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Saturday, June 1950, Samuel Smith Centennial Reunion 1850-1950

Samuel Smith, Mary Ann Line (married 1837 mother of nine children), Sarah Jane Ingramham (married 1852 mother of nine children), Frances Ann Ingram (married 1856 mother of thirteen children) , Jennett Maria Smith (married 1857 mother of eight children ), Caroline Smith (married 1857 mother of twelve children). 

Saturday, June 1950, Samuel Smith Centennial Reunion 1850-1950

Samuel Smith, born May 22, 1818, Sherington, England, son of Daniel and Sarah Wooding Smith.  Moved from Sherington to London 1838.  Baptized into L.D.S. Church by Lorenzo Snow, Dec. 26 1841.  Sailed from Liverpool with his parents and family for America Jan. 15, 1843.  Arrived in Nauvoo in April and was ordained a Seventy the same year.  Came to Utah Sept. 5, 1850, Aaron Johnson Company.  Was called to Brigham City 1855, chosen counselor to Apostle Lorenzo Snow,  President of Box Elder Stake, and served in that position for 22 years.  Appointed Postmaster of Brigham City in 1855 and served for 17 years.  Elected Probate Judge of Box Elder County in 1859, and served the people for 15 years.  Mayor of Brigham City, two terms 1870 to 1881.  President of the High Priests Quorum and later was ordained a stake patriarch, which later position he held at his death Oct. 3, 1895.  Buried in Brigham City, Utah.  He married five women, was the father of 52 children, 51 of record.  Five surviving members original family: Susanna Evans 86 [1864-1953, daughter of Sarah Jane Ingram], Vilate Harris 77 [1873-1958, daughter of Caroline Smith], Beatrice Larsen 75 [1874-1956, daughter of France Ann Ingram], Charles Eli Smith 71 [1879-1952, son of Jennett Maria Smith], and Everett Smith 70 [1879-1959 son of France Ann Ingram] . 

Centennial Reunion History posted at by R. N. Armstrong 

Ancestry: JR, Lark, Camilla SMITH, George Ensign SMITH, Isaac SMITH, Samuel SMITH and Sarah Jane INGRAM. 

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