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Family Group Sheet - Samuel SMITH #1 Mary Ann LINE

Samuel was a mat-maker following the family tradition. Soon after his marriage to Mary Ann, he changed his position and was placed in charge of a mercantile business in London. While there, he was baptized into the Church in 1841, and six months later his wife was baptized.

In 1843, he and his wife and parents sailed for America. They arrived in Nauvoo in 1843. He was one of the presidents of the 5th Quorum of Seventies and a 2nd Lieutenant in the Nauvoo legion.

In the spring of 1846 he and his family left Nauvoo with the saints. They stopped in Iowa where he and others were able to obtain work. He sent his family on to Mt. Pisgah while he remained with other brethren to work and obtain funds to help them.

When he learned that two of his children had died, and his wife and the other children was suffering for want of food, he loaded up a wagon of supplies and went to their rescue. He and his family returned to Iowa so he could work awhile longer. In the spring of 1850, Samuel and his family joined the Aaron Johnson company for the trip to the Valley.

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After their arrival in the valley, they settled at Big cottonwood, south of Salt Lake. Samuel held several church positions while there. Then they were called to help settle Box elder county. He was appointed a counselor to Lorenzo Snow in the box elder Stake presidency, which position he served for 22 years.

He helped survey and lay out Brigham City and helped in the construction and supervision of roads, ditches, opening canyons, and public works. He was postmaster, Probate Judge, mayor of Brigham City, and director of Brigham City’s Cooperative stores. He was liberal with his funds, especially to the church. He held many positions in the church and was ordained Stake Patriarch in 1895. He married five women and fathered 52 children. He was a kind and loving father and was a true man of God. (Conquerors of the West, By Florence C. Youngberg, National Society, Sons of Utah Pioneers, p.2383-2386.) See: Samuel SMTIH history.

Mary Ann LINE married Samuel in England, 1843 immigrated to Nauvoo, pioneered to Utah 1850.

Child #4 Samuel Lorenzo SMITH's two wives were sisters, there brother Heber Cahse TIPPETS married Samuel's 1/2 sister Thyrza Ann SMITH daughter of Samuel SMITH and Sarah Jane INGRAM. (for history of Samuel Lorenzo SMITH see: Conquerors of the West, by Florence C. Youngberg, National Society, sons of Utah Pioneers, p.2389-2390.
Child # 8 Maretta SMITH married Dr. Oliver Cromwell ORMSBY.

Samuel SMITH five wives and fifty two children.

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