Monday, May 25, 2009

Journal of Simeon Adams DUNN

Painting of Simeon Adams DUNN
Courtesy of the Church Archives, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Portion of a letter or journal from Simeon A. Dunn
Written about 1889
[Transcribed by Nancy Dunn Watson]
pg. 5)

Here under the wise leadership of President Lorenzo Snow one of the twelve apostles, we have been greatly blessed both temporally and spiritually.

19 October 1879 I left Brigham City on a mission to the States to hunt up genealogy of my relatives which proved a very successful mission. I returned … July ’74 having traveled 10,000 miles by rale and bote all in the N America.

1 Nov 1877 – I was privileged with a mission to St. George Utha to officiate for my dead friends in the Holy Temple of our God;

27 Jan 1878 – I returned home having accomplished the desire of my heart for the present, in this direction for the time being I am now 75 years old.

August 7 1878 – I have had born to me 19 children, 40 grandchildren 16 great grand children, and they are all within the pales of the Church; I can say in my heart god bless zion; my testimony to this world is, and to all humanity, that inasmuch as they will subscribe to the ordinances of

pg. 6)

this Latter day Church they will never be made ashamed, and they will be raised up at the last day; but those that heed not, I have no promises for them; but those that fight against this work I know that wo awaits them;

Elder S. A. Dunn

[Added later, written by Simeon just prior to his death.]

Before zion is redeemed will suffer hardship and persecution. Mortals must return to the dust. Within the veil, anchored companionship. Dominion, kingdom power & principalities; I go away and prepare a place. It is an order everyone of you together. Don’t know how long we may survive but feel to bless and do good. Mod how by Welch then more…


Karen Rasmussen said...

Can you give me any additional information about these journal pages? Does someone have the originals? Are there other pages?

Lark said...

I have been told the journal was lent not returned and now lost.