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Founders of Hartford CT - Part III

Early America - Hartford, Connecticut

Family History is always under construction. Governor Thomas Welles has been added he was not part of the older Hartford Founding Fathers post. Rev. Thomas HOOKER has also been added here.
30 Nov 2008 Update: I have added another Step Grandfather - John Maynard.

The Founders of Hartford - related to our Grandparents

Step Grandpa
Andrew WARNER 1 came from Hatfield, Co. Gloucester, son of John Warner, yeoman in said Shire and Town; Cambridge, 1632, freeman May 14, 1634;2 one of the Commissioners for ordering affair at Connecticut, March, 1635-6 ; an original proprietor at Hartford, where his home-lot in 1639 was on the south bank of the Little River. He m. in Hartford, prob. as second wife, Hester, widow of Thomas Selden; he was chosen Deacon of the First Church, Oct., 1633 ; removed to Hadley in 1659, with Elder Goodwin and the “withdrawers;” took the oath of allegiance at Hadley, Feb. 8, 1679, and d. there Dec. 18, 1684, or possibly the month following, a. almost 90. His widow, Hester, d. 1693.

1 From old acct. book of Jabez Warner, of Middletown, b. 1710, quoted by Andrew F. Warner in letter to R. R. Hinman, May 14, 1849.
2 Savage thinks that the name should be that of Andrew Ward (iv. 418).

Relationship note:
Our Step Grandpa. His second wife Hester was our grandmother with Thomas Selden her first husband. See Part II.


Step Grandpa
Gov. Thomas WELLES, an original proprietor of Hartford; his home-lot in 1639 was on the east side of the street now Governor St. He removed to Wethersfield, where he was also an original proprietor. He became a member of the Court of Magistrates, March 28, 1637, and continued a magistrate until he was chosen deputy-governor, May 18, 1654 (again in 1656, 1657, 1659) ; he was the first treasurer in 1639, Secretary of the Colony in 1640, and held the office until 1649. In 1649 he was a Commissioner of the United Colonies; Governor in 1655 and 1658. Ho m. (1) in England, Elizabeth Hunt; (2), ab. 1645 or 1646 Elizabeth Deming, widow of Nathaniel Foote, of Wethersfield; d. in Wethersfield, Jan. 14, 1659-60; his widow d. July 28, 1683, c. ab. 88 ; inv. £1069. 9.-Ch.: i. John; settled in Stratford; freeman, 1645; m. ab. 1647, Elizabeth, dau. of John Curtis, of Stratford ; deputy, 1656 ; assistant, 1658-9; d. ab. 1660. ii. Thomas, Hartford ; m. 23 June, 1654, Hannah, widow of John Pantry, and dau, of William Tuttle, of New Haven ; he was quartermaster under Major John Mason, 1658; deputy, 1663; assistant, 1668 ; killed in 1668 by a fall from a cherry-tree. iii. Samuel, Wethersfield ; freeman, 1657; deputy, 1657-1662, and 1675 ; m. 1659, (1) Elizabeth, dau. of John Hollister, of Wethersfield ; (2) Hannah, dau. of George Lamberton, of New Haven; d. July 15, 1675. He was the ancestor of the Hon. Gideon Welles, Secretary of the Navy. iv. Mary, d. before her father. v. Ann, m. l) April 14, 1646, Thomas Thomson, of Hartfonl, afterward of Farmington; (2) Anthony Hawkins, of Farmington, as his 2d wife ; d. 1680. vi. Sarah, b. 1631 ; m. Feb., 1653, Capt. John Chester, of Wethersfield ; d. Dec. 16, 1698.

Relationship note:
Thomas WELLES, Govenor of Connecticut 1590-1658, was the second husband of our 11th great grandmother Elizabeth DEMING widow of Nathaniel FOOTE. Elizabeth DEMING and Nathaniel FOOTE are ancestors of Mary BRONSON of Part II.

Step Grandpa - second husband of 11th great grandmother Editha STEBBINS DAY.
John Maynard
, Cambridge, 1634, an original proprietor at Hartford ; his home lot in 1639 was on the west side of Main St., about where Christ Church no is; surveyor of highways, 1641, 1648 ; freed from watching, etc., Sept., 164f. m. after May, 1648, Editba, widow of Robert Day, and sister of Deacon Edward Stebbins. He d. 1657-8; will dated Jan. 23, 1657-8; inv. Feb. 24, same year, £450. 4. He names wife Editha, her eldest son Thomas Day, youngest son John Day, dau^. Sarah and Mary Day. John Day received the property of Maynard, and it is probably in remembrance of him that lie named a son Maynard Day. He gives his dwelling-house and lands in Hartford to his wife, and after her decease to go to her youngest son, John Day.

First husband of our Step Grandmother Elizabeth FULLER.
24-Thomas UPSON, Hartford, 1639, one of the inhabitants who received laud “by the courtesie of the town;” his home-lot in 1639 was on the west side of the present Albany Avenue. He removed very early to Farmington, where he was an original proprietor; he m. in Hartford, Jan. 23, 1646-7, Elizabeth Fuller, who was a second wife. He d. July 19, 1655. Inv. £108. 8. His widow m. (2) Edmund Scott, of Farmington.

Relationship note:
Thomas Upson is in the family but not a known blood relative.
Thomas’ second wife was Elizabeth FULLER was our step grandmother, she is also not a blood relative. Elizabeth was the second wife of our grandfather Edmund Scott Sr. , m. Jan 1665. Our 10th great-grandparents Edmund Scott Sr. first married Hannah BIRD m. 1643, Edmund is the oldest known son of Thomas Scott. See Part II

More Step Grandfathers: Richard Jr. Lyman / Richard Sr. Lyman.


Also Uncles
The Founders of Hartford

Son of Thomas Bliss Sr., Part II

Thomas BLISS Jr., came with his father to Hartford, and was allotted a piece of land south of and adjoining his father's lot. He removed to Saybrook, where he m., Oct., 1644, Elizabeth -; from thence he removed to Norwich, about 1660 ; freeman at Norwich, 1663 ; d. there April 15, 1688.

Our grandparents John Talcott and Anne Skinner are the parents of John Talcott and of Sarah Talcott wife of William Wadsworth. John Skinner is the brother of Anne Skinner Talcott. See Part I

John SKINNER, an original proprietor ; his home-lot in 1639 was on the west aide of Main St., a little below the present comer of Pearl St. ; but this was given to Richard Olmsted (q. v.), he receiving in exchange a lot on the highway, now Trumbull St.; juror, 1639; m. Mary, den. of Joseph Loom* of Windsor; d. in 1650, and his widow m. (2) Nov. 13, 1651, Owen Tudor, of Windsor.-Ch.: i. Mary, b. 1637; m. Robert Reeve, of Hartford. ii. Ann, b. 1639 ; m. John Colt. iii. John, b. 1641 ; m. Mary, dau. of Joseph Easton ; d. in Hartford, Sept. 15, 1690. John Talcott, in his will, Aug. 12, 1659, mentions his kinsman, John Skinner, as “living in his service,” and as John Talcott's mother was Anne, dau. of William Skinner, it is probable that John Skinner, Sr., came from Braintree, Co. Essex. iv. Joseph, b. 1643; m. April 5, 1666, Mary Filley, of Windsor; settled in Windsor. v. Richard, b. 1646 ; m. and lived in Hartford, but his descendants removed to Colchester.

Deacon Edward Stebbins (Stebbin) brother of our grandmother Editha Stebbins (Stebbing) wife of Robert DAY. See Part II.

Deacon Edward STEBBINS (Stebbin), Cambridge, 1633; freeman, Mass., May 14, 1634; on Committee to consider Endicott's “defacing the color.;” May, 1635 ; an original proprietor of Hartford ; his home-lot in 1639 extended from the Meeting-House Square to the street now Front St. He was constable, 1638; deputy various times from 1639 to 1656; leather sealer, 1659. His will is dated Aug. 24, 1663; inv. Aug. 19, 1668, £669. 2. His widow Mrs. Frances Stebbin's will is dated May 20, 1670, and Nov. 12 1673; inv. Dec. 23, 1673 ; both wills name “son, Mr. John Cheater, now living in or near London.”- Ch. : i. daughter; m. John Chester in England. ii. Mary, m. April 29, 1648, Walter Gaylord, of Windsor; d. June 29, 1657. iii. Elizabeth, m. (1) Robert Wilson, of Farmington, who died in 16.56; (2) 1658, Thomas Cadwell (g. v.), of Hartford. iv. Lydia; m. Deacon John Wilson, of Hartford.

John Talcott and Ann Skinner were the parents of John TALCOTT and Sarah TALCOTT who is our grandmother and wife of William WODSWORTH.
See Part II: William WODSWORTH and Part III: John Skinner

John TALCOTT was born in Braintree, Co. Essex, the son of John and Anne (Skinner) Talcott, and grandson of John Talcott, of Colchester, Co. Essex, living there in 1558, died in 1606, who was a son of John Talcott of Warwickshire. The Herald's visitation of Essex in 1558 gives the pedigree and arms of this family.1 John Talcott the emigrant was a minor when his father died in 1604, and not of age in 1606, when he is mentioned in the will of his grandfather, who left him £40 to be paid when he reached the age of twenty one. He m. in England, Dorothy, dau. of Mark Mott, of Braintree, son of Thomas Mott, of Sheme Hall, Co. Essex. He sailed from England, June 22, 1632, in the “Lion,” with others of Mr. Hooker's company, and arrived in Boston Sept. 16, 1632; freeman, Mass., Nov. 6, 1632; deputy, May, 1634; March, 1634-5 ; May, 1635 ; March, 1635-6 ; May,1636 ; removed to Hartford in 1636. His son, Lt. Col. John Talcott, states in his memorandum book : “The kitchen that now stands on the north side of the house that I live in was the first house that my father built in Hartford, in Conn. colony, and was done by Nicholas Clark, the first winter that any Englishman rought or built in Hartford, which was in the year 1635. My father and mother and his family came to Hartford in the year 1636, and lived first in said Kitchen, which was first on the west side of the chimney. The great barn was built in the year 1636, and underpined in 1637, and was the first barn that was raised in the colony. The east side of this house that we live in, and was my father Talcott's, deceased, was built with the porch that is, in the year 1638, and the chimneys were built in 1638.” His bome-lot, in the distribution of 1639, was on the east side of Main St., and his house stood or the present corner of Main and Talcott Sts. Townsman, 1638. He was one of the Committee, who for the first time sat with the Court of Magistrates, 1637, and Deputy every following year until 1654, when he was chosen Assistant, also Treasurer of the colony, 1654-1659; and one of the two Commissioners of the New England Colonies. He d. March, 1659-60; inv. £1645. 8. 4. ; his widow, Dorothy, d. Feb., 1669-70.-Ch.: i. Mary, m. June 28, 1649, the Rev. John Russell, of Wethersfield, afterward of Hadley ; d. between 1655 and 1660. ii. Lt.-Col. John, m. Oct 29, 1650, Helena, dau. of John Wakeman, of New Haven ; freeman, 1652 ; townsman, 1653; deputy, 1660, 1661 ; chosen Treasurer to succeed his father. May 17, 1660, which office he held until 1676, when he resigned, and was appointed to the command of the troops raised for King Philip's War. He was always victorious, and obtained great renown as an Indian fighter. He was one of the patentees named in the Charter of 1662, and that document was intrusted to Wyllys, Talcott, and Allyn, for safe keeping. His wife, Helena, d. June 21, 1674 ; and he m. (2) Nov. 9, 1676, Mary Cook. He d. in Hartford, July 23, 1688, leaving a numerous family. His son, Joseph, was Gov. of Conn., 1724-1741. The Governor's descendants now occupy the dwelling-house on Main Street, built by Col. Samuel Talcott, his son, in 1770. iii. Samuel, b. in Cambridge, about 1635 ; grad. Harvard College, 1658 ; m. Nov. 7, 1661, Hannah, dau. of Elizur and Mary (Pynchon) Holvoke, of Springfield; freeman, 1662; townsman, Hartford, 1665; he settled at Wethersfield upon land given him by his father; Commissioner for Wethersfield, 1669-84; deputy, 1670-84 ; Secretary, 1684, “in the absence of Capt. Allyn.” May 16, 1676, while King Philip's War was raging, he was appointed one of the Standing Council; appointed Capt. of the troop of Hartford County, Oct., 1681 ; Assistant from 1685, excepting under Andros's administration, until his death, Nov. 10, 1691. His wife, Hannah, d. Feb. 2, 1679, and he m. (2) Aug., 1679, Mary -. He is the ancestor of those of the name in Glastonbury and Wethersfield.
1 See Harleian MSS., 1137, p. 148 ; &lea Talcott Pedigree, 7-21.

Samuel Wakeman brother of  9th great grandmother Hester Wakeman wife of Thomas Selden. See Part II

Samuel WAKEMAN, Roxbury, came in the “Lion,” in Nov. 1631 ; freeman, Mass., Aug. 7, 1632 ; prob. removed to Cambridge; deputy, May, 1635 ; constable for Newtown, April, 1636 ; an original proprietor at Hartford, 1639, when his home-lot was on the south bank of the Little River ; chosen townsman, 1638; appointed with George Hubbard, Senr., and Ancient Stoughton, in 1636, “to consider the bounds and survey the breadth of Dorchester (Windsor) to, wards the Falls, and of Watertown (Wethersfield) towards the mouth of the River.” He was killed in 1641 by a shot from the Spanish fort at Providence in the Bahamas, where he had been sent “to buy cotton.” His widow, Elizabeth, m. (2) Nathaniel Willett, of Hartford, before Jan. 1643, and the estate of Wakeman wag settled on him Dec. 4, 1645, on condition that he pay £40 to the son when he reached the age of 21, and £20 to each of the den's at the age of 18. -Ch.: i. Ezbon, freeman at Stratford, 1669; m. Apr. 1, 1669, at Guilford, Hannah Jordan; removed to Fairfield before 1671, where he d. in 1683. ii. Elizabeth; m. Joseph Arnold, of Haddam. iii. Grace; m. John Kelly, of Hartford. iv. Joanna; m. Francis Hackleton, of Hartford. v. Hannah.

John Steele is the brother of  11th great grandfather Founder George Steele. John Steele married Rachel Talcott sister of our 10th great grandmother Sarah Talcott Wadsworth wife of Founder William Wadsworth, Rachel Talcott Steele was also sister of Founder John Talcott.  See Part I and Part IV.

John STEELE Leader of "the Adventurers." John Steele emigrated from Fairstead, Essex, England in 1633 along with his brother George Steele, another founder of Hartford, first residing in Cambridge, where he was made freeman 14 May 1634. He owned nine parcels of land in Cambridge, was Deputy to the General Court of Massachusetts for Cambridge in 1635, and was appointed Massachusetts Bay Commissioner for new settlements on the Connecticut River 3 March 1635/6.
He was the leader of the so-called “Adventurers Party” of twenty-five men who set out to explore the area that would become Hartford in October 1635, prior to the departure from Cambridge of the Rev. Hooker’s party in May 1636, and was one of sixteen founders living in Hartford in 1635 prior to the arrival of Hooker’s party.

Samuel Hale brother of 10th great grandfather Founder Thomas Hale. See Part II

Samuel HALE (JOHNA) was baptized 01 Jul 1615 in Watton at Stone, Hertford, England?, and died 09 Nov 1693 in Glastonbury, CT. He married (1) MARY SMITH bet. 1642 - 1643 in Wethersfield, CT, daughter of HENRY SMITH and DOROTHY _____. She died aft. 1667. He married (2) PHEBE BRACY, WID OF JOSEPH DICKINSON & JOHN ROSE aft. 1667, daughter of THOMAS BRACY and PHEBE BISBY. She was born bet. 1633 - 1636, and died 19 Jan 1711/12 in Wethersfield, CT.

The date of baptism and parentage of Samuel Hale, brother of Thomas Hale and Martha Hale, wife of Paul Peck (both Founders of Hartford) is probable but not certain, based on TAG Vol. 38. It is not certain when Samuel Hale emigrated to the American colonies (Jacobus says probably by 1634, but Anderson does not include him in the Great Migration series), however he was certainly in Hartford by 1637, as he served in the Pequot War of that year, and was granted sixty acres of land for that service by the town of Hartford on 11 May 1671. SEE: (Timothy Lester Jacobs, SDFH Genealogist)

Paul Peck brother in-law of  Founder Samuel Hale and 10th great grandfather Founder Thomas Hale. See Part II

Paul PECK  was born abt. 1620 in England, and died 23 Dec 1695 in Hartford, CT. He married MARTHA HALE, daughter of JOHN HALE and MARTHA _____. She was baptized 16 Dec 1618 in Watton at Stone, Hertford, England?, and died aft. 25 Jun 1695 in Hartford, CT.

The origin of Paul Peck and when he arrived in the American colonies is unknown: he is not featured in the “Great Migration” series. But he was in Hartford, an inhabitant “onley at The Townes Courtesie”, by the time of the Hartford land inventory of 1639/40, at which time he owned: a house lot of two roods on the road from George Steeles to the Great Swamp; three acres of upland in the Forty Acres; four acres on the east side of the Great River; one acre of swamp lying in the South Meadow in the Great Swamp; four acres of swamp on the east side of the Great River; two acres of upland; four more acres of swamp on the east side of the Great River; an additional ten acres of swamp on the east side of the Great River; three acres of woodland on the highway leading to Farmington; and eleven acres of Woodland on the highway leading to the Great Swamp.
Paul Peck married Martha Hale, sister of Samuel and Thomas Hale, both Founders of Hartford, but her date of baptism and parentage is probable, not certain, based on a TAG article in Vol. 38.
He was surveyor of highways in Hartford in 1658 and 1665, selectman in 1661 and 1668, and chimney viewer in 1667. His will was dated 25 June 1695, he died 23 December 1695, and his inventory was taken 6 January 1695/6. SEE: (Timothy Lester Jacobs, SDFH Genealogist)

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