Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Cyrus Joseph and Sarah WORLEY JONES home is still a home 100 years later..

Cyrus and Sarah WORLEY JONES family home Logan, Utah about 1895.
Mary writes:
I just drove over to Center Street to see if I could find this house. It is still standing. The actual address is 280 West Center Street. It is just two houses West of the large Eccles mansion which is owned by the Needham family.... The house is on the South side of the street and looks virtually the same except a garage has been added to the East side (left side of the photo.)

The Cyrus Joseph Jones and Sarah Worley Jones home as seen in 2009. The garage to the left of the photo was added to the original house and an addition was made to the back of the home. (Photo by Mary B. Judy)

The upper window and chimney are on the original back wall of the Jones home. An L-shaped addition was added later to the house with a porch over the door.

There are two doors leading into two separate rooms.

A view of the Cyrus Jones home (left) next to the Nibley mansion (right). These two homes are on the south side of Center Street. The Nibley mansion is on the SW corner of 3rd West and Center Street, Logan, Utah.

Photo of the Ellen Ricks Nibley mansion in 2009 which is next door (West) to the Cyrus Joseph Jones house. Charles W. Nibley emigrated from Scotland as a convert of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He quickly climbed to a financial, political and religious stature. His estate was estimated to be in the millions. He became the Presiding Bishop of the LDS Church and the last six years of his life he traveled on church business with the church's president, Heber J. Grant. Early in 1945 a Foundation Organization was established to provide a home for the aged and indigent. From 1948 to 1953 care of the aged was given in the Nibley Building on Center Street. The home was later owned by Ray Somers.

Looking northwest across the street from the Cyrus Jones home to the intersection of 3rd West and Center Street where the Henry Worley home was suppose to be located.

The David Eccles mansion is located just two houses east of Cyrus Joseph Jones home in Logan, Utah. It is now owned by the Needham family. This is one of the homes that William Worley helped build. Built in 1907, the three story mansion contains twenty-four rooms, 11,000 square feet of floor area and is considered to be the largest home in Cache Valley. It was built for the second wife of David Eccles, Ellen Stoddard. David Eccles emigrated to Utah in 1863 with his family from Scotland . He became extremely successful with interests in sugar, lumber, coal, banks, etc.

Thank you Mary J. for the modern photos and copy.

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Myrle Dalton said...

You just keep finding the neatest pictures. Move this one over too. My kids say they like them although they seldom leave any comments. Also, Are you sure about the deceased date of Grandma Amy Jones Hawkes? You have it l952I was married in June of l952. I remember when she died in the bedroom of the Steiner home in downtown SLC not far from the City and County Bldg. It seems to me that it was more like l947? can we check that one out? Luvmyrle