Thursday, October 7, 2010


"And when their subfloor had been laid in place (Mrs. Smith hammered it down while her husband sawed) they danced there in the moonlight and fell in love again."

Farm Home and Garden, The Salt lake Tribune, Sunday, June 19, 1949 Section H Page One

And its owners, Mr. and Mrs. Ensign Smith, grandparents,
who wanted a place so much they put it up themselves. See page 8.
-page 8-
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This article was mentioned to in the post Grandma's Kitchen.

Myrle says: I was 15-16 years old in Jr. High. I held a wall for dad and it fell on me because I wasn't strong enough to hold it all by myself. We also had a fire the Christmas of that year. I was 16 and laying on the floor and saw smoke coming from the eves from a board that wasn't yet placed. Dad said, " No, it it just the smoke swirling around," but I insisted and he got up looked in the attic and sure enough it was on fire. I guess the fireplace hadn't been sealed off completely and the hot coals moved into it. The fireman broke mom's tile on the hearth and she cried. We were blessed it was caught in time and there was just minor damage. I was there until I went to BYU, the fall of l951 at the age of 18. Mom sold the house in l969. Dad died in the Fall of l967.

Ensign SMITH building the foundation


cskelton said...

Wow! that's so cool. I really had no idea.

Myrle Dalton said...

Yes, this is another one tomove over to my blog. I have the original newspapers as I can tell you do, but I don't know how to get them on the blog, and you are so good at it. Thanks again

Lark said...

Myrle did you ever live in the house on Highland Drive? The one that was lost when the business went broke.

I'm surprised they didn't put a picture in the paper of you helping. You must have been in your early teens.

I will post this and the "Whole Shebang" post on your blog for your grandkids.