Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Grandma's Kitchen

This morning I was in my grandmother's kitchen, she was their with me, then I woke up. It is amazing that after forty years I could be their again. I started looking for a news article about my grandparent building their dream house but have not found it yet. I did come across this photo of my grandfather with a few of his grandchildren.

front left: Kristine, Nicoline, Gaye, Lawrence, Henry. back left: David, Grandfather George Ensign SMITH, Lark


cskelton said...

So that raises a couple questions in my mind. 1- Are you in town and why?, and 2 - Is the family still in possession of your grandparents home?
I really don't give these things much thought especially with aunts and uncles homes, until I read you are there this morning.

Lark said...

I was in town a couple weeks ago for the birth of a grandson.

About my grandmother's kitchen... I was having a very nice dream. I have not physically been in my grandmother's kitchen but I was there in a dream.

When my widowed grandmother remarried the house was sold.

I once drove by the home was with my mother we also drove by other homes he parents had lived in. A bout 20 years after your grandmother Hawkes died, I drove to Logan with my mother and grandmother. Grandma pulled into the driveway of her parents home and knocked on the door. She told the lady who answered that her father had built the house and we were invited in. Grandma said "you still have my mother's carpets."

When I visited my cousin in Oregon I saw my grandmother's dining room table. Seeing the table brought a flood of good memories.

cskelton said...

Wow, nice dream. I've been trying to remember your Grandmother's kitchen, I remember the front room and dining room, and the bedroom where your Grandfather was bedridden for so long. But try as I might, I can't see the kitchen. Sad. I remember Ethel's in Brigham City, and Eva's and Herbert's. Funny I for a long time thought Uncle Herb was Grandpa Hawkes. I've always wanted to see my Grandparents home, but I heard someone say that it had been torn down?