Sunday, October 25, 2009

At Home In Kanarraville 1902

Polly WILLIAMS (1838-1914) and James George DAVIS (DAVIES) (1832-1909)
with youngest of their 11 DAVIS children - Alice May DAVIS POLLOCK (1883-1963) holding her oldest of 9 POLLOCK children - Lila Vaughn POLLOCK ISOM (1902-1999)

"The family records of Viola Pearce, a descendant of James, show that James, 'was the first member of his family to come to America. He worked in the mines in Wales and earned his fare to come to America. His hardships were many. As a pioneer he walked across the continent. Later he earned money enough for the rest of his people to come to Southern Utah. Pipe Springs, Arizona was named from an Indian shooting a pipe out of his mouth with an arrow.'...James may have come as far as Council Bluffs with his older brother, John Rees DAVIES." (Life and Family of William Reese Davies, Murland R. Packer, May 1990)

James' parents William Reese DAVIE and Rachel MORRIS and his sister Elizabeth with her husband Rees Jones WILLIAMS and their one year old son traveled form Wales in 1849.

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