Saturday, October 9, 2010


standing back right is Jane CALDWELL with her sisters 1883 when Jane went east

Pioneer Women of Faith and Fortitude

Volume II
F to L
International Society Daughters of Utah Pioneers
page 1645-1646

Jane Caldwell the third wife of Simeon Adams DUNN.

Jane Caldwell's second husband Eli Brazee Kelsey had left on a mission from Nauvoo when he did not return he was thought dead. Jane needing help crossing the plains with her children so she married Simeon Adams DUNN they had one child. When Eli Kelsey showed up again at Winter Quarters Jane left Simeon and took their son Joseph Moroni Dunn with her. Joseph never knew his father until he was grown and married at that time Simeon contacted Joseph asking for help in caring for Simeon's younger children so he could serve a mission. Joseph Moroni Dunn and his wife Susanna Elizabeth White went to from Brigham City cared for and became a part of the Dunn family at that time.

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