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Mormon Trail - James George DAVIES (DAVIS) - teenage pioneer - Welsh Saints

Sixth Generation
James George DAVIES spelling of name later changed to DAVIS

James lived in - Wales / England / Council Bluffs / Fort Harmony, UT / Kanarraville, UT / Kanarra Mountain, UT.

James George DAVIES/DAVIS pioneer age 18 / b. 1832 Llanelly, C. Wales - m. 1856 St. George, UT Polly WILLIAMS - d. 1901 Kanarraville, UT - buried Kanarraville, UT
BAPTIZED: James, Wales 1845.

: [1851]
BY LAND: [1851 or 1852]

Pioneer Information:
Traveled by sea with his brother John Rees DAVIES and sister in-law Mary Ann GRIFFITHS DAVIES DAVIES (Mary Ann was the widow of George DAVIES brother of James George DAVIES who died in England 1849. Mary Ann married George’s other brother John Rees DAVIES possibly in Iowa .

Traveled by land possibly with the group from their ship in 1851. Or with their parents the next year 1852 - James DAVIS, John Rees DAVIES and Mary Ann DAVIES not listed with parents in 1852 William Morgan Company.

NOTE: All the William Reese and Rachel DAVIES children were in Utah in 1852.
1849-1850 with Walsh Saints - See: Information on parents William Reese and Rachel Davies of the 7th Generation. 1849 ship “Buena Vista” Captain Dan Jones and 1852 William Morgan Company .

photo belonged to Laura PARKER WOOD granddaughter of
Jame DAVIS - taken in Kanarraville, UT

HISTORY: James was immediately called by Brigham Young to the Indian Mission headquartered at Fort Harmony. "All of the men were seasoned frontiersmen...the company would also include Ammon Tenney, a fifteen-year-old boy who could serve as Spanish interpreter...and James Davis, a Welshman. (The latter was being sent from Salt Lake City to learn whether the Moqui language contained any Welsh words. According to a popular legend, many years before, a lost Prince Madoc of Wales had somehow found his way to these western lands and from him the Moquis had incorporated some Welsh words into their tribal vocabulary.) President Brigham Young wanted to know wherher there was any truth in the old legend" (Saint and Savage by Helen Bay Gibbons, SLC 1965, pg.63-64 ) The Indians had a life long friend in James George DAVIS.

SEE: Kirt DeMar WOOD - Laura PARKE pedigree for relationship


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