Monday, November 30, 2009

Monuments and Markers - Logan School

First Community Center (UPTLA #63)
Sponsors: Explorer Scouts of the Logan Fifth Ward and Utah Pioneer Trails and Landmarks Association, 1935
Location: 480 North 400 East, Logan, Utah

The first community center of the Logan Fifth Ward was built thirty feet east of this spot during the winter of 1865-66, under the leadership of Bengt P. Woolfenstein. Consisting of but one room 16 by 20 feet, it served nevertheless as Church building, amusement hall and school house, William G. Cole being the first teacher. At that early date, eager for religious, social and educational growth, the Ward united upon the project -- a humble symbol of the cooperative spirit of the Mormon Pioneer. Even boys of school age helped men with teams get the logs from Green Canyon. The original key has been made a part of this marker, affixed to a stone from the foundation of the old house.

7 COLE / Larnder

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