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Mormon Trail - Marcy Jane LUCAS WILLIAMS BARNEY - Mother Pioneer

Seventh Generation Marcy Jane Lucas - John WILLIAMS died in Illinois.

Places Marcy lived: Lake Fork, IL / Provo, UT / Manti, UT / Fort Harmony, UT / Grafton, UT / Karnarraville, UT / Escalante, UT

Marcy Jane LUCAS WILLIAMS BARNEY age 35 / b. 1814 Summit, OH - m. 1833 Sangamon, IL - d. 1896 Escalante, UT - buried Escalante, UT / other spouse Henry Barney.

BAPTIZED: Marcy Baptized in IL 1840-1846. John was not a member of the LDS church and did not want his wife to join because of the persecution.

BY LAND: 1850 Warren Foote Company
Departure: 17 June 1850
Arrival in Salt Lake Valley: 17-18, 26 September 1850
Barney, Marcy Lucas [Williams] (35) Husband Barney, Henry (35) Williams , Sarah (13) Williams , Polly (12) Williams , Elizabeth (10) Williams , George (7) Williams , Mary A (5) Barney, Alma (2)
[Missing Record - Amanda Williams oldest daughter of Marcy Jane Lucas Williams Barney]

Pioneer Information: Marcy took her children by night to join the church. She had to escape her husbands Will restrictions and those who where watching her movements. She married a Mormon, Henry Barney and travels west.

Company Information:
About 540 individuals and 104 wagons were in the company when it began its journey from the outfitting post at Kanesville, Iowa (present day Council Bluffs).

Read Trail Excerpt: 11 June 1850. We traveled in company with 3 other families to the place where the company was to organize. It was 18 miles below Kanesville and we arrived on the 21st. Elder Orson Hyde proceeded to organize a company of 100. He nominated me to be captain, with Otis L. [Lysander] Terry and William [Madison Wall] captains of 50. The company started from the Missouri River 17 June 1850.

After a wearysome journey of 101 days, we arrived in Salt Lake City, 26 Sept 1850. There were about 20 deaths in the company, most of them caused by cholera, in the beginning of the journey. (Foote, Warren, [Autobiography], in James Albert Jones, comp., Some Early Pioneers of Huntington, Utah and Surrounding Area [1980], 78-79.)

Barney, Marcy, 1850, 37, Utah 1850 Census, Utah County Page 132 Microfilm 25540
Barney, Marcy Lucas, 1850, NA, NA, Roster found in Heart Throbs of the West, Volume 11, Pages 396-455

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