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Mormon Trail - Mormon Pioneer, Simeon Adams DUNN

Mormon Pioneer ancestor of Camilla SMITH WOOD
Simeon Adams DUNN Seventh Generation from JR

From JR back seventh generations Simeon Adams Dunn (1803-1883) m. 1828
1- Adaline Rawson (1811-
1841 in Nauvoo) / m. 1842 2-Margaret Snyder(1812-1846 Nauvoo) / m.1846 3-Jane Caldwell / m.1847 Harriet Atwood Silver (1818-1858) Harriet traveled west with Simeon and his little girls /m.1865 Elizabeth Wickham / m.181868 Abagail Stoddard. Simeon was not a polygamist.

Lived in New York, Rawsonville, MI / Nauvoo, IL / Great Salt Lake City, Brigham City, UT
Simeon Adams Dunn age 43/ b. 18 NY - m. 18 - MI. - d. 18 UT - other spouse- 2, 3, 4, 5,
BAPTIZED: 1839, served 3 missions.
BY LAND: 1848 Brigham Young Company
Departure: 5 June 1848
Arrival in Salt Lake Valley: 20-24 September 1848
Dunn, Simeon Adams (43) Betsy Dunn, Harriet Atwood Silver (29) wife of Simeon and step mother to these girls. Dunn, Mary (14)* Dunn, Betsy (10) Dunn, Susannah (5) [Susannah is half sister to Mary and Betsy.]

[Missing from list is Adaline Dunn (18) oldest living daughter of Simeon Dunn. Adaline had been seal at age 15 in the Nauvoo temple to Alpheus Peter HAWS age 20. Alpheus P. Haws became part of the Mormon Battalion. (Mary Dunn had been sealed at age 12 to 11 year old M. L. Hancock and Betsy at age 8 to 20 year old Alpheus Peter HAWS they were not considered married to until they came of age.)]

Pioneer Information: first two wives died in Nauvoo, married third wife divorced she took their son, Simeon traveled with third wife Harriet and three daughters ages 14,10, and 5.
Company Information: 1220 individuals were in the company when it began its journey from the outfitting post at Winter Quarters, Nebraska.

Trail Excerpt: Simeon is mentioned in Lorenzo Brown’s diary [Brown, Lorenzo, Reminiscences and diaries, 1856-[1900], vol. 1, 37-53. ] as having lost a cow on August 18th. Betsy Dunn mentions this event in her letter describing the trek.

Camilla SMITH - George Ensign SMITH pedigree

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