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The Eight Wives of Simeon Adams DUNN

There is a virility of child information much is incomplete, incorrect, and disputed on new.familysearch, as well as other family sites. Corrections to the family of your grandmother is welcomed. Children colored blue lived to adult life.

The eight wives of Simeon Adams DUNN and their children.
(Simeon had one wife at a time.)

1. Adaline RAWSON daughter of Amariah RAWSON and Betsey CARPENTER. Adaline was born 27 Nov 1811 in Ontarion county, New York. Simeon and Adaline married 11 July 1827 of Rawsonville, Wayne, Michigan. She joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 22 Apr 1839. Simeon had walked from Michigan to Nauvoo to meet the Prophet Joseph Smith he returned and joined the church 15 Apr 1839, together he and Adaline move their young family to Nauvoo.

Children of Adaline and Simeon were:
1-Adaline DUNN Haws (b.19 Jun 1830 ,Wayne, Michigan - d.11 Jan 1852) At age 15 Adaline was Sealed to 20 year old Alpheus Peter HAWS 3 Jan 1846 Nauvoo Temple. [Alpheus P. HAWS 4th Sergt. of the Mormon Battalion.] They had two sons both died in early childhood.
2-Francis DUNN child (b.5 Dec 1832,Wayne, Michigan - d.22 Feb 1835.)
3-Mary DUNN ENSIGN (b.2 Nov 1833 Bellville, Wayne, Michigan - d.7 Nov 1920) married Martin Luther ENSIGN 8 Jan 1852 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah sealed 17 Jan 1853 Endowment House. They had nine children. Martin was the son of Horace Datus ENSIGN and Mary BRONSON.
4-Maria DUNN infant (b.3 Mar 1836,Wayne, Michigan - d.1 Apr 1836.)
5-Mosiah DUNN (twin) infant (b.19 Feb 1837 - d.7 Jun 1837.)
6- Amariah DUNN (twin) infant (b.19 Feb 1837 - d.19 Feb 1837.)
7 -Betsy DUNN Haws Brown (b.22 Mar 1838,Wayne, Michigan - d.17 Apr 1937 Oakland, California) Sealed Nauvoo temple at age 8 to Alpheus P. Haws Jul 1846. After the death of her sister Adaline wife of Alpheus P. Haws, Betsy then married Alpheus in 1853 they had 9 children all died young. Betsey Dunn divorced Alpheus in 1877. Married second James Alfred Brown 13 May 1893.

Simeon was left a widower with three young daughters when Adaline died 22 Oct 1941 in Nauvoo, Illinois. They was sealed 22 Jan 1846 in the Nauvoo temple after her death the same day Simeon was sealed to his second wife in life.

[Child 1-Adaline DUNN named for her mother and 3-Mary DUNN did not have middle names. They are often both listed as "Mary Adaline DUNN" a child by that name does not exist in this family. Mary DUNN did name her oldest daughter Mary Adaline ENSIGN, Mary also had a granddaughter named Mary Adaline ROBERTS.]
2. Margaret Snyder b.12 Mar 1812 she was the daughter of Jacob Snyder and Hannah Anderson. She married widower Simeon Adams DUNN 19 Jun 1842 in Nauvoo. They were sealed to each other 22 Jan 1846 in the Nauvoo temple. Margaret died before May 1946 in Nauvoo, Illinois.

Children of Margaret and Simeon:
1-Susanna DUNN
b.6 May 1842 Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois, married Allen Collins Hunsacker 24 April 1859 Brigham City, Box Elder, UT, died 19/26 May 1921 Elwood, Box Elder, Utah. They had five children.
2-Simeon DUNN infant b.9 Feb 1846 Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois - d. abt 6 May 1846 Nauvoo.
3. Jane Caldwell Waite (b.Mar. 27, 1808 Steubenville, Jefferson Ohio - d.Sep. 27, 1891 Bountiful, Davis, UT.) Daughter of Joseph Caldwell and Mary Bennett. Married first John Waite, about 1831. He died about 1851 in St. Louis, St. Louis, Missouri. [ It is not known if he was ever been in Nauvoo. ]

Children with John Waite: Jane Waite, Mary Waite, Lucena Waite, Anderson Waite, Mary Jane Waite, John Anson Waite, Martha Waite, Margaret Waite, Rebecca Waite.

Jane married second Eli Brazee Kelsey, 7 Feb 1846, Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois. (b.Oct. 27, 1819
Portsmouth, Scioto, Ohio - d.Mar. 27, 1885 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, UT.) Other wives of Eli Brazee Kelsey were Letitia Sheets, Mary Forsythe, Mary Ann McIntyre, Emma Boys, Jane Sarah Morris. [Eli left on a mission from Nauvoo Jane believed him to be died when she married the third time.]

Third Jane married Simeon Adams Dunn, May 1846, Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois - not sealed in life, and no record of marriage.

Children of Jane and Simeon DUNN:
1.Joseph Moroni DUNN b.12 Feb 1847 Winter Quarters, Douglas, Nebraska or Council Bluffs, Iowa - d.3 Aug 1912 Tooele, Tooele, Utah. Not knowing his father Joseph was raised by his mother and Eli B. Kelsey. He married Susanna Elizabeth White 27 Dec 1866 sealed in the endowment house. They had nine children.
4. Harriet Atwood Silver (b.22 Jul 1818 Bloomfield, Essex Vermont - d.2 Jan 1858 Brigham City, Box Elder, UT.) She married Simeon Adams DUNN 3 Jun 1847 Winter Quarters, , Iowa they were sealed 7 Dec 1857 St. George Temple.

Harriet crossed the plains with and cared for Simeon's motherless daughters. The first of her seven children was born after reaching Salt Lake City. Harriet cared for the family during Simeon's mission to the Society Islands 1848-50. During this mission Harriet's first child Sarah Sophia DUNN was born in Salt Lake City (1849) a second child was born in Salt Lake City 13 Jan 1851, Simeon's oldest child Adaline DUNN HAWS died (1852.) The next five children were born in Brigham City, Utah.

1-Sarah Sophia DUNN m. John Johnson DUNN. She was b.8 Jul 1849 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, UT - d.19 Mar 1923 Perry, Box Elder, Utah.
2-Simeon Adams DUNN Jr. m. Eunice Emily HARMON. He was b.8 Jul 1849 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, UT - d.13 Feb 1935 Alamosa, Alamose, Colorado.
3-Emeline Silver DUNN (twin) m.Francis R. Cantwell. She was b.12 Sep 1853 Brigham City, Box Elder, Utah d. 9 Oct 1914 or 21 Feb 1936 Ely, White Pine, Nevada.
4-Eveline Silver DUNN (twin) M. Allen Collins HUNSACKER. She was b.12 Sep 1853 Brigham City, Box Elder, Utah d.8 Oct 1914 Logan, Cache, Utah.
5-Charles Oscar DUNN first married 18 Oct 1876 Brigham City, Box Elder, UT Letitia SMITH daughter of Samuel SMITH and Janett Maria SMITH. Second married 24 Oct 1883 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, UT. Third married 27 Sep 1933 Logan, Cache, UT Ellen Augusta Mitchell Mortenson. Oscar was b.13 Oct 1855 Brigham City, Box Elder, Utah d.8 Oct 1914 Nibley, Cache, Utah.
6-Harriet Silver DUNN (twin) infant b.31 Dec 1857 Brigham City, Box Elder, Utah d.31 Dec 1857 Brigham City, Box Elder, Utah.
7-Henry Silver DUNN (twin) infant b.31 Dec 1857 Brigham City, Box Elder, Utah d.12 Apr 1858 Brigham City, Box Elder, Utah.

"Simeon Adams Dunn and Harriett Atwood Silver were married at Winter Quarters, January 3, 1847, by President Brigham Young. They arrived in Utah September 28, 1848, and established their home in Brigham City. On December 31, 1857, to their family were added twin babies, Harriett and Henry Silver. The tiny girl died shortly after birth, and two days later, on January 2, 1858, the mother, Harriett, closed her eyes in death, having given her life for her family and the religion she had espoused. Twice before, this good husband and father had been called upon to lay away a devoted wife and .companion. This time his heart was almost broken as he placed the form of his lovely young wife in the crude, home-made casket and laid her lifeless baby daughter in her arms." "Three months later, in April 1858, the call came for all Saints to leave their homes in northern Utah, and journey southward. Simeon Adams Dunn loaded a few provisions and household effects into his covered wagon, assisted his motherless children to their place in the wagon box, and cracking his long whip over the backs of his oxen, commenced his journey. He had also provided a wagon for his eldest daughter [Mary DUNN ENSIGN] and her three little girls, and they traveled together. The husband and father of this little family, Martin Luther Ensign, at that time was serving as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints." "As they proceeded on their way, baby Henry became very ill... they saw the life depart from their lovely three-months-old baby son and brother. The [Simeon] made his little family as safe and comfortable as possible in this temporary camp, and with a sad and heavy heart slowly wended his way back to the lonely grave in the Brigham City Cemetery. Very near to it he dug a very small, new grave, and in it tenderly laid the remains of his baby boy." (from the Journal of Charles Oscar DUNN)
5. Abigail Brandon (b.21 Apr 1802 Knoxville, Knox, Tennessee - d.unknown) married first Lyman Stoddard 11 July 1842. They had no children. She married second Simeon Adams DUNN for time only 31 July 1858. She and Simeon were divorced 4 Apr 1864. Abigail is listed in the household of Simeon Adams Dunn in the 1860 Census.
6. Keziah Fowler daughter of George H. Fowler and Rebecca Stilwell (b.19 Jun 1815 - d.3 Feb 1899 Centerville, Davis, UT) married first: George Washington Brandon (Brother of Abigail Brandon Stoddard) 6 Oct 1831. They several children. Keziah married Second Simeon Adams Dunn for time only 14 Jan 1860 in the Endowment House. "I wonder how much time she and Simeon actually lived together. In the 1860 Census she is listed in Brigham City with three of her children. I have not found her in the 1870 Census. In the 1880 Census she is living in Ophir, Tooele County. She died in Centerville." (Paula Paradis)
7. Elizabeth Wickham (b.Feb. 14, 1836 East Wickham, Greater London, England - d.Oct. 21, 1881 North Ogden,Weber, UT) Married first Alfred Cottenden 17 aug 1863. Married second Simeon Adams DUNN "sealed 15 Apr 1865. Probably divorced. Although the temple record does not show a cancellation of sealing, the temple department indicates we should assume the sealing was cancelled." (Paula Paradis)

Elizabeth and Simeon had two children:
1-Ephraim Wickham DUNN b.27 Mar 1866 Brigham City, Box Elder, UT - d. 17 Mar 1927 Brigham City, Box Elder, UT. Ephraim married Marian Whitney 12 Jun 1889, they had 4 children. (Ephraim was raised in Brigham City by his father.)
2-Lorenzo Wickham DUNN. (baby) b.Mar. 11, 1868 Brigham City, Box Elder, UT - d.Aug. 3, 1869 Brigham City, Box Elder, UT.

Elizabeth Wickham third married and was sealed to Richard Jones 8 Feb 1870. They had 7 children.
8. Mary McRee daughter of Charles William McRee and Mary Corkins (b.17 Oct 1819 Copiah, Mississippi - d.1 Nov 1907 at 3:40 pm of pneumonia at 501 13th Street, Ogden, Weber, Utah at the age of 88.) She married first: December 19, 1827 George David Black who died in 1845 of Malaria in Nauvoo. She married second James Brown July 16, 1846 in Council Bluffs, Iowa. James Brown was the Captain of Company C. of the Mormon Batallion, Mary crossed the plains with the Mormon Batallion. They had 5 children. Third she married Simeon Adams Dunn for time only 22 Feb 1868 in the endowment house. "She is listed with Simeon and his family in the 1870 census. She is not listed with Simeon in the 1880 Census, so she probably returned to living with one of her children." (Paula Paradis)

Much of this information on the later wives is from Paula Paradis' research.

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