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A 5th Grade Report by a 5th Great Grandson.

William Reese DAVIES is the 5th great-grandfather of Reuben S C.  Reuben's 5th grade (2017) assignment was to give a report on an immigrant.  Reuben researched William Reese DAVIES (1805-1865) on his grandmother's family history blog then wrote, illustrated and reported on his Welsh grandfather. 

first known picture
William Reese DAVIES by Reuben S C.

William Reese DAVIES

Deseret News, 22 February 1865.
DIED - In Kannarah, Iron Co., [5 Feb 1865] of decline, William R. DAVIES aged 60 years.

Brother Davies was born in [New Chapel Perish,] Carmarthenshire [, Wales] in [31 July] 1805, and was baptized by Wm. Henshaw, at Merthyr Tydvil, in 1849, being the first man that received the gospel in Wales. [He then become the first missionary to preach the Gospel in the Welsh language.]

He emigrated to America with the first company of Welsh Saints in 1849, and was ordained a Bishop at Council Bluffs.  He with his family emigrated to Utah in 1852, and for several years (into his health failed him) was Bishop of Harmony and some other settlements.

From the time brother Davies embraced the gospel he was a firm supporter of the principles of truth, and his kindness and sincerity have endeared him to great numbers of the saints.

[Willam R. DAVIES married Rachel MORRIS in Wales about 1824 they were the parents of five children: George (1825-1849), John Rees (1827-1862), Elizabeth DAVIES WILLIAMS DAVIES (1829-1890) James George DAVIS (1832-1909), David DAVIES (1834-1840).  Willam and Rachel's marriage was sealed in 21 May 1856 in Salt Lake City, Utah.]

1865 Deseret New Obituary
Emigrated 1849 from Wales to Utah 1852.

Ancestral Chain: Reuben, BR, Lark, Kirt DeMar WOOD, Laura Elizabeth PARKER, Elizabeth Ann DAVIS, James George DAVIS, William Reese DAVIES. 

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