Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Military Service of Captain Elijah DENBO - French and Indian War, Revolutionary War, Indian War

Captain Elijah DENBO
Birth 3 Mar 1738 in Durnham, Strafford County, New Hampshire
Death 5 Jan 1823 in English, Crawford County, Indiana

"Elijah was from New Hampshire. [At age 19] he served in the French and Indian War, was captured by the French at the Battle of Fort William Henry 1757. He escaped in 1760. "
  • Siege of Fort William Henry: In one of the most notorious incidents of the French and Indian War, Montcalm's Indian allies violated the agreed terms of surrender and attacked the British column, which had been deprived of ammunition, as it left the fort. They killed and scalped a significant number of soldiers, took as captives women, children, servants, and slaves, and slaughtered sick and wounded prisoners. Early accounts of the events called it a massacre, and implied that as many as 1,500 people were killed, even though it is unlikely more than 200 people (less than 10% of the British fighting strength) were actually killed in the massacre. (Wikipedia)

"[At 37] he served in the Revolutionary War as a Captain in Col. Burham's New Hampshire Regiment. As a Captain he fought at the Battle of Bunker Hill, Portsmouth, Boston and in Canada during the Revolution."

"Elijah migrated to Kentucky in 1788, moved to Corydon, IN in 1802, then moved to English IN."

Ancestry Chain: 5th great-grandfather Elijah DENBO b.1738, Joseph DENBO b.1779, Woodfield Grant DENBO b.1827, Mary Ann DENBO b.1857, Reuben Russell ROBERSON b.1893, Grandma Wanda, MR, JR.


Carole B. (aka: avelyn) said...

Are you aware that the Daughters of the American Revolution have deemed that the Elijah Denbo used as a connection to Joseph Denbo is false. Over 25 years ago my Great Uncle gave me the family history of the Denbo's, my 3rd Great Grandfather was Joseph Denbo, Jr. I started working on verifying sources and immediately ran into a problem. The Denbo ancestor traced back to someone named Dinsmore not Denbo. I wrote to a descendent of the Dinsmores and she verified that the names, dates,etc. that Francis Denbo (or Denbeau) provided to the Sons of the American Revolution was false. I believe she is the person who contacted the DAR disputing the lineage. Since that time it has been determined that the Will filed for the alleged Elijah Denbo is a forgery. One proven falsehood in the will is that Joseph was the only son of Elijah. It has been proven that Joseph had a brother named Robert, he was not an only son. Francis also had Joseph's tombstone replaced that has "son of Elijah Denbo" carved under Joseph's name. Why would Joseph's adult children put that on his tombstone? It seems strange in this day and age that anyone would make such an effort to join an organization, I really don't know what motivated Francis.
Joseph had his own impressive history and when he passed away he was a very large landowner in Crawford County, Indiana. I have some information posted on my own blog: http://avelynsavenues.blogspot.com/
I'm doing my best to stop the misinformation regarding Joseph Denbo's family history. Thank you, C. Beringer

Anonymous said...

Dear Carol B.

Can you please supply a list of documents to support your claim?

David A

Carole B. (aka: avelyn) said...

Hi David,
You have caught me in the middle of moving from California to New Albany, Indiana. I should be settled and unpacked by late September. When I find the boxes with all my genealogy records I will get back to you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol,

Thanks for the response and good luck with the moving. The Denbo line is my mother's family and goes thru Captain Elijah Denbo (1740-1823) to Lieutenant Jacob Denbo (1807-1872) to George Denbo (1839-1912) to James Denbo (1866-1939) to Bert Denbo (1888-1952). If there is an error I want to know about it but being from Missouri, The Show Me State, I want to see proof.

David A.

Scott Carles said...

I'm just echoing what Carole said. Here is a link to an 18 page document laying out "The Captain Elijah Denbo Buried In Indiana Deception." I'm not sure if inks are allowed on your blog, so just add the https slashes and stuff to the beginning and put a dot pdf to the very end.


Carole B. (aka: avelyn) said...

Hi Scott:

I tried to access the link and it comes up access denied. I'm glad to see that the truth is coming out about the deception. If you look on my blog there is a copy of the certificate signed by Wm. H. Harrison making Joseph Denbo Sr. a Lieutenant in 1811, which might interest you. I'm sorry to say that since moving I still have most of my genealogy materials packed away. I will try to get back to work on it after the tax season.