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Correspondence: Simeon Adams DUNN and Brigham YOUNG

Letter to Brigham Young from Simeon Adams DUNN 10 Jun 1860
Courtesy of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Archives
CR 1234 1 /reel 37/ Box 27/ Folder 11/ begins image 1414

Front Page: Brigham City June 10, 1860
Simeon A. Dunn to B. Young
Wishes to know if he has or has not forfeited the privileges of being counseled as a son.

Recd. June 18, 1860/ Answered June 18, 1860
Brigham City June 10th 1860

Pres. Brigham Young Dear Sir
I avale my self of this opertunity to communicate to you some of my feelings. Having for a long time had a desire to talk with you, but having but few opertunities to even take you by the hand much less to talk with you. You will pleas(e) to pardon me for my thus interrupting you.

I still remember of coventing with you before the Lord in his house at Nauvoo to receive your council as a Father and
you to Council me as a son. Now this is what I wish to know if I have or have not forfeited that Covnent in your estimation.

I have never disobeyed your Council directly to me but once to my recollection and I have repented of that with sorrowing ever since. That was in relation to accompanying you to these vallies with the pioneers, if any other time I am not aware of it. Now Bro Brigham for this offense I conceive that you are intitled to my humble acknowledgement which I tender you sincerely—and if there is anything else that I have done to injure your feelings, I pray you to forgive me. I will say if there is anything that I have said or done it has been threw ignorance not feeling the responsibility that I was under.

Now I will tell you my reasons why I address you this letter. Ever since we have been in the vallies I never had four to
approach you with that freedom that I did in times before. The reasons which I have never been able to solve which has given me a great many unpleasant feelings. Sometimes I try to attribute it to a spirit of jealousy. I think when I approach you and Bro Kimble there is a spirit of repulsion, If I am correct in my feelings I wish to know the cause of this affect. If I have commited any sin that I have not repented of or any that cannot be repented of is a fact that I have not ascertained as yet. Therefore, if I have not entirely forfeited my right to your council if you will inform me on this point, and do feel free to give me a few words of comfort with your council what correct a person. It will be received with thankfulness and as a preshus jewel.

When I imbraced this gospel it was for the truth sake. I have never altered my mind, but I desire a full and compleat
Salvation, and I am just as willing to comply with any requisition of the gospel pertaining to my everlasting Salvation as I was to enter into baptism for the remission of my sins. My determination is by the help of the Lord and my good brethren to strive (not withstanding my many weaknesses) to be worthy to stand the test and gain a selestial glory, not withstanding I may come far short.

At the time of the reformation I made all things strait on my part as far as I was able with my brethren and have strove since to live my religion notwithstanding I find I have come far short of my privilege and come short of the blessings where(?)

No more at this time. I am your friend and brother in the everlasting gospel.
signed: Simeon A Dunn

Pres. Brigham Young
Pleas write if you feel free so to do.
Letter to Simeon Adams DUNN from Brigham YOUNG 18 Jun 1860
Courtesy of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Archives
GSL City June 18, 1860

Elder Simeon A. Dunn,
Brigham City, Box Elder Co, U.T.
Dear Brother,
I was not in the least aware of the state of your feelings as expressed in your letter of the 10th inst., neither do I know
why they are so. There neither is nor has been any feeling on my part toward you to cause the feelings you describe, for I have ever deemed that you have striven and are striving to do the best you can, and know of nothing prejudicial to your course and conduct in well doing.

No counsel occurs to me at present, further than for you to continue to strive to live your religion as you have hitherto
done; and when temptations assail redouble, if possible, your vigilance, and, so far as I know, no evil power can
overcome you or cause you to come short of the glory you have in view.

Hear (here) harbor no suspicions nor jealous feelings, for there is no ground for them on my part and be so kind as to
ever meet me, and communicate with the friendship of old which is felt and will be cordially reciprocated by

Your Brother in the Gospel
(signed) Brigham Young

Letter to Brigham YOUNG from Simeon Adams DUNN 14 Apr 1874
Courtesy of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Archives
April 14, 1874 North Stratford, N. H.
Recd. April 21
Pr Brigham Young

Dear Brother,
You will notice by this my present whereabouts, I arrived here on the 10th when writing the other sheet. I was in
Canada and calculating to mail at Buffalo having not put it in the envelope. I laid it in my note book and going from
Buffalo in some what of a hurry I forgot to mail after I wrote the first I began to see some of the fruits of my labours in Canada to one of my brothers sons confessed their conviction of the truth of the gospel and circumstance was such that I that (thought) it would be wise to not make a public thing of it and they went to work to arrange their business for to migrate to Utah. They thought they would be there next fall. I have got 1 appointment out here and as far as I can see things look very faleonable (favorable).

I am no wise discoraged as yet. When I get my work done here I exspect to go to Newark New Jersey or more
espeacely where the spirit directs. According to my appointment on my mission is to stay as long as I feel and return
when I feel disposed to if not I am subject to your order. My present PO will (be) North Stratford N. H. on the Grand Trunk R. R.

As ever your Humble servant and Bro in the Gospel of peace.
S. A. Dunn Senior

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