Friday, July 17, 2015

Thanks to Family who share.

Cheryl Skelton

Nancy Topham
An amazing copy of the SMITH home in Logan

married 28 Dec 1877 - Isaac and 'Camilla' SMITH were the parents of 12 Children - photo taken 1898.

back left: father Isaac SMITH, 3.William Richard SMITH (1884-1950), mother Harriet Camilla ENSIGN SMITH,
front left: 7. Theron Ensign SMITH (1893-1952), 8.Leona SMITH HENDRICKS (1895-1940), 'Ensign' SMITH (1898-1967), 6.(Dolly) Sarah Ann SMITH LEWIS (1891-1944), 5.Wesley Ensign SMITH (1888-1943), 4.(Mamie) Mary Camilla SMITH (1886-1899).

not pictured: 1.Isaac Samuel SMITH (1878-1936), 2.Martin Luther SMITH (1881-1884),
10.Malcolm Woodruff SMITH (1901-1950), 11.Theodore Roosevelt SMITH (1903-1904),
12. Ruby SMITH NASH (1905-1960).

Nancy Topham

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