Tuesday, September 13, 2011

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One day Uncle Jim [James George DAVIS 1832-1909] got miffed over some thing and was writing to Brother Brigham Young about it, when his wife [Polly WILLIAMS 1838-1914] looked over his shoulder and said, "Why James, Bro. Brigham Young can't read such writin." And he answered, "Oh yes he can, he's a better scholar than I am."

(The Family of Joseph Henry Pollock, Jr. and Alice Mae Davis, Written & Compiled by Verlene Smart Ellis, page 120 History of Kanarra, By William Charles Reeves [1867-1954], age 83 (from memory).)

Ancestry Chain: 3rd great grandparents James George DAVIES/DAVIS b.1832 and Polly WILLIAMS b.1838, Elizabeth Ann DAVIS b.1859, Laura Elizabeth PARKER b.1889, Kirt DeMar WOOD b.1923. Lark. TR.

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