel College in Cambridge, became curate at Sisted, Essex. Stone was a Puritan. Puritans wanted the church restored to its' ancient purity and simplicity. With Reverend Thomas Hooker,  and Reverend John Cotton, Reverend Samuel Stone migrated on the Griffith in 1633 to escape religious persecution.  With Reverend Thomas Hooker as Preacher and Reverend Samuel Stone as Teacher they served in the church at New Town which became Cambridge Massachusetts. In 1636 the two lead part of the congregation 100 miles Southwest founding Hartford, Connecticut.  Stone bought the land for the new settlement from the chief Sequassen, being a leader of Hartford. Samuel's wife Hope died in 1640 they had four children born in England and Hartford. He married second Elizabeth Allen they had five or six children all born in Hartford. Reverend Stone served as Chaplin during the Pequot war, and was among the writers  of “The Fundamental Orders of Connecticut.” After Thomas Hooker's 1647 death Reverend Stone became Pastor of the 1st Church of Hartford.  Samuel Stone died on 20th July 1663, aged 61.

11th great grandfather: Reverend Samuel Stone (New World Immigrant) 1602-1663 / Mary Stone 1638-1682 / Lydia Fitch 1663-1740 / Mary Stedman 1687-1772 / Mary Thomas or Tommas 1718-1804 / Ann Gustin 1760-1833 / Simeon A. Dunn (War of 1812) 1774- / Simeon Adams Dunn(Convert to Church of Jesus Christ of Later-day Saints, Pioneer) 1803-1883 / Mary Dunn (child Utah Pioneer) 1833-1920 / Harriet Camilla Ensign 1859-1930 / George Ensign Smith 1898-1967 / Camilla Smith 1926-1999 / L Wood / JR.

NOTE: Reverend Thomas Hooker 1589-1647 is our 13th great grandfather through Kirt DeMar WOOD 1923-1987. 
For our founding grandfather Thomas Hooke see: Founders of Hartford CT - Part I

                                                                            Hartford  Tercentenary Plaque                                                              
Pictured: The Tercentenary Plaque (300th Anniversary). That Part of "Suckiaug" now Hartford where in 1636 lived four of its founders, William Goodwin Elder, Samuel Stone TeacherRev. Thomas Hooker Leader, John Haynes first Govenor. 

How did Hartford, CT get its name? It was named for Hertford, England, the birthplace of Rev. Thomas Hooker's assistants, the Rev. Samuel StoneThe Saukiogs (Black Earth) occupied the area of Hartford before Europeans arrived. The Podunks lived across the Connecticut River. The Tunxis tribe lived west. Dutch explorers, arrived in 1614.  In 1636 Samuel Stone made a peace treaty with the Saukiogs' chief Sequassen purchasing the land for the town of Hartford. "The Saukiogs remained friendly with the English settlers and lived near Hartford until about 1730.

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