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The Family of Henry WORLEY and Catherine WILLMORE

(Pictures to be added as time permits)
Mormon Children and grand children of
Edward May WILLMORE and Catherine RUDHALL

Edward May WILLMORE, ENG 1777-1841 ENG
Catherine RUDHALL, ENG 1801-1881 ENG
married 1821 they had nine children.

above - believed to be photo of Edward May WILLMORE
below Catherine RUDHALL WILLMORE


Oldest child of Edward May and Catherine RUDHALL WILLMORE:
*i Catherine WILLMORE ENG 1822-1904 UT married 1846 Henry WORLEY ENG 1827-1914 UT, they had the following 10 children.
Catherine WILLMORE WORLEY in England

Catherine WILLMORE for more photos of Catherine go to label "WILLMORE Catherine"


i1- John WORLEY, ENG 1846-1907 UT (Mormon pioneer 1866) married 1877 Mary Jane CALVERT, they had 10 children.


i2- George WORLEY, ENG 1848-1932 UT (Mormon pioneer 1866) 1877 married Mary Eliza PEARSON, they 12 children.
L to R: Catherine (Kate) Worley, George Worley (Father), Leo Worley (sitting on stool, middle w/dress), Harry P. Worley (middle white shirt/bow tie), George Jr. (back), Mary Eliza Pearson Worley (Mother) holding Laurence Worley, John (Jack) Worley (white shirt/bow tie far right). Edna, Heber, the twins Mary and Martha were not born yet. (youngest child-infant given name of Sarah.)
twin daughters of George WORLEY
Mary and Martha WORLEY

Mary married 1948 Moroni Heber Isaac GUSTAVESON
Martha married 1946 Frank WAHLEN

Daughter in-laws of George WORLEY - "Nellie" Eleanor LARSON ("Jack" John)
Ida KREBS (Leo) Mary Ann JAMES wife of 2-Harry P. WOLREY, 1-Arthur Rudger WOLLMORE who was 2nd cousin to Harry P. WORLEY. Cordie LARISEY (Heber)
wife of George WORLEY - Mary Eliza PEARSON (hat) daughter of George WORLEY - Kate WORLEY LINQUIST
George WORLEY and sons

George WOLREY and Mary Eliza PEARSON

Happy Birthday George WORELY

i3- Edward (twin) WORLEY, infant 1850-1850
i4- Christopher (twin) WORLEY, infant 1850-1850

i5- Sarah WOLREY, ENG 1851-1925 UT (Mormon pioneer 1868) 1874 married Cyrus Joseph JONES son of Thomas JONES and Mary WILLIAMS. Sarah and Cyrus had 8 children.
Sarah WORLEY in England

Sarah WORLEY JONES (Frank J. HAWKES is Sarah's grandson)

i6- Catherine WOLREY, ENG 1853-1891 UT (Mormon pioneer 1868) 1875 married Joseph Enos COWLEY they had 7 children.
Catherine WORLEY in England

Joseph COWLEY and Catherine WORLEY

Jane WORLEY, ENG 1856-1907 UT (Mormon pioneer 1869.)
As a child Jane WORLEY had a sunstroke and had to walk with crutches the rest of her life. She never married. She was very happy and played the accordion and sang well

i8- Harry WORLEY,
ENG 1859-1931 UT (Mormon pioneer 1869) married
Sarah Ann HAWKES daughter of Francis HAWKES and Eliza COLE, Harry and Sarah had 6 children.

Sarah Ann HAWKES WORLEY 1867-1953
and sister Martha Maria HAWKES BROUGH 1874-1942

(I include this photo because these are our aunts being the sisters of Herbert Henry HAWKES)

i9- Thomas WORLEY, ENG 1861-1930 UT (Mormon pioneer 1869) married Mary Ann SMITH they had 8 children.

i10 (Bishop) William John WORLEY, ENG 1864-1956 UT (Mormon pioneer 1869) married Alice Potts PEARSON they had 12 children.

(Alice's Sister Mary Eliza Pearson, married Will’s older brother, George Worley.)

Will and Alice WORLEY

1898 William WORLEY family
(of note- the porch chair - I have one very much like it which belonged to Sarah Amy JONES HAWKES)

1917 William WORLEY running for Mayor

1935 William WORLEY
(William Worley, was Bishop of the Logan 1st Ward, Logan Stake, Utah, from 1920 to 1930.)

William WORLEY home - 338 West 100 South Logan, UT


[Mary, Ellen, Mary Ann POTTS, Margaret, John PEARSON, Alice, and Martha.
- Mary Married George WORLEY and Alice married William WORLEY]


WILLMORE WORLEY Nephews and Nieces

*i Catherine WILLMORE daughter of Edward May WILLMORE and Catherine RUDHALL.
***ii Geroge WILLMORE son of Edward May WILLMORE and Catherine RUDHALL.
**iii Thomas WILLMORE son of Edward May WILLMORE and Catherine RUDHALL.


Sixth child of Edward May and Catherine RUDHALL WILLMORE:
***iii George Edward WILLMORE ENG 1833-1896 UT, married 1854 Elizabeth JAMES, ENG 1837-1904 UT. Family:
George Edward WILLMORE

ii1- George WILLMORE, ENG 1855-1944 (Immigrated 1874) married 1910 THORPE.



iii2- Alfred James WILLMORE, ENG 1856-1919 UT (Immigrated 1876) married Eliza Catherine WEBB they had 9 children.

Alfred James WILLMORE

Eliza Catherine WEBB see below step daughter of **ii Thomas WILLMORE

Alfred WILLMORE with daughter Laura Elizabeth WILLMORE HAWS born 1890

family of Alfred James WILLMORE, ENG 1856-1919 UT and Eliza Catherine WEBB, ENG 1857-1916 UT Alfred James WILLMORE is son of **Geroge Edward WILLMORE and Elizabeth JAMES. *Catherine WILLMORE WORLEY is the Aunt of Alfred James WILLMORE
Alfred and Eliza's home in Logan, UT
Eliza Catherine WEBB WILLMORE

ii3- Benjamin WILLMORE, ENG 1860-1944 UT, married 1888 Elizabeth HAMP.

Author of "Fifty Years Among the Mormons"

ii4- James WILLMORE, ENG 1863-1864 child

ii5- Thomas WILLMORE, ENG 1865-1922 UT, married 1888 Sarah Jane WILLIAMS.

Thomas WILLMORE and Sarah Jane WILLIAMS UT 1860-1938 UT

seated ( L-R): Howard, Sarah Jane WILLIAMS WILLMORE (mother),
Thomas WILLMORE (father), Ethel, Joseph.
middle (L-R): Madison, Harry, Emma. back (L-R): Rebecca, Benjamin, George.

ii6- John WILLMORE, ENG 1868-1936 married 1899 Florence Jeanette WIDDISON

ii7- Albert Harry WILLMORE ENG 1870-1934

Albert Harry WILLMORE

ii8- David WILLMORE, ENG 1873-1897
ii9- Lizzie Maria WILLMORE, ENG 1875-1955
ii10- Edward WILLMORE, ENG 1877-1947 married Bertha Adelia BYINGTON

The seventh of Edward May and Catherine RUDHALL WILLMORE:
**iii Thomas WILLMORE, ENG 1834-1895 ENG, married 1862 widow Louise BALDWIN WEBB, ENG 1834-1881 ENG. Family:

iii1 Eliza Catherine WEBB step daughter of Thomas WILLMORE married ii2 Alfred James WILLMORE.
Eliza Catherine WEBB WILLMORE
see other photos with husband above.
Husband - Alfred James WILLMORE son of **George Edward WILLMORE and Elizabeth JAMES.

iii2 Kate WILLMORE, ENG 1862-1881 ID, married 1886 William H. CARTER.

Kate is daughter of *** iii Thomas WILLMORE and Louisa BALDWIN WEBB,
Kate is half sister to Eliza Catherine WEBB

(I have several photos of the women many say is Louisa BALDWIN WEBB WILLMORE. I will post a couple as time permits.)


Bonnie said...

I was delighted to stumble across your blog. I am a great-granddaughter of Eliza Catherine Webb and Alfred James Willmore. Their son Herbert James Willmore is my maternal grandfather. Among other occupations, he homesteaded and dry farmed 160 acres near Rexburg, Idaho. My mother, Esther Willmore Nelson, is his youngest daughter. I haven't looked over your blog enough yet to determine how I am related to you, but I look forward to studying it more. So far I have enjoyed finding some familiar old family photos as well as some I have never seen before. I have a few photos that you might be interested in. For instance, I have a photo of Alfred James Willmore that I believe was taken at about the same time as the one of Eliza Catherine Webb that you have posted on your blog right below the photo of their home in Logan. If you are interested, please comtact me. My email address is Please put something like "Willmore Family History" in the subject line so I'll be sure not to overlook your email. I'm not the best at staying on top of my email.

Katie Fuller said...

Thank you for posting these pictures! I am a descendent of Edward May and Catherine Willmore and have never seen these before. What a treasure! Thank you!!!