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Charles PARKER and Elizabeth Ann DAVIS children

Photo History of Charles PARKER and Elizabeth Ann DAVIS nine children

Laura Elizabeth PARKER b. 1889 Kanarraville, UT -
m. John Andrew WOOD 1910 St. George, UT - raised 7 children in Hurricane
and Salt Lake City - Her Occupation Home maker and Hotel Utah Laundry worker -
widowed for 38 years - d. 1770 Salt Lake City, UT - buried Hurricane, UT

Samantha Ahlena PARKER b. 1897 Kanarraville, UT - m. Noel Basil WILLIAMS 1913 Parawan, UT - raised 8 children in Kanarraville - Occupation Home maker - d. 3 Sep 1981 Ceder City, UT
Sophia PARKER b. 1894 - m. William Berry STAPLEY 1920 St. George, UT raised 6 children in Castle Gate and Provo - Her Occupation Cook BYU dorms - d. 1986 Alameda CA

Esther PARKER b. 1886 Kanarraville, UT - m. James ROBB Parawan - raised 2 children Cedar City, Salt Lake City, Idaho, Washington - d. 1975 Renton, WA - buried Seattle, WA

Back: Charles PARKER Jr. b.1884 Kanarraville, UT - m. Emiah Venita EVANS 1907 Kanarraville, UT - raised 4 children all born in Kanarraville - d.1960
Front: Esther and Laura PARKER about 1905

Ray Cecil PARKER b. 1901 - Occupation Horse trainer - no children - d. 1994
Bruce Fayette PARKER b. 1903 - m. Florence OLSEN 1942 - Occupation Lawer - no children - d. 1983 Logan, UT

front left: Sophia PARKER
and (cousins) Luella WILLIAMS, Florence WILLIAMS, May WILLIAMS

Four Generations 1905
standing: Zina Ett PARKER b. 1882 Kanarraville, UT - m. William Wallace POLLOCK 1902 St. George, UT - Raised 9 children in Kanarraville, Cedar City, Castle Gate, Salt Lake City - Willowed 38 years - d. 1962 Provo, UT.
Zina's children Rhea and Clement POLLOCK, her father Charles PARKER Sr. (1853-1935), Charles' mother Big Grandma Alemda Sophia ROUNDY PARKER (1829-1912) and Sophia's sister Little Grandma Samantha ROUNDY PARKER (1824-1906)


front: John Davis PARKER b. 1891 Kanarraville, UT - m. Effa Mariah MULLINER 1915 St. George, UT raised 6 children in Kanarraville and California - d. 1960,
and Addley WOOD

Believed to be the wedding celebration for John Davis PARKER and Effa Mariah MULLINER in Kannaraville, UT they were married 1 June 1915 St. George, UT. Seated on the right are "Dee" parents Charles PARKER Sr. and Elizabeth Ann DAVIS. One can assume the parents of Effa are standing on the left they are Margrette Allena DAVIES and Robert Madison MULLINER.

Because of the DAVIES/DAVIS relationship of their mothers John Davis PARKER and Effa Mariah MULLINER are third cousins as well as spouses. Their common ancestors are George MORRIS and Catherine ANTHONY.

left - Zina Ett PARKER POLLOCK (1882-1962),
right - Laura Elizabeth PARKER WOOD (1889-1970)
photo taken abt 1955 at 2825 S. 8th East, Salt Lake City, Duplex
built and owned by Kirt DeMar WOOD and family,
north side was home of Laura Elizabeth PARKER WOOD.

PARKER brothers about 1960
Charles Jr., John Davis ("Dee"), Ray Cecil, Bruce Fayette ("Fay")

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