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Monuments and Markers - Fort Kanarra

Fort Harmony foundation from north east corner. Photo by Joseph Buchanan

Fort Kanarra

FORT KANARRA Old Kanarra, as it was called by early inhabitants, was founded in the spring of 1881 by settlers who moved from Fort Harmony. The town was situated on Kanarra Creek about one mile east of the present location. Later a group from Toquerville built on the present site in the springtown fashion shown. This settlement became known as Fort Kanarra. In 1866 the present town site of Kanarraville was surveyed by settlers from Kanab. During the same year this aggregate of settlements became one when the original group also moved to the new town site bringing with them a log meeting house. This building served for many years as a church, school and social hall. To build their homes, logs were hauled out of Shirts Canyon to the east. The first child born in Kanarraville James Wallace Pollock, son of Samuel Pollock, arrived on November 17, 1866 in his father's blacksmith shop. On September 29, 1867 Apostle Erastus Snow set apart Lorenzo W. Roundy as the first Bishop of this Mormon community. The town may have acquired its name from either of two sources. The popular belief is that the name came from an Indian Chief, Kaunar, who resided along the creek. Another origin may have been from the kind of willows that grow along the creek, Kanarra willows.

Site Information
Location: 40 S Main Street
IRON County

Marker Information
Placed By: Not Available Marker Condition: Excellent Marker Description: Diagram of homes in fort

Monument Information
Description: Boulder Constructed By: Not Available Materials: Native stone Dimensions (base): 5'W 4'3"H 3'D Condition: Excellent

Additional Information
Surveyor's Name: B. Bryant/A. Topham Surveyor's Organization: DUP Iron County Date Surveyed: 1995-05-15

[Among the pioneers of Kanarraville are uncle and first Bishop Lorenzo Wesley ROUNDY, grandfather and mother John Davis PARKER and Grandfathers and mothers from Old Fort Harmony - Almeda Sophia ROUNDY. William Reese DAVIES and Rachel MORRIS, James George DAVIS and Polly WILLIAMS and their daughter Elizabeth Ann DAVIS, Marcy Jane LUCAS WILLIAMS BARNEY.]

7 DAVIES / Morris
7 (Barney) / Lucas
6 DAVIS / Williams
6 PARKER / Roundy
5 PARKER / Davis

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