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Latter-day Saint Missionaries in the Family

I will begin to record family members who have served missions for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Listed by year called with the exception of multiple missions served by one person, and siblings.

Simeon Adams DUNN (1803-1883)
Served several Missions
  • September, 1841, I was sent to West Canada, on a mission to preach the gospel.
  • 1843 Warren County, Illinois
  • April, 1844 I was ordained one of the Seventies, under the hands of Levi Hancock. In May 1844 I was sent on a mission to the State of New York, to advocate the Prophet's claim to the Presidency of the United States of America.
  • We [as a family] arrived [in Salt Lake City] September 28,1848. I remained there until I was called to go to the South Sea Isles, On May 7, 1850 I set off on a mission to the South Pacific Sea Isles.
  • October 19, 1871, I left Brigham City for the States, on a mission to look up the genealogy of my dead friends, which proved to be a very successful mission. I returned home the 19th of July, 1874, having traveled 10,0000 miles on rail and on the U.S.Seal.
  • November 1, 1877, I was privileged with a mission to St. George, Utah, to officiate for my dead in the Holy Temple of our God. January 27, 1878 returned home. 

John Davis PARKER (1977-1891)
Zions Camp.
Member First Quorum of Seventy
1841 New Orleans, Louisiana

Shadrach ROUNDY (1789-1872)
Member Second Quorum of Seventy

  • 1844 unknown mission - called during Gen. Conf. at Nauvoo.
  • 1849 East

William Reese DAVIES (1805-1865) after being the first man baptized in South Wales 17 Feb 1843 he was the first Welsh speaking missionary. His wife Rachel MORRIS (1803-1882) had been the first woman baptized in South Wales 19 Feb 1843.  She supported the family while William was away in the Lord's service.

  • 1843 South Wales being the first missionary to teach in the Welsh language. 

Son of William Reese DAVIES (1805-1865) and Rachel MORRIS (1803-1882).
James George DAVIS (1832-1909)

  • abt 1852 he filled a mission among the Navajo Indians.  He learned the Navajo language.

Martin Luther ENSIGN (1831-1911)
1857 Handcart Mission to Great Britain
          He left his wife Mary DUNN (married 1852) and three daughters to serve mission.

Three sons of Samuel SMITH (1818-1897)
          son of Samuel Jane INGRAM SMITH
Isaac SMITH (1857-1914)
1878 Great Britain and the Isle of Mann.
          His wife Harriet Camilla ENSIGN (married 1877) sold everything they had to support his mission and give birth to their first child while he was gone.

          son of Samuel and Janett Maria SMITH SMITH
Ernest Carlos SMITH (1875-1927)
1898 British Mission

      son of Samuel and Janett Maria SMITH SMITH
James George SMITH (1865-1934)
1901 British Mission
Married age 33 - wife Mary Louise GILBERT (Married 1885)

Two sons of Henry WORLEY (1827-1914) and Catherine WHILMORE (1822-1904).
1890 Great Britain

William John WORLEY
1925 Southern States

Son of Martin Luther ENSIGN (1831-1911) and Mary DUNN (1833-1920).
Adams Wesley ENSIGN
1896 Southern States

Three sons of Isaac SMITH (1857-1914) and Harriet Camilla ENSIGN (1859-1930).
Isaac Samuel SMITH
1897 Southern States

William Richard SMITH
1906 Swiss and German

Wesley Ensign SMITH
1909 Northern States

Two sons of Isaac SMITH (1857-1914) and Elizabeth FUHRIMAN (1871-1944).
Jacob Isaac SMITH 
1919 New Zealand

Welland Fuhriman SMTIH
1929 Northern States

Son of John WOOD Jr. and Sarah Ann GIBSON
Ether WOOD
1909 Colorado

Son of Frances HAWKES and Eliza COLE 
Clarence Christopher CRESSELL HAWKES (1861-1949)
1892 British Mission
Left family to serve mission. Wife Mary Ann FARNES (married 1886) and four children a fifth child born he was while away.

Four sons of Herbert Henry HAWKES (1869-1948) and Sarah Amy JONES (1875-1952).
Herbert Jones HAWKES
1922 Mexico

Frank Jones HAWKES
1926 Eastern States

  • abt 1988 Frank HAWKES and his wife Minnie Ann NIELSEN served a mission.  
Lorin Jones HAWKES
1934 France. [30 month Mission in France Released June 1937.]

  • 1981-83 Montreal Canada French speaking mission with his wife Neva Roundy CARDON.
Blayne Jones HAWKES
1941 California

Modern missions served by family to be added.

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