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Mormon Trail - English Saints - William George COLE and Sarah LARNDER

Mormon Pioneer ancestor of Camilla SMITH WOOD
CR - Seventh Generation William George COLE (1814-1890) and Sarah LARNDER (1813-1884) m. 1837.

William George COLE
English Saints
Seventh Generation William George Cole and Sarah Larnder Cole,
England / Logan UT / Brigham City, UT / ID
William George Cole age 49/ b. 1814 ENG - m. 1837 - ENG. - d. 1890 Logan, UT.
Sarah Larnder Cole age 50/ b. 1813 ENG - m. 1837 - ENG. - d. 18 Parris, ID.
9 children.
Other Spouse: George m. after 1884 Hannah Louisa SMITH SQUIRES.
BAPTIZED: William and Sarah England 1848

BY SEA: 4 June 1863 Steamship 'Amazon'
1863 ‘Amazon’ Information:
Sailing vessel with atleast three masts
Master: H. Hovey
Departed Liverpool: June 4, 1863
Arrived New York: July 18, 1862
44 days of passage
895 LDS passengers
Company Leader: William Bramall
In 1863 Charles Dickens, famous English writer, visited the Latter-day Saint emigrants on board the Amazon before it sailed from London. In his book, "Uncommercial Traveler," he presents an account of this interesting experience. Following are a few excerpts:
Charles Dickens and the Mormons
(Our Pioneer Heritage, Vol. 7, p.12-14)
…I go aboard my Emigrant Ship. I go first to the great cabin, and find it in the usual condition of a cabin at that pass. Perspiring lands-men, with loose papers, and with pens and inkstands, pervade it; and the general appearance of things is as if the late Mr. Amazon's funeral had just come home from the cemetery, and the disconsolate Mrs. Amazon's trustees found the affairs in great disorder, and were looking [p.13] high and low for the will. I go out on the poop-deck for air, and surveying the emigrants on the deck below (indeed they are crowded all about me, up there too), find more pens and inkstands in action, and more papers, and interminable complication respecting accounts with individuals for tin cans and what not. But nobody is in ill temper, nobody is the worse for drink, nobody swears an oath, curses a coarse word, nobody appears depressed, nobody is weeping; and down upon the deck, in every corner where it is possible to find a few square feet to kneel, crouch, or lie in, people in every unsuitable attitude for writing are writing letters.
Now, I have seen emigrant ships before this day in June. And these people are so strikingly different from all other people in like circumstances whom I have ever seen, that I wonder aloud, "What would a stranger suppose these emigrants to be!"
The vigilant bright face of the weather-browned captain of the Amazon is at my shoulder and he says; "What, indeed! The most of these came aboard yesterday evening. They came from various parts of England in small parties that had never seen one another before. Yet they had not been a couple of hours on board when they established their own police, made their own regulations, and set their own watches at all the hatchways. Before nine o'clock the ship was as orderly and as quiet as a man-of-war…"
…The Mormon agent who had been active in getting them together, and in making the contract with my friends, the owners of the ship, to take them as far as New York on their way to the Great Salt Lake, was pointed out to me. A compactly made, handsome man in black, rather short, with rich brown hair and beard and clear bright eyes. From his speech I should set him down as American. Probably a man who had "knocked about the world" pretty much. A man with a frank open manner, and unshrinking look; withal a man of great quickness. I believe he was wholly ignorant of my Uncommercial individuality, and consequently of my immense Uncommercial importance...

BY LAND: 1863 railway to Florence NE,
Unknown wagon train
Departure: 1863
Arrived Salt Lake City: 4 Oct 1863
William George Cole (48) husband
Sarah Larnder Cole (50) wife
William George Cole Jr. (20)
George Cole (17)
Walter Charles Cole (14)
Erastus Moroni Cole (11)
Pioneer Information:
William George COLE was a Mormon Pioneer with his wife Sarah and 4 sons.
William G. and Sarah Cole and William G. Jr. are listed as passengers on the 1863 ship of Amazon. Also on the Perpetual Emigration Fund list of 1863. The Amazon traveled 44 days from London to NY with "895" Mormons on board.

On Thursday 4 June 1863 George and his wife Sarah and four sons set sail as part of a company of "883" Saints on the packet ship "Amazon" with Elder william Brimhall as Presiding Elder. Charles Dickens visited the Mormons an the ship.
New York 18 July 1863 to Florence, Nebraska by railroad. This was during the Civil war and Rebels burned a train and my Saints lost all their belongings. Then from Florence to Salt lake City by Ox team. (Family History)

“They left England, June 4, 1863, and arrived in New York after a six week voyage. They took a train to Florence, Nebraska. It was during the Civil War and rebels set fire to the train and they were left stranded on the Plains until help arrived.”

“Their journey westward, by ox-team and wagon train began in July. They arrived in the Salt Lake Valley, October 4, 1863, four months after leaving England.”
(Pioneer Women of Faith and Fortitude Vol. I, A to E, International Society Daughters of Utah Pioneers, p. 636 - Sarah Larnder Cole.)

Daughters Elizabeth who married John Allen on the plains, and Eliza COLE with Eliza’s son Clarence had emigrated in 1862.
Company Information: Began its journey from the outfitting post at Florence, Nebraska (now Omaha).

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