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Family Group Sheet DAVIS

James George DAVIES/DAVIS Photo Family Group Sheet
FATHER: Welsh Saint James George DAVIS (1832-1909)
Award Winning Tenor Voice / Mormon Pioneer / Indian Missionary and Peacemaker / Spoke Welsh, English and Navajo / Owned the Kanarra Brick Yard hand made the bricks for the houses in town / Ranched on Kanarra Mountain.
Born 6 Nov 1832 in Llanelly, Carmarthen, Wales to William Rees DAVIES and Rachel MORRIS. Died 3 Nov 1909 in Kanarraville, Iron, Utah at the three days short of age 77.

11 Children were born to James George and Polly WILLIAMS DAVIS.

Rachel (1857 Fort Harmony, UT - 1859 Fort Harmony, UT) age 2.
2. Elizabeth Ann DAVIS PARKER (1859 Fort Harmony, UT - 1927 Kanarraville, UT) age 68. Married Charles PARKER Sr.
3. James Lorenzo DAVIS (1861 Fort Harmony, UT - 1929 Cedar City, UT) age 68. Married Irona Weltha HANKS.
4. William Reese DAVIS (1863 Fort Harmony, UT - 1920 buried Kanarraville, UT) age 57. Married Eliza Ann WILLIS as a widow she married 2nd widower Matthew Newton BATTY.
5. George Alma DAVIS (1866 Fort Harmony - 1941 Kanarraville, UT) age 74. Married Sarah Isabell HALES.
6. Myron Thomas DAVIS (1868 Kanarraville, UT - 1922 Kanarraville, UT) age 53. Married Annetta Rebecca REEVES.

MOTHER: Polly WILLIAMS (1838-1914)
12 year old Mormon Pioneer traveled with stepfather Henry BARNEY, mother, and siblings / Polly's 1st child was born when she was age 18 - 11th child born at age 45 / famous for unladylike comments / knew fine china / hard working / charitable / friendly.
Born 28 May 1839 in Springfield, Sangamon, IL to John WILLIAMS and Marcy Jane LUCAS.
Married 23 year old James George DAVIS, 21 Oct 1856 St George, Washington, Utah Polly was age 18.
Died 12 Aug 1914 in Kanarraville, Iron, Utah
at age 82.
Children continued:
7. Reese DAVIS (1871 Kanarraville, UT - 1957 buried Kanarraville, UT) age 85. MARRIED Sarah Elizabeth REDD (PRINCE) widow of James Franklin PRINCE.
8. Nora DAVIS BERRY (1873 Kanarraville, UT - 1946 buried Kanarraville, UT) age 72. MARRIED George Albert BERRY.
9. Eleanor Matilda DAVIS POLLOCK (1877 Kanarraville, UT - 1950 buried Kanarraville, UT) age 72. MARRIED Samuel Lorenzo POLLOCK.
10. Albert DAVIS (1880 Kanarraville, UT - 1948 Cedar City, UT) age 58. MARRIED Hannah Agusta REEVES.
11. Alice Mae DAVIS POLLOCK (1883 Kanara Mountain, UT - 1963 Cedar City, UT) age 79. MARRIED. Joseph Henry POLLOCK Jr.
Wives: 6. Annetta Rebecca Reeves and 10. Hannah Augusta Reeves are sisters.

Husbands: 9. Samuel Lorenzo Pollock and 11. Joseph Henry Pollock Jr. are brothers. Their brother William Wallace Pollock married the oldest daughter of 1. Elizabeth Ann Davis.

Ancestry Chain: 3rd great grandparents James George DAVIES/DAVIS b.1832 and Polly WILLIAMS b.1838, Elizabeth Ann DAVIS b.1859, Laura Elizabeth PARKER b.1889, Kirt DeMar WOOD b.1923. Lark. TR.

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